Podcast in Welp Magazine

  Blogger is happy that Welp magazine the UK has published my Podcasts. Thanks for Publication     Blogger is happy to inform Hi all my Podcasts available on Welp magazine a subsidiary of Fupping Ltd, a UK (London) based media company. WELCOME TO WELP MAGAZINE TEAM UK FOR YOUR PUBLICATION IN YOUR VALUED MAGAZINE FOR … Continue reading Podcast in Welp Magazine

शानदार टिप्स स्वास्थ्य के लिए

ब्लॉगर ने कुछ शानदार टिप्स जीवन के स्वास्थ्य के लिए बताएं आप भी चाहे तो इनको आजमा सकते हैं। 👉🏻दूध ना पचे तो ~ सोंफ ,दही ना पचे तो ~ सोंठ,छाछ ना पचे तो ~जीरा व काली मिर्चअरबी व मूली ना पचे तो ~ अजवायनकड़ी ना पचे तो ~ कड़ी पत्ता,तैल, घी, ना पचे तो … Continue reading शानदार टिप्स स्वास्थ्य के लिए

Importance of Cotton fabrics

#textiles #spinning #Rieter #voltas #LMW #garments #tshirts #titoba Technology bit long but tried to give details in very simple way. Feel free to ask any query in comment box.Spinning is itself a great subject. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Textiles technology process to understand importance of fabric https://anchor.fm/virender-chaudhry/episodes/Textiles-technology-process-to-understand-importance-of-fabric-ec87ih   #textiles#titsbhiwani#gctikanpur#spinningmills#motivation#motivation#leadership#health#vlog#goldystastefulkitchen#healthylifestyle#newyear#newyearresolutions#healthiswealth#seo#digitalmarketing#affialiatemarketing#books#wondertips#motivation#leadership#he This … Continue reading Importance of Cotton fabrics

Suji halwa/Sooji/Semolina Halwa

This was 1st recipe on youtube by YouTuber.Suji ka halwa/Sooji/Semolina Ka Halwa Recipe ||दानेदार सूजी का हलवा रेसिपी wonderfully prepared for you all by http://www.youtube.com/c/goldystastefulkitchen. Super Dessert is liked by one & all in India & asian countries.Just try & enjoy. https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/halwa-recipe-indian-halwa-recipes/ https://youtu.be/TM9PAUt25kM Halwa is a aromatic sweet pudding made from cereals, fruits or vegetables. Usually … Continue reading Suji halwa/Sooji/Semolina Halwa

Cyclone Tauktae Latest

Cyclone Tauktae Latest News Updates: अरब सागर से उठे चक्रवाती तूफान तौकते (Tauktae) को लेकर कई राज्यों में अलर्ट जारी है. एक तरफ जहां कर्नाटक में साइक्लोन के बीच तेज बारिश की वजह से 4 लोगों की मौत हो गई और राज्‍य में कुल 73 गांव चक्रवाती तूफान से प्रभावित हुए हैं. वहीं, Cyclone Tauktae गोवा के तटीय क्षेत्र से … Continue reading Cyclone Tauktae Latest

How to make our day best?

Eat healthy and nutritious foods.Sleep at night at least for 6 hours. It should be deep sleepExercise at least for 30mins 5 days a week. Any kind of exercises can be done. Even simple 10k steps per day can do wonders.Give gratitude to almightyMeditation or deep breathing helps a lot to reduce stress. Stress can … Continue reading How to make our day best?

Love without expectation

#love #happiness #motivation #podcast All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives, he who is selfish is. You love yourself first. Not necessarily most or best, but first. You don’t cancel plans that you were excited about because somebody else wanted your time. … Continue reading Love without expectation

ईमानदार बने रहे।

प्यारे दोस्तों जिंदगी में ईमानदारी बहुत ही बड़ी बात है क्या आप इमानदारी से जीवन को व्यतीत करना चाहेंगे एक लघु कथा में देखिए बेईमानी का पैसा शरीर के एक एक अंग फाड़कर निकलता है। ईमानदार बने रहे। अगर सभी लोग इमानदारी से अपनी जिंदगी को व्यतीत करने लगे तो भ्रष्टाचार रूपी राक्षस किसी का … Continue reading ईमानदार बने रहे।

FIVE minutes Rule Elrod

https://youtu.be/BrDc0wokq3E The Five minutes Rule Hal ELROD#success#wondertips Doctors said he would never walk again. ... After the experience, Hal spent exactly five minutes grieving over the situation and feeling anger to the drunk driver. The situation and driver were out of his control. So after the five minutes were up, he spent all his mental energies on getting better. Hal Elrod … Continue reading FIVE minutes Rule Elrod

Super tips for wonderful Life

Blogger has given wonderful tips for success full life. https://youtu.be/f3-Mot1Y5ac Supertips for wonderful Life||शानदार सुझाव जिंदगी को ऊंचाइयों पर ले जाने को#Wondertips #successtips #inspiration hello friends youtuber wants to tell everyone some tips which will take them to the top of the sky.you are creator of your life you can do any impossible task. try … Continue reading Super tips for wonderful Life

India defeated England in ODI series by 2-1 in nail biting finish in Pune

IND vs ENG 3rd ODI: भारत ने रोमांचक मुकाबले में इंग्लैंड को दी मात, 2-1 से सीरीज पर किया कब्जा तीसरे और अंतिम वनडे मुकाबले में टीम इंडिया ने 7 रनों से शानदार जीत दर्ज की. इसी के साथ भारतीय टीम ने तीन मैचों की वनडे सीरीज 2-1 से अपने नाम कर ली है. https://www.livehindustan.com/cricket/story-team-india-captain-virat-kohli-surprised-as-bhuvneshwar-kumar-and-shardul-thakur-not-got-the-man-of-the-match-and-man-of-the-series-award-against-england-in-odi-series-3943308.htmlhttps://www.livehindustan.com/cricket/story-team-india-captain-virat-kohli-surprised-as-bhuvneshwar-kumar-and-shardul-thakur-not-got-the-man-of-the-match-and-man-of-the-series-award-against-england-in-odi-series-3943308.htmlContinue reading India defeated England in ODI series by 2-1 in nail biting finish in Pune

How self discipline important?

https://youtu.be/PNKXPJvBE1U Hotel Taj Gateway of India अपनी जिंदगी को अनुशासित कैसे करें। how self discipline can change your life forever#wondertips Self-discipline is required to achieve optimal health when breaking a habit (e.g., smoking) or rebalancing health issues caused by excess. Self-discipline allows you to stay focused on your goals. It enables you to stay in control of yourself and of … Continue reading How self discipline important?

India defeated T20 series & took revenge of ODI defeat to Australia

#cricket #indiancricket #viratkohli Birthday boy Shreyas Iyer and Hardik Pandya walk off the winners tonight. Rusty for the most part, Pandya but he's shown up right at the end with two crisp hits to seal it. Iyer did his part too, a neat little cameo from him. That's 2-0 to India, who bounce back from the … Continue reading India defeated T20 series & took revenge of ODI defeat to Australia