Rajiv Talreja leading business Coach webinar 18.8.21

We need to have profitable business model. We have to work hard to bring company in profitability. We should not run the industry for charitable foundation.

[ ] 5 clarity goals must

[ ] Accountants will be accountants only

[ ] Delegate clear roles

[ ] Review the performance & feedback for all persons in organisation

[ ] Otherwise, you will not be able to do justice where you stand

[ ] Give everyone feedback. Do not abuse or blame or be aggressive with them. People do not open

[ ] Take correct persons whenever it is needed

[ ] Tell people what they need to do give profitability to the company. It should be the motto of each and every person of an organisation.

[ ] Train & develop people. Training is most important for any organisation. I have seen people losing abundance of money due to lack of training.

When training is poor of a company then and that unit cannot get profitable. So good setup is required to run a big company with proper training department.

[ ] Salary appraisal min. On yearly basis. Normally mill owners do not give priority to this point. Should understand that without incentive or yearly increment nobody can be in comfortable frame of mind. Entrepreneurs feel that they have saved something but ultimately they are losing money due to lo level of profit.

[ ] It should be fair not on a relationship basis. Employer and employees relationship cannot get better and results cannot come in that company. End of the day it will be a big loser.

[ ] It should be done data analysis basis

[ ] Right atmosphere in the team is must

[ ] Fire the wrong people, who are engaging in stealing habits

[ ] People who do not work hard

[ ] Wrong people are worshipped in some organisations

[ ] We have to learn anything where is a gap

[ ] Third responsibility is the strategic approach

[ ] Business owner should not involve in maximum operations

[ ] He becomes a survival model person

[ ] Passion,purpose & goals

[ ] Be real with yourself, do not make a fool

[ ] People working hard but no money to family

[ ] Family asking money G relationship is stressed

[ ] Make money in business by covering

[ ] Job sucks, equal respect to jobs, without jobs no good teàm

[ ] Self-employment is a trap & business for scalable

[ ] 4 reasons business owners give to give doing themselves

[ ] I do not have money to hire people

[ ] Rajiv,I am perfect in everything

[ ] What is the reason for hiring, they run away

[ ] You need solutions

[ ] Mindset change

[ ] If the solo person then money should be there

[ ] Marketing & selling can be done daily

[ ] Higher one person in each section minimum

[ ] I am perfectionism, it is weakness & you start controlling everything & you want to become holding control on each task

[ ] Become a scalable business

[ ] Myth my customer wants to talk with me but primary CA, GM not sitting daily.

[ ] It is possible to do business by team & only we fulfil our business

[ ] Every problem has solutions

[ ] Systematic àpproach is a must

[ ] Training & system needs to be strengthened

[ ] 3 focus area for scalable business

[ ] Focus on building committed team members

[ ] Some are committed & care for company but no confidence & skills then you start involve

[ ] Some have good team members but donot follow systems

[ ] Key is build a team committed & skill ful. We have to build dedicated team.

[ ] Innovative & profitable businesses model & job of business model

Rajiv talreja is a wonderful coach and I learnt lot of good things from him in this webinar.


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