How to make your Body Fit & Active?Best way to stay healthy? “It is health that is real wealth and not the pieces of Gold & Silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi We’ve talked a lot about the importance of work-life balance. A huge component of this is fitness, which provides us with the mental and physical capabilities to think clearly and remain productive during some of our … Continue reading How to make your Body Fit & Active?Best way to stay healthy?

Switzerland (Rieter Textile Training) & Europe tour

Friends, I started my Switzerland Rieter training and Europe tour in 1999 January. It was a great learning tour. I and my friend Ashok Akade today went from Delhi to Frankfurt Germany by a Lufthansa flight. Plane watch flying at 1200 km per hour. The flight was really comfortable with around 10 hours journey. Then … Continue reading Switzerland (Rieter Textile Training) & Europe tour

Attitude is everything

The blogger has written this article on a great book here, if you read it well and put it in your life, then no one can beat you. Attitude is everythingFriends, I have read a very wonderful book named Attitude is everything This book is amazing. It is written by Jeff Keller and is divided … Continue reading Attitude is everything

Make others happy

A real-life story forwarded by my friend Make others Happy Since I was not using it for a long time, my old Moped (Pleasure scooter) was getting obsolete. I thought, why not resell it online? So I put out an advertisement, quoting its price at Rs 30,000/-. Many offers were ranging from Rs 15,000 to … Continue reading Make others happy

Self confidence is Must

#wondertips #motivation #goldystastefulkitchen #hardwork #selfconfidence #lifecoaching   Podcast is telling about selfconfidence ,how to get it? Meditation advantages,Self–confidence also brings about more happiness. Typically, when you are confident in your abilities you are happier due to your successes.Confidence is a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a … Continue reading Self confidence is Must

भगवान को हमेशा धन्यवाद देना ना भूलें।

  ब्लॉगर का मानना कि मालिक (भगवान)को हमेशा धन्यवाद देना ना भूलें। Always give gratitude to Almighty(God)   🌴➰इस मैसेज को गौर से दो बार पढे!➰🌴 ➰जिस दिन हमारी मौत होती है, हमारा पैसा बैंक में ही रह जाता है।➰ ➰जब हम जिंदा होते हैं, तो हमें लगता है कि हमारे पास खच॔ करने को … Continue reading भगवान को हमेशा धन्यवाद देना ना भूलें।

Anger is danger for life.

#anger #angryman #motivation #badhabit We have to control anger. It cannot give anything better.So when and you are in anger do not take decisions similarly .When you are in happy mood do not take decision. Anger has spoilt many houses ,many business houses ,companies so we need not to get angry. There are methods with … Continue reading Anger is danger for life.

Advice for self-care

Hi all we need to go through a wonderful message. I know it’s all everyone is talking about at the moment, but there is a lot going on in the world right now and so self-care is really important. In all honesty, I am writing this for myself as much as for anyone else. A … Continue reading Advice for self-care

Ingredients of life

Want to be like an air but not airhead one,  Needed a breath of fresh air without any unattainable aspiration Want to be like a fire but don’t add fuel to it,  I am a baptism of fire without to breath it Want to be like water but feels like dead in a water, Situations … Continue reading Ingredients of life

My Podcasts on welp magazine UK

Blogger is happy to inform Hi all my Podcasts available on Welp magazine a subsidiary of Fupping Ltd, a UK (London) based media company. WELCOME TO WELP MAGAZINE TEAM UK FOR YOUR PUBLICATION IN YOUR VALUED MAGAZINE FOR MY EPISODES ON TEXTILE. I’m just reaching out to let you know we mentioned your podcast in … Continue reading My Podcasts on welp magazine UK