Power of positive thinking in our life|| Positivity creates great ambience.

My dear friends, the blogger is very much positive and giving always motivational tips. When we are positive in our life then we are unstoppable so take the following positive points always in your mind.

Be always positive:
We need to feel always positive. This is going to be a lifeline for our life. We can’t do any wonders in this universe. A positive person cannot feel low in aspirations at any moment of time.
What is positivity?
Positivity means thinking in an optimistic way, looking for solutions, expecting good results and success, and focusing and making life happier. No excuses should be entertained.
Self-belief is a great thought which is increasing superb confidence in you. With self-belief, you can do anything in your life. We need to utilise our minds on only the positive side so that we can get the best results for maintaining our success.

Self-confidence is a wonderful tool to scale your success in life. We need to do any task in our daily life with self-confidence. We cannot make anything right without self-confidence. But can you tell us how we can get self-confidence in our personality?

Just give a thought process to see the correct answer. Also, see that without this we cannot get success in our life.


Hello guys, are you able to do meditation in your life? If you are able to do it then you are the luckiest gift of Almighty. But if you are not doing it then it sounds very bad on your part. You have taken birth with your parents. But who has created us in reality that is only GOD? So we need to do meditation on daily basis at a fixed time and for a fixed interval. You can make changes as per your comfort. But meditation is best and it gives you self-confidence as I asked in the above point.

You can make meditation or any God because they all are one only name is same. Some call it God, Almighty, Peegamber, Waheguru, Jesus Christ & Jai Mata di.

Avoid the company of negative people

You are the average personality of five members around you. If you are following four positive people you will be positive and if you are following negative people then you will be totally negative in thoughts. You have to tell to the negative people that you are not having any space in your life for them.

Do not focus on negative news

Sometimes we see that there are only negative news media social media television radio everywhere. This is not going to give benefits anyone. So try to avoid all this negative news. Personally, I do not even read newspapers for the last 25 years. The same is the case with television.

Law of attraction

Law for attraction is giving you only positivity in life. This has become the talk of the day that you will attract positive things in your life if you think only positive all through the day. The same is the case with negative thinking. But the people who are following the law of attraction are getting only positivity through their life.


The secret

The Secret Book was published in the year 2006 by Rhonda Byrne. Very successfully retain the success stories with positive thought processes in your life. The total law of attraction has been taken into consideration.


Goals on your vision board

Happy New Year is approaching fast after 24 days. We need to make our goals on our vision board. We should write our goals on a piece of paper. Goals should be made for health, wealth, Relationship & happiness. We can make 2 factors on each point. It can be reviewed on a daily,  weekly and monthly basis. You become unstoppable.

Sustainability leadership with positive thoughts

We can maintain sustainable leadership in this world with only positive thoughts. You need to see that a positive thought process can take any organisation, home, city, state & country to a greater height. You can see that developed or countries are going day to day higher in their creativity in any walk of life.

Anything is achievable

Anything is achievable in this life provided we are wishing for it. We become what we think. You cannot share this in your life that people with strong mindsets do not have any fear in their life. They go ahead in their field to be the leader in this world. They feel that anything is achievable.

Spiritual, emotional, financial and physical freedom

Any person can be a spiritual, physical and financial freedom achiever in this life. We have all resources in our hands. Good rituals from our parents make us strive hard to get all these freedom points in our life.

We become what we think

it is very true that we become what we think. When we are thinking always with our rich mindset for the betterment of everyone then we will become the master person in our life. We’ll be thinking always on the creative side of our brain. Everyone gets the benefit of this fertile thinking. Our mind is just like a kitchen garden. We reap what we sow.

Power of subconscious mind

When a person is having meditation love in this life then one starts conscious subconscious mind issues in a wonderful manner. We all know that our subconscious mind is a having greater powers as compared to our subconscious mind. We can do wonders with the proper use of our subconscious mind. We are using only 7 to 8% of our brain. The subconscious mind helps us to use it up to 10 to 12% and we become Genius people.

Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything for every person. Jeff Keller has written a very great book. If people follow the points given in this book then he /she is unstoppable in this universe. See around you a positive attitude person can make any damn thing in this world and on the other side negative person can go to the lowest point of his self-confidence.

Never give up attitude

I have always enjoyed this attitude with the grace of Almighty. I was leading a team of 1000 to 1500 people in my organisations in the textile industry in India. If you are not in your best spirits then you cannot lead these team members to success. There are many hindrances in our path of success sometimes it is money machine material or strategy of the management. But when you have never given up attitude then you cannot lose any message from your grip.

Abundance of energy

When you are self-confident & self-belief is in full flow then it is going to give you an abundance of energy. This energy is going to be converted into desired results in families or organisations to a greater height. You have seen that energetic person gives the same energy to his team members and then a miracle happens.

Motivational team

Positive thinking gives way to a motivational team for any organisation or family. When positivity starts then everything starts in the best creative manner. You can achieve the best results in the industry. In our homes, you have seen results of positive and negative members very well. We also see that negativity even do not help the best relationship between the couple. They fight like old enemies. How are you can expect the best features of the next generation if this type of negative atmosphere persons?

Corona pandemic fighting spirit

We have also observed very well that most of the casualties happened due to due to fear in fighting spirit due to negative mindset. Positive people got well soon even with limited resources of medical facilities.

Anger management

Anger management can be done well with a positive mentality. We have seen that positive attitude people less prone to anger. Meditation also helps to control your inner self so that you can have better anger management even in an adverse situation.

1% improvement daily

I am going through the chapters of atomic habits a wonderful book was written by James clear. We learn from the book that 1% improvement daily gives you a superpower of improvement from where you cannot lose any match. The English team was losing in every major competition all over the world.

But when the coach change the mindset of his losing players by 1% in their technique thought process and equipment results started all over the world. They started becoming champions in every major tournament for continuously 8 to 10 years. This is the advantage of a positive attitude & positive thinking

Smiling laughing and dancing is totally free

Everybody knows that these things are totally free. But who cares that we should take the advantage of this free item given by God to all of us. They compete with each other in spite of competing with themselves. Beat with ourselves then we can see smiles, laughing and dancing activities in our life. But you will see that negative people cannot have these things in their stride.

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