अच्छी आदतें सीख कर सफल

https://youtu.be/5bq4vYSGGHA हर व्यक्ति एक Successful Life जीने के लिए पैदा हुआ है लेकिन ज्यादातर लोग अपनी बुरी आदतों के कारण ही ऐसी लाइफ नहीं जी पाते। एक असफल व्यक्ति के मन में जीतने की इच्छा तो होती है। लेकिन वह अपनी बुरी आदतों से इस कदर जकड़ा हुआ है कि उसे ज्यादातर हार का ही … Continue reading अच्छी आदतें सीख कर सफल

ट्रक के पीछे की शायरी

ट्रक के पीछे जब हमारी गाडी होती है, तब कई बार पीछे लिखी रोचक शायरी पढने को मिलती है । किसी ने 'ट्रकों पर कोरोना शायरी’’ की अनूठी पहल की है और यह कोरोना शायरी भी उसी रोचक और मौजी अंदाज में लिखी हैं । इसमें अनेक भावों के साथ वैक्सीन लगवाने और मास्क का … Continue reading ट्रक के पीछे की शायरी

Love without expectation

    #love #happiness #motivation #podcast All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives, he who is selfish is. You love yourself first. Not necessarily most or best, but first. You don’t cancel plans that you were excited about because somebody else wanted … Continue reading Love without expectation

क्या आप भयंकर डिप्रेशन में तो नहीं है?

ब्लॉगर बता रहे हैं कि डिप्रेशन कुछ भी नहीं है वह सिर्फ मन की स्थिति को कंट्रोल में रखने का तरीका गलत होने पर होता है।क्या आप भयंकर डिप्रेशन में तो नहीं है? Are you in high level of depression? कोविड संबंधी प्रतिबंधों की वजह से परिवार के सदस्यों के साथ दुख न बांट पाने … Continue reading क्या आप भयंकर डिप्रेशन में तो नहीं है?


Hi friends can we think there is something better than gratitude to Almighty. An attitude of gratitude. This is not only a great rhyme but a great way to live.Without gratitude we can not move as a fittest sportsman. So see details for making gratitude’s importance in our life. #gratitude #happiness #motivation #selfbelief #godisgreat Without gratitude … Continue reading GRATITUDE IS BEST

Are you having Super story?

Blogger has informed the importance of life story https://shareyourstory.quora.com/MY-life-story?ch=99&share=3cb210bc Born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh then came with parents in Ludhiana. My study upto 5th standard in Ludhiana. Then shifted to Panipat in 1970. 1977 I got admission TIT Bhiwani, one of the best institute in India in textiles. In 1981 I joint … Continue reading Are you having Super story?

Anger is danger for life.

#anger #angryman #motivation #badhabit We have to control anger. It cannot give anything better.So when and you are in anger do not take decisions similarly .When you are in happy mood do not take decision. Anger has spoilt many houses ,many business houses ,companies so we need not to get angry. There are methods with … Continue reading Anger is danger for life.

Deal with failures?

https://youtu.be/lFhYbbVI2y4 How to deal with failures? क्या जिंदगी में असफलता से सीखा जा सकता है? #wondertips Ways to Manage Failure Recognise and accept your emotions. Failure hurts, at least in the first instance, and you need to accept that. ... Don't make it personal. ... Don't worry what anyone else will think. ... Take the right amount of … Continue reading Deal with failures?

Bloggers are best friends?

How bloggers can be best friends fastly. TODAY crossed 1235+ friends My motive here is to inspire everyone how bloggers can help each other to grow .Reason is that in our network there will be abundance of knowledge on various topics. Live without Limits||NLP is most important for all in our lives Daily Affirmations: What … Continue reading Bloggers are best friends?

Advice for self-care

Hi all we need to go through a wonderful message. I know it’s all everyone is talking about at the moment, but there is a lot going on in the world right now and so self-care is really important. In all honesty, I am writing this for myself as much as for anyone else. A … Continue reading Advice for self-care