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We need a Growth mindset in place of a fixed mindset.

Growth mindset or fixed mindset—can the way we think about ourselves and our abilities shape our lives? Absolutely. The way we think about our intellect and talents not only affects the way we feel, it can also affect what we achieve, whether we stick to new habits, or if we will go on to develop new skills.

A growth mindset means that you believe your intelligence and talents can be developed over time. A fixed mindset means that you believe intelligence is fixed—so if you’re not good at something, you might believe you’ll never be good at it. 


The Nobel Laureate Prof. C. V. Raman after retirement wished to open a Research Institute in Bangalore.

So he gave an advertisement in the newspapers for recruiting three physicists.

Lots of eager Scientists applied thinking that even if they were not selected, they would at least get an opportunity to meet the Nobel Laureate.

In the preliminary selection, five candidates were selected and the final interview was to be taken by Prof. C V Raman himself.

Three were selected out of the five.

The next day Prof. Raman was taking a walk and found one young man waiting to meet him.

He realized that it was the same man who was not selected.

The Prof. asked him what was the problem and he replied that there was no problem at all, but after finishing the interview the office had paid him ₹7 extra than his claim and he wanted to return it.

But because the accounts had closed, they could not take back the amount and asked him to enjoy it.

The man said that it is not right for him to accept the money which did not belong to him.

Prof. C V Raman told him, so you wish to return the ₹7 and he took the money from him.

After going few steps forward the Prof. asked the young man to meet him the next day at 10.30 am. The man was happy that he would get an opportunity to meet the great man again.

When he met the Prof. the next day the Nobel Laureate told the young man “Son, you failed in the Physics test but you have passed the honesty test. So I have created another post for you”.

The young man was surprised and very happy to join.

Later on, he too became a Nobel Laureate in 1983. This young man was Prof. Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar(US Citizen of Indian Origin)

He has written a book on how the seven rupees changed his life.

हमारे लिए विकासशील मानसिकता या निर्धारित मानसिकता?Do you have Growth mindset or fixed mindset?|
Growth Mindset ग्रोथ माइंडसेट का मतलब है कि किसी भी व्यक्ति की सोचने का तरीका क्या है, उसका दुनिया को देखने समझने और जीने का क्या नजरिया क्या है।, वह व्यक्ति मेहनत , प्रतिभा , योग्यता और परिणाम और साथ में किस्मत को लेकर जो सोच अपने दिमाग में लगातार बनाकर चलता उसको , उस व्यक्ति का माइंडसेट कहते है।
We should always be positive in our life with enough theory. Otherwise, we will be on the negative side of our thinking

1. Waking up Early: We need to awake early on daily basis to make our inner cleaning

2. Meditation: We need meditation on daily basis to make our inner cleaning

3. Visualize we have got what we have wished. We can give order to Universe.

5. Gratitude: We need to do it daily several times. Thanks in different ways to Almighty.

6. : Love to be given to all. Mayurma to all friends with infinite love. Dil Se Pyar. You can do it in morning walk time also. Tera Mangal & Mera Mangal Hoye Re. Jan Jan Sukhi hove re. Dasho Disaon mein all should be happy as MANGAL MAITRI.

7Mangal Maitri

8. Affirmations: We need affirmations in our life. We should have 4-5 affirmations

9. Book Reading: Reading books give too much knowledge. It opens our horizons.

10. Utilise Zero time: Utilise your Zero time like waiting for food, car for office, a friend for morning walk & read the newspaper, audiobook

11. Donation: We should donate a minimum of 1% of your earning. It should be used for the hungry, & needy persons.

12. Purification :

Salt bath

Ghee ka Diya

Do not wear torn clothes & valet,

12. Mindful & mindless action: any action to give service to mankind

13. Law of Attraction: Manifestation is done & it is magic on life. Miracles happen.

14. Life design exercise :

15. Twin heart meditation, Vipassana, Dream team, 6 human needs

16. Forgiveness meditation: Blockages everywhere, Conditions from various sides, persons. Anyone can be helpful

17 Catch your patterns: We need to review where made some mistake, try to understand. We need to review all points

18. Self-review: Any wrong justification & review for your performance. Some do politics in office or business & do not work from passion. Sometimes we have the illusion that we are great & we are doing a lot of tasks.

19. Miracles conversations: We can have records of miracles happened in our life always. It boosts our thought process.

20. Laughter Therapy: Do it when you like.

21. Random act of kindness: Take your team, family for a surprise outing, dinner

22. Goal settings: we need to do goal settings of our life.

23. Challenges in life: We can do health, weight loss, office work challenge, more book reading, more jogging kilometers.

24. Switch words: We should take a break from the work. It gives energy. Not long may be of a day or a week.

25. Public speaking: we should be fond of public speaking in motivating people.

26. Vision board: whatever I need it should be nearby me like a good book, a vehicle.

27. Creative conscious environment:

28. Start again: We can start any time

29. Puranik healing

30. Watching a documentary

31. Sales

32. No mercy on yourself

33. Intention

34. Residential retreat

35. YouTube video

36. Coaching anywhere

37. Be simple: one should enjoy in

38. Focus on what you have

39. Slow is fast: Go slow in the start as Rohit Sharma & Pujara & then go for the kill

40 Branding: We see in daily life how we have started branded products. The maximum time we feel that quality is worth in any field.

41. Adventure trips: we should go on long drives on adventurous trips 

42. EFT: Emotional freedom techniques are wonderful. Keep trying various activities in this 

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