Inspiring is very important for everybody. It takes very disciplined effort from everyone.  We can do wonders in our life if we inspired a rich mindset. Rich mindset creates



Blogger is a motivational Speaker, author, Podcaster, You Tuber & Textiles expert having 40 years of long experience. Today we decided to see who are top Motivators of the world? I will be sharing in details about the best motivators. Why I decided today this very important topic. As I have served for around 39 […]

259:Why we need motivation?Who are best motivators of the World?

Motivation reflects something unique about each one of us and allows us to gain valued outcomes like improved performance, enhanced well-being, personal growth, or a sense of purpose. Motivation is a pathway to change our way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Why is the motivation needed?

1.  Self Believe & succeed

2. We become what we think about

3. If you do nothing you don’t become anything

4. People blame circumstances that are not good

5. As you sow you will reap

6. Concrete Goals or unplanned things

7. Our mind is kept under-utilised. we use about 10%.

8. You want to become the top person

9. Plant your goals in your mind, think, think think

10. We are some of our tasks whole day

11. what we think we become the same

12 we are in driver seat of our life

13 we should guard our life like a captain of our ship, life

14. Start listening for 30 days will change your life

15 Returns are directly proportional to our efforts

16. Understand we are what we do on a daily basis

17 All your courage our mind has enormous power of thinking various ideas

18 Remember the word imagination about your goals

19. Act immediately

20. Make Goal cards with time-bound 

21. We need to think about our goals

22. Cheerful, relaxed when you awake

23. Look about abundance nearby every time

24. Stop about any dear & be positive

25. 30 days think more & more thinking

26. Be top person 5 in 100 people

27. Ask it will be given

28. Seek you should be found

29. Knock it will be opened for you

30. For 30 days do your best

31. Give everything in your life

32. Act as it is impossible to fail

33. Do not stretch 30days

34. Write your goals

35. No worry during these days keep calm

36. Sow only positive attitude you will be paid likewise

37. Earn money by giving the best service to the masses

38. Success is directly proportional to our services

39. Service first, money is a byproduct

40. Success comes from the quality of your service

41. Believe in you & deliver the best to people

42. Set a definite goal

43. Stop thinking about why you will not be successful

44. Change your image of yourself

45. Change your attitude

46. Act fast to become the person you have decided to become

47. Pay the price of the person you want to become

48. Train your mind today to reach your goals

49. You have nothing to loose

50. ASK-it shall be given

51. SEEK-you shall find

52. KNOCK- it will be opened for you

Why do students need motivation?

Why is motivation important to an individual?

If you want to achieve greatness, you need to stop asking for permission. This is why motivation is important in life because it stops asking questions and aligns you to work towards your goals.

Goals are the stepping stones toward your dreams so, in order to achieve them, you need the motivation to keep you chugging along towards them.

Not everyone is born with motivation. There is a severe lack in some who believe ‘I’ll get to that one day or ‘the timing isn’t right or a classic case of ‘I can’t do that. Motivation is the defining factor that turns a good thought into immediate action. It turns a good idea into a business and can positively impact the world around you.

Without motivation, you can’t achieve anything. There are no goalposts to aim for and no purpose to strive towards.

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