टेंशन फ्री जिंदगी

टेंशन फ्री जिंदगी हर कोई जी सकता है सिर्फ कुछ बातों का ध्यान रख ले। 1. किसी का बुरा ना करें । 2. सबसे बिना उम्मीद के बेगृज प्यार करें ।भगवान भी इससे खुश होंगे। 3. अपने कार्य को निर्धारित समय पर गुणवत्ता के साथ मेहनत के साथ पूरा करें। 4. समय का सदुपयोग करें … Continue reading टेंशन फ्री जिंदगी

Make others happy

A real-life story forwarded by my friend Make others Happy Since I was not using it for a long time, my old Moped (Pleasure scooter) was getting obsolete. I thought, why not resell it online? So I put out an advertisement, quoting its price at Rs 30,000/-. Many offers were ranging from Rs 15,000 to … Continue reading Make others happy

Importance to habits Vs Goals

The author is recommending special tips to tell Importance to habits over Goals. After going through Tiny changes, Remarkable results .Book opened my mind. Few days ago, I had a very powerful realization while reading a book. With this blog post I hope you feel the same. The book that I was reading is “Atomic … Continue reading Importance to habits Vs Goals


I have seen BENEFITS FOR KEEPING REPUTED / HIGH FACE VALUE ‘UNIT HEAD’ during my 40 years of career in textiles. Employee, Customers & Share Holders can believe on only Reputed / High Face Value, Unit Head ( not necessarily young ) regarding- 1. Smooth Working of Organisation because employees used to listen & follow … Continue reading BENEFITS KEEPING REPUTED FACE VALUE UNIT HEAD.

Keep your best health

Blogger is always telling to care for your health. Listen video made by him. We all know health is wealth.We can be unstoppable. I am reblogging as this was blogged in starting. Dear friends we can do daily morning walk, Yoga, Jogging &indore outdoor games as per your schedule. But we need to take massive … Continue reading Keep your best health

Super tips for wonderful Life

Blogger has given wonderful tips for success full life. https://youtu.be/f3-Mot1Y5ac Supertips for wonderful Life||शानदार सुझाव जिंदगी को ऊंचाइयों पर ले जाने को#Wondertips #successtips #inspiration hello friends youtuber wants to tell everyone some tips which will take them to the top of the sky.you are creator of your life you can do any impossible task. try … Continue reading Super tips for wonderful Life

Crispy Jalebi Recipe

#goldystastefulkitchen loves to share wonderful, everyone’s love dessert Crispy Jalebi Recipe. It is normally purchased from known places as not easy. But You Tuber has given you to test in STAY HOME STAY SAFE Covid-19 lockdown. We have tried only two times at home. See step by step video. You will cherish to have at … Continue reading Crispy Jalebi Recipe