P80: Can we live our life with Authority, जिन्दगी को जिए जिंदा दिली से

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P80: Can we live our life with Authority, जिन्दगी को जिए जिंदा दिली से

A positive attitude is not just about sporting that smile on your face every time, it is more than that. It is about maintaining that optimistic mindset and attitude even when things are in utter chaos. It is often said that what good or bad diet does to your body, positive and negative thoughts do the same to your mind! Feed your mind with positive thoughts and you will see amazing changes around you.

When you start thinking optimistically, your mind becomes clear of any negative thoughts and you will see the world in a new light. You will stop blaming yourself or others. You will be in total control of your emotions and try to seek a valuable lesson in every setback you experience.

Here are a few more reasons why should develop a positive attitude in life:
Happiness: A positive attitude is known to be linked with the feeling of happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind; it comes from within and not dependent on external factors. When you think positively, you will be in harmony and feel happy.

To put it simply, with a positive attitude, you can be happy right now … irrespective of any situations you are in.

Self-confidence: When you develop a positive attitude, you will start feeling better about yourself. You will treat yourself with more respect and love, and this in turn will boost your confidence levels and inner strength. You will take on new challenges and come out of your self-limiting beliefs.


What you want to be – ‘an energetic and lively person throughout the day in all life circumstances’ – is not difficult, because it depends mostly on you. I am listing below some practical points to help you on your way.

1) Your thinking and your attitude govern your mood and energy levels. As you think, so shall you behave and become. Get up with a cheerful and positive mindset and your body will also follow suit. To keep yourself busy or lazy is in your hands.

2) Simplify your life and your daily tasks. Life is actually simple, but we somehow complicate it unnecessarily. Concentrate your energy for doing the basic essential tasks of the day and cut out the non-essentials. By this, you will not get frustrated and tired out.

3) Avoid depending on other people’s validations for your actions. Do not allow others to control your emotions and feelings. Do not fall into the trap of self-denial and self-deprecation.

4) Be positive and proactive. Be aware of what is good for you irrespective of all the hype and commotion around you. Have a handful of good friends and positive people in your daily life. It goes a long way to make your life an enjoyable journey.

5) Above all, retain your sense of humour and good cheer around you. Do not let a bad day make you feel as if you have had a bad life. Learn to live a life without regrets. Learn from your past, live in the present and plan for your future – and love it all !

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