What we should learn early in our life? जिंदगी की शुरुआत में सफल होना कैसे सीखें।

Blogger wants to have some tips for learning earlier in life.


  1. Take your studies seriously. Marks and knowledge do matter.
  2. Don’t get too attached to anyone or anything in life.Although practically difficult.
  3. Start depending on yourself. You will be the one to stay with you forever.
  4. Have meditation daily, regularly .Try to fix time.
  5. Make your priorities clear.
  6. Don’t sacrifice/ compromise with your career for anyone.
  7. Start spending time with your parents& elders.
  8. Stop believing others easily. They don’t necessarily tell the truth always.
  9. Don’t be committed to someone just because you invested time on him/her.
  10. Help everyone without expecting any returns. Expectation hurt.
  11. Stop entertaining fake friends. They are one who gossip about you behind your back.
  12. Never discontinue relation with school friends. They are the best. We have to make this habit.
  13. Don’t follow anything just because your friends are following it.
  14. Think about your past mistakes. Analyse where you did wrong. Make sure you don’t do it again.
  15. Start spending some time alone. Let your mind speak to you.
  16. If you decide to sit for any competitive exam. Start preparing as early as possible.
  17. Intelligence and marks don’t necessarily correlates.
  18. Speak less. Listen more.
  19. Don’t take any insult just because you like talking to that person.
  20. Don’t argue with people who are not ready to accept others thought.
  21. Don’t take advice from people who aren’t where you want to be.
  22. Don’t take any decision in anger. When you’re angry, you won’t be able to think straight and you tend to use your emotional and illogical side to think.
  23. Start feeding orphan animals. They won’t hurt you.(I feed mango leaves quite often)
  24. Don’t seek for revenge. Instead wish the best for them so that they can’t harm anyone else.
  25. Stressing about anything you can’t change will only bring wrinkles but no solution.
  26. Don’t act overconfident when you don’t know anything. Don’t act under confident when you know things.
  27. Trying the same which failed you won’t give any other result.
  28. Be curious. Be a learner in life
  29. Love yourself the way you are. Don’t listen to anyone. You are beautiful. Always remember.
  30. Don’t be afraid of walking alone.I am going anywhere & enjoy.
  31. It’s okay to seek others help. It won’t hurt your ego.
  32. Accept positive people in your life. It’s okay to say no to those who make you feel bad.
  33. Always believe in your instincts.
  34. Break yourself from any norms if you don’t want to follow.
  35. Never think about “what people will say?”. If that also we do, then what they will do. Do what you want? It’s going to become a norm one day.
  36. You got the life once. Give it your best shot.
  37. Have self belief that you are unstoppable.
  38. Reading habit is must in life.

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