#WS9: “Best Wishes for Happy Holi: Celebrating the Festival of Colors”

Holi is also a festival of love, forgiveness, and new beginnings. All celebrate by dancing, singing, and coloring with each other.

Life Coach and Motivational Speaker: VK Chaudhry, was born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh and then came with his parents to Ludhiana. I study up to the 5th standard in Ludhiana. Then shifted to Panipat in 1970. In 1977, I got admitted TIT Bhiwani, one of the best institutes in India in textiles.

In 1981 I joined textile mills. I changed about 8 mills in 41 years. Enjoying my mill life. Good hard work, self-satisfied mill & family life. I have a big combined family with my parents’ love. Both my children are super loving children & well-placed in the IT industry.

Wondertips777 • A podcast on Anchor Hard work, discipline, integrity, and passion for work has given me full satisfaction. With this attitude, I could learn maintenance, production, garments manufacturing, retailing, online selling, Public speaking, Book writing, blogging, YouTubing, Podcasting & Digital Marketing.

We have to be motivational in attitude. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable. You can be a role model for your company, family, society & country. I have started 57 books in the last 3.5 years. It helped me in my love for a never-give-up strategy. I was the best athlete in my professional college in Haryana. I used to run around 10km on alternate days. I was the best athlete in my final leg of professional college.

One fine day had a Super Duper thought, whatever learned in the industry may be given back to my loving people. So started Motivational Speaking as a part-time hustle. I am a learner by heart. For the same reason, I am learning Blogging, Podcasting, Youtube making, Writer, and Digital marketing & attending a lot of webinars.

I am doing webinars also on self-development, fitness, motivation, time management, Good habits that can be learned at any time, and How to multiskilling? How self-discipline can help in life? See this wonderful Video message from my Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/Wn5qBgVkfg8 Love you all with a selfless attitude, Diet control to keep better fitness. The more we are fit more service we can do to mankind.

Self-belief is rocking.  I have read around 57 motivational books & many seminars & webinars have attended. I have made my website Motivational Tips. I have a fully energetic way of working and handling 10 hours for our office work.

When we are helping each other, loving, and motivating then what else do you want? But make the intention that you are living 20–25 years more. When you are good to all then God also gives blessings to you. Now learning digital Marketing courses to improve blogging & website & digital social media presence. https://www.linkedin.com/in/virender-kumar-chaudhry-732925a/ All the best guys.

Believe in the Almighty & go for the best version of yourself. Do not compete with anyone except yourself. I did a lot of tasks during the COVID-19 homestay to be safe. Fully satisfied with parents, family members, and friends love & affection. The main target is to give motivation levels to all.


We have to be a very positive mindset. We can do anything. The main advantage is when you are positive, then you love all & in turn, get benefits from the Almighty. When you are in love with all then you are bound to be energetic. All the best. You are a born winner. Think about what you want.

Success is waiting for you. Take Action today only. Come out of your comfort zone.

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