How Time management is key to success in our life?

Each one of us has 86400 seconds per day which is nothing but 86400$. The difference between a successful life and average life is that how you spend your day-wise.


  1. Start your day early & try to become a 5 am club member.
  2. Set priorities and goals when planning your day
  3. Focus on one task at a time.
  4. Learn to delegate to see the speed of your tasks
  5. Apply the 80/20 rule, this will be giving your systematic work ethics.
  6. Pencil in some time for distractions and interruptions. 
  7. Say no more often and master the art of short meetings.
  8. We have seen  CHAK DE INDIA movie perfect example for using 70 minutes for the final match for motivation. All players will remember these golden moments & ultimately girls won the final Hockey match.


I have spent maximum time smartly throughout my industry experience. I got the feeling that really time management is key to our success. We invested in hours of hard work & got the results. We have seen the importance of TIME when train/flight is missed. Ask the importance of time who spoil their life by disrespecting your education time, sports time & learning time.

I have seen in the manufacturing line how shipments are airlifted & making losses in mills due to time not covering production.


My Best Time-Saving Tips

Create a daily schedule

I’ve heard many moms say it before, “I am not organized enough for that!”  when talking about homeschooling, cooking real food dinners for their family, or running a side business and pursuing their dreams.  My answer?  “Well, get organized!” (Check out my daily schedules for stay-at-home moms.)

Not organizing your time, when it’s so simple to do, is a waste of time.  If you have children, you may protest this by saying that their afternoon schedules change with the seasons, so having a daily schedule for yourself is pointless.

The truth is that it’s not a wasted effort.  Simply keep the parts of your schedule consist that is consistent (such as the hours that you work or that your children are in school). We should be flexible for the hours that are apt to change without much notice.  This may mean that you have a loose routine from 4 pm-8pm on weekdays.  Take the time to rework your schedule for those hours when they change.

Set a timer

When you first use this tip, you’ll want to set a timer simply to see how long it takes you to do a certain task.  For instance, if you want to take a five-minute shower, set a timer for five minutes.  If the timer goes off before you finish your shower you’ll know that you take longer than desired to shower.

Once you’ve decided how long certain tasks should take you to set a timer and work to beat your best time. This way of working my life has helped me to stay on track when I’m tired or when I’m prone to daydreaming.  

To add more fun to data-entry tasks at work. I listen to popular music streaming websites and make a game of finishing a certain number of pages by the time a song is finished. I work faster this way and am less likely to get lost in thought or make careless mistakes.

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Stop watching live TV

Before you commit to this tip, calculate how much time you spend over a week watching TV shows when they are actually shown on TV.  Don’t estimate.  Actually, keep track for a week and see what the number is.

If you aren’t taking advantage of DVR technology, online full episodes, or streaming websites, you are wasting time.  I can’t remember the last time I actually watched TV on a TV or watched a show when its first showing was scheduled.

I love having my shows waiting for me when I’m ready instead of having to work my life around when my favorite shows air on TV.  I love that I can pause a show at any time and get back to it when I have time.

I watch an average of 17 minutes of TV per day where I’m likely to be found watching on my Kindle. I am taking a relaxing bath or while doing chores. Most days I don’t watch any TV at all.


समय ही धन है| वर्षो पुरानी यह बात सौ फीसदी सत्य है| अगर समय के साथ हम चलाना सीख जाते है, तो जिंदगी की गाड़ी बड़े आराम से शान से चलती है| कठिन काम थोड़ा समय लेता है, इसलिए खुद पर विश्वास कीजिए और योजना के साथ उसे करने की ठान लीजिए|समय का सही इस्तेमाल कीजिए और मौके का फायदा उठाइए, आप विजेता बन सकते हैं.

10 Ways to Save Time Daily

Who couldn’t use a few tips for ways to save time daily?  If you’re as busy as I am, sometimes you can’t keep all of the plates spinning. I did an inventory a few years ago about how I was spending my time. I was wasting precious time by being inefficient and be unaware of much time I was spending doing things. These did not push me along the path I wanted to be taking in my life.

Of course, as I’ve said before, everything doesn’t get done every single day even though I’ve streamlined my days. I’m human just like everyone else.  But, I have learned several tricks over the years that help this season of my life to be a little more manageable.



Project deadlines, conference calls with clients, review meetings with your team, parent-teachers meeting at your kid’s school, grocery shopping…so much to do and only 24 hours?

The need to multi-task, day in and day out, can be quite stressful. The key is not to work harder but to work smarter.

In the corporate space, a proven time management strategy plays a major role in the success of an individual and a company. Help yourself and your teams plan, prioritize and diligently execute these strategies.

In the business world of today, time is increasingly at a premium. We spend time coming to work, then filling up the workday before commuting home again. Whatever time issues are posed when trying to fulfill our duties outside of the office. There is a principle known as the Pareto Principle, also called the 80:20 Rule. It says that of all the results that we produce in a day, 80 % of those are generated with 20 % of our efforts. The leftover 80 percent of our efforts only produce 20 percent of our results.

This brings us to an interesting question when it comes to time management. How can we take the 80 percent of our efforts that are currently only producing 20 percent to become more effective with that time?


We might often think that days should have more than 24 hours, as we are constantly running out of time. There are even studies that focus on how much additional time would be needed in a day in order to do all that is necessary.
So feminine reports that in the UK, women would like an extra 6 hours and 30 minutes in their day. In France, they “only” want 3 hours and 36 minutes and in Germany, they would like an extra 3 hours and 24 minutes a day.

We look at the data relating to the business world and published by O.K. Consulting. 54% of executives work more than ten hours a day, 71% of workers usually take their work home, 75% of workers relive their job in their dreams. 64% suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia due to time constraints at work. 61% have already canceled or postponed their vacation several times due to pressure at work. 74% of executives feel they do not have time for their families.

Time management is therefore of key importance for a successful and less stressful life. So, how do we distribute our time in order to be able to use it as effectively as possible? 

We have prepared a few simple tips:

  • Define your goals: write down everything that you need to do along with the deadlines for the realization of these goals.
  • Prioritize: not everything is as important as it may seem at first. Classify your tasks according to their importance, the required time for their implementation, whether other people need to be included, etc. 
  • The golden rule of time management is to Complete high-priority tasks first.
  • Planning and schedule: prepare daily, weekly, and monthly schedules of activities. If you are working on a project that takes several months, also prepare an annual plan. Prepare the list of daily activities at the end of the workday. You can start the new day with clearly scheduled activities. A word of advice: occasionally include the “me time” item in the schedule 🙂


  • Devote your entire focus to the task at hand: once you start with a task, tune out all other disruptive factors (close all other browser windows, put your phone on silent, etc.) and focus 100 percent on the task at hand.
  • Learn to say “no”: if you take on too many activities, you will not have enough time. Decide which opportunities to pass on.
  • Turn key everyday tasks into habits: your daily routine and habit will make it easier to realize the tasks.


  • Control your activities: be consistent with the tasks at hand and comply with the set objectives and deadlines. Regularly check if you are complying with the set objectives and deadlines.
  • Don’t forget to work out, exercise and eat healthily: you know the saying: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

In the autumn, when vacation days are over, we intensively think about the activities that we will start with after the summer, new objectives, etc. Will we take on a new sport, perhaps join a course or enroll in school again?

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