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How you can be on Fire for Success||Positive Attitude can do anything||सफलता के लिए पागलपन जरूरी

25 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

Make a deal with yourself. Good for overcoming procrastination and getting things done. …

Act like it. …

Ask uplifting questions in the morning. …

Move the goalposts. …

Do something small and create a flow. …

Do the toughest task first. …

Start slow. …

Compare yourself with yourself.

] Mad for success.hardwork to breaking level
[ ] Give up your cell then will be successful
[ ] Pain is temporary for hour, full day, days, year. Then replace by success
[ ] Slave bear beating to survive.
[ ] No TV, pictures, outstation travel
[ ] Never be knocked down.
[ ] If knocked down then don’t give up.
[ ] Hater will tell to quit.
[ ] Stop limiting your self
[ ] Dream to be followed
[ ] You are decision maker, never back down
[ ] Your insight will push you to make you tiger
[ ] Be a king like confidence
[ ] Strong positive mindset
[ ] Dream big so that no one can convince you that your goal is out of sight
[ ] Self confidence is key to success & it is due to your meditation technique.
[ ] No excuse for failures
[ ] Winners will always win,loosers will loose.
[ ] Athelets work how many hours together to win a medal
[ ] When you win then you think only positively.
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