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For Educational Institutions /Corporate & all


The life coach has told me the importance of his talk will be higher for Educational Institutions /Corporate & all. Self-development is key to success.


Motivational speakers for schools/colleges are a great way to inspire and encourage young people to push themselves out of their comfort zone and teach them the importance of self-belief and a positive attitude.

“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practising gratitude.”

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At times, the routine of the school/college timetable can become monotonous for children, students and having an outside speaker who comes in for an afternoon, or even just an hour-long talk, can really make the kids sit up and listen, take notice, and help them to think outside the box.

motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience. Such speakers may attempt to challenge or transform their audiences.[1] The speech itself is popularly known as a pep talk.

Motivational Speakers can deliver speeches at schools, churches, motivational companies, corporations, government agencies, conferences, trade shows, summits, community organizations, and similar environments.[2]

The health of students plays a very important role.

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The motivational speaker makes an impact on the community by influencing their pattern of thinking.

Motivational speakers are especially beneficial to students during poignant times during the school/college term.

For example, when the end of term exams are looming, or if they are facing any important educational choices and decisions to make, or the students are moving out of their comfort zones and on to secondary schools or higher education.

VK Chaudhry is an entertaining and engaging public speaker, who has experience in understanding the young generation. What they will be interested in and how do their minds work?

He sensitively adapts his speeches to the age range of his audience, from primary school students to college students.



OUR SPEAKING is designed to have a positive impact on the lives of others, has key themes for his talks. These are::

  • Self-Discipline & Preparation – helping young people get into the habit of carrying out small routine tasks to help avoid any problems in the future.
  • Leadership & Fostering Moral –teaching young people to accommodate different character types with the group – making each one feel valued. This is a great skill for those who are off to university to learn.
  • Self-branding with more & more reading/studying
  • Embracing Change – learning how to welcome rather than fear change, change can be a genuine life-enhancing experience and should be embraced.

Bullet Points

  • Creative Thinking & Risk Taking – examples of how a quick, agile mind helped VKC out of challenging situations he has faced in his entire industry life.
  • The Courage to Be Yourself – VK Chaudhry has learned how it only takes a few steps along a path of your choosing to gain a winning mentality, unbeatable confidence, and self-esteem. It is his goal to pass this on to his audience.
  • The task is done or not—It decides your success or failure in life
  • Belief system with positivity
  • Concentration, memory is led by good meditation techniques
  • Best Nutrition Food to avoid obesity in students especially

As well as being beneficial to the children as individuals, a speech or talk from a motivational speaker can have many advantages to how the school or class works together as a whole.

A motivational speech can tackle hard-hitting subjects, and make children aware of issues such as bullying and can approach them from a completely new angle, making them easier to digest. This will hopefully encourage the class to work better alongside their peers, functioning as a team that they are.

Life Coach Responsibility

Coaching today is not just a profession, it is a life skill. The world needs more coaches who are mastering this life skill. The world needs more coaches who are striving to get better, every day.


Motivational speakers can have tremendous, positive effects on young people. They can empower children and young adults to make aspirations for themselves.

They willingly can be more than they normally would be, give more, and motivate themselves rather than making the minimum effort and just ‘getting by.



Motivational talks are also known as personal development seminars, and when VKC goes out to talk to young people that is his objective, giving youths the motivation to help themselves with their own personal development.

Life Improvement

Motivational speakers provide inspiration, motivation and have the ability to add new energy to bring changes in the lives of people as well as of companies.

They have been popular and known to increase happiness, sales, leadership, and performance in people.

Many famous people and companies in the world regularly invite Motivational Speakers for events, conferences, seminars, leadership summits, and sales meetings to bring in real and long-lasting change.

Some of the world’s most famous Motivational Speakers are Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn. Dr Wayne Dyer, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Eckhart Tolle, Eric Thomas, and Nick Vujicic.

You can check out the full list of best motivational speaks in the world.

  Many young people are benefiting from this guidance and encouragement in a variety of ways, including;

  • Raising personal goals and aspirations
  • Productive learning and how to make a success of yourself in school
  • Building and enhancing self-esteem and self-belief
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Developing leadership and teamwork skills
  • Accepting responsibilities and accountability, even in adverse situations
  • Improving communication and correspondence skills
  • How to enhance personal health and mental well being
  • Career Development

How to improve

  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • How to control anger
  • How we can become multiskilling
  • How to make a super-duper Personality
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Sales Process
  • Professionalism at Workplace
  • Orientation programs etc.

What does a life coach do exactly?

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What’s the difference between a therapist and a life coach?

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