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Passion for work is the intense enthusiasm and excitement for what you do. It can be the difference between doing it and getting done well.

Being excited about your Monday’s the way many people are only thrilled about Fridays, it can be the difference between enjoying your job and struggling it.

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Why Passionate Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset


When you think of the most desirable traits to have in your employees, you probably don’t put passionate employees at the top of the list. It’s more likely that you think in terms of work ethic, energy, and resourcefulness.

You might even put creative spirit and a pragmatic approach in the workplace near the top of the list.

All of those employee qualities are certainly important, but not as important as having passion for the work. Passion is the trait that makes the most difference in employee output and commitment to your company.

While a dispassionate employee may keep their nose to the grindstone for awhile and get the job done, if they lack passion for the work, then they’re missing the key ingredient for sustained, long-term performance.

As an HR leader, you already know that employee passion is important, but how will your team find the type of candidates that make passionate employees? After all, candidates usually try to appear passionate during the interview process.

According to a survey from Deloitte, passion is made up of the following 3 characteristics:

  • A long term commitment to a specific domain that is goal oriented and unruffled by short term turbulence
  • A questioning disposition where they are always seeking knowledge from new challenges
  • A connecting disposition, meaning a tendency to form strong, trust-based relationships

When experts provide advice on how to have a great life, following your passion is a frequent mantra. Just find what you love, they tell us, and you will have greater levels of work-life fulfillment.

Benefits of passion

Having passion at work affords people purpose. Without purpose, people drift through life underachieving. Often, that sense of under or non-achievement can eat at their sense of self-worth.

Passion need not be about work, it can be about a hobby, a sport, a social undertaking or about family, to name a few.

Recognising passion

Passion is fairly easy to spot. People with passion about a topic may not speak about the topic often. However, when they do they will do so with certainty, a tone and pace of voice that demands attention and body language which is positive and assertive.

That may mean that in an environment where people are quiet and reserved the passionate person adopts a higher pitched faster paced voice.

In an environment of noticeably excited speakers, the opposite may be true. The key observation is that on the topic about which they are passionate, they strive to be noticed.

The degree to which they strive to be noticed is usually out of synch with their usual behaviour.

Creating a passion friendly work environment

Two elements of an individual’s capacity for work must be in alignment for true passion to flower. The individual must be both willing and able.

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