Voice of nature on River bank,पृकृति की आवाज नदी के किनारे

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Day by day we are away from nature. We need to be involved in the natural course to hilly areas. I went to my village after 4 years. I enjoyed every moment of my stay in my village. Awesome greenery was found everywhere. Remembered my childhood days when I used to come every year for about one month.

It’s hard to overstate how much good nature does for our well-being: Study after study documents the psychological and physical benefits of connecting with nature. People who are more connected with nature are happier, feel more vital, and have more meaning in their lives.

To find out how the human relation to nature has changed over time, we asked ourselves: How can we define and measure all the various ways in which people connect with nature? How can we count all the times people stop to watch a sunset or listen to birds chirping, or how long they spend walking tree-lined streets? We could certainly ask these questions to live people, but we couldn’t ask people who lived a hundred years ago.

Instead, we turned to the cultural products they created. Works of popular culture, we reasoned, should reflect the extent to which nature occupies our collective consciousness. If novelists, songwriters, or filmmakers have fewer encounters with nature these days than before, or if these encounters make less of an impression on them, or if they don’t expect their audiences to respond to it, nature should feature less frequently in their works.

I have seen a lot of places in hilly areas near the city. One such example I will be giving is for Indore city. Owners have developed this place of around 15 acres. All sorts of sports are there for children to adults. Even I tried double-cycle, rickshaw scooter lots of other instruments. Some events are free and some are on a chargeable basis. There Is two big swimming pool’s horse, riding camel riding and very good food to eat with a total Indore range from chart snacks fast food and meals.

Dear Readers,

  1. Do you think it is too late for you to dream Big?
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5. Are you waiting for a passion to come to you on a platter that you can follow? While losing out on what you have in your hands right now?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, well, this book is for you. This is my first ebook, written with a reason to share and be resourceful for the people in need. My YouTube channel is “Wonder Tips” and that is what I have tried to do with my ebook as well. I share with you a list of 41 tips (full of wonder) for your life’s transformation.

It is one thing to read a book with an intention to finish it cover to cover, but this book should be chewed and digested thoroughly. Read, even re-read the chapters you think need to be worked upon. If you have bought this book, you are amongst very few who don’t want to settle for what they have, you are amongst the few who wish to take control of your life and live with satisfaction.

I see you as a small boat right now, I know you have the potential to become a Cruise Ship! One thing I want you to know right now is:
An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.

Similarly, the negativity of the World can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.

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