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Have Lion Attitude in life|| Live life lively||जिंदगी को शेर दिल अंदाज़ से जिएं#wondertips

Lions are cats, and cats aren’t known for being brave. “Scaredy cat” comes to mind. Despite being cats, lions don’t fear many things. Why is that?

They know their strength.

What if a lion thought it was weaker than antelope, wildebeests, and zebras? It would starve! Instead, lions are so confident in their strength that they will even attempt to take down elephants (if other food is scarce)!

One of the saddest ways to live your life is being blind to your strength(s). Here’s the tricky thing: the world won’t tell you your strength.

Zebras don’t whisper into young lion cubs’ ears telling them that they are strong. Lions learn of their strength by seeing their parents’ strength and exploring their own abilities.

I vividly remember when I graduated with a degree in finance. I couldn’t get a job for a full year. According to the world, I was worthless. Nobody saw my strength. No zebra whispered in my ear, “Stephen, you’ll be great.”

Up until that point, I had wanted to settle for a normal job so that I could enjoy the rest of my life. But being overlooked ignited something inside of me I didn’t know I had.
I believed I had a lot to offer, and because I wasn’t given a chance, I developed a massive chip on my shoulder (and let me check… Yep, it’s still there). 

I grit my teeth. I no longer wanted to settle. I wanted more. For the first time in my life, I wanted to maximize my potential and prove the world wrong.
The rejection I faced after college was probably the best thing to ever happen to me. Years later, I have written three bestselling books (one of which is in 17 languages) that have improved thousands of people’s lives.


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