Our Mind set :Self made millionaire Vs Poor mind set

Blogger is telling about the importance of our mindset that we are self-made millionaires for having mindset.

Attitude is everything

It depends on the mindset millionaire or a poor fellow. We have discussed the attitude of a person. If the attitude is positive then nobody can stop you to fly in the sky. On the other side if we are feeling with a negative thought process then nobody can save us from our poor performance.

You can take an example when you are attending a webinar of a great speaker. You feel much better from the inside if things are going in your favour. Otherwise, we feel very bored and do not take interest in the proceedings. So again, we have to book words our attitude.

Habit of listening

We are taking notes in our diary understanding things in a much better way and repetition purpose. We see benefits during repetitions from time to time.

When we are getting interested in webinars we listen very carefully and try to grab as much as possible. Listening is a wonderful gift from God. Also seen that in the same class Somwar getting very good marks and some are failing miserably. Here again, we find power interest due to attitude.

Success does not happen overnight

We have seen through our life that success does not happen overnight. We are trying our best daily. Every effort made religiously gives the best results. There was a big problem with the English cycling team. They were losing in whole world competitions.

English management new coach. He was doing daily one per cent improvement in all aspects whatever best he was able to do. One per cent improvement on a daily basis made them tough masters. This started becoming champions in each event of the country and international level.

Here again, success was achieved with the attitude of a millionaire. So it looks that when we decide to do anything in our life we can achieve it. There is no doubt about it. So so dear friends work hard on each and every aspect passionately and you will find that universe is giving you everything that you desire.

Self-love is a must

Self Love is very important in life. We need clarity on this point. When we start loving our self then and only then can start loving others. There is no harm in loving yourself.

God becomes happy when you love mankind without any expectation. The more you love people more you will get blessings from Almighty. You can note this event.

Meditation is key to success

In this very competitive world, we need to you have something which can gift our mental level. This can be done superbly by doing meditation. I hope you already love Almighty. He is the supreme power in this world.

People are doing meditation in their lives in a different manner. They can do it in their religious way. They can do it anytime but it will look better if they fix it some time & interval.it is going to help people more. People who do meditation get more self-confidence & then they lead the team.

We can not get any medicine from anywhere which can boost self-confidence. Any person doing meditation will be getting full advantage due to a higher level of self-confidence. When you achieve self-confidence then nobody can stop you as you are making decisions as per requirement. You are an example of superpower and energy.

We become what we think about

Most motivational speaker audio from Earl Nightingale he is told very clearly that we become what we think. Our positive attitude is taking us towards new heights. We become the average of five persons around us. We need to decide the company of our team. We can do best when we are a bunch of 30 We become the average of five persons around us. We need to decide the company of our team. We can do best when we are a bunch of positive people. We ourselves are the main barrier in the progress.

Get Curious, what why when, how

We need to be curious about everything in life. More curiosity helps to learn faster. Suppose we are attending any webinar, then we want to grab maximum utilisation of time. I had been thorough keen on learning new things.I am a lifelong learner(LLL). 

 The imagination of a Miraculous mind

We have the miraculous power of imagination which gives us great insight into a satisfying life. I never thought that how technology will change our lives in the last 50 yrs. I started my textile engineering study in 1977 & till now tremendous changes in production for quality of machines & products. I really enjoyed my journey. I am a fully satisfied world. I never thought that social media will be so strong where you need to contact the total world with a click of the mouse.


Defining Success is a must:

What is success? When the gap between the before & after the target is met with systematic manner then it is called success. We need to review it on some fixed frequency.

The textile engineer worked hard throughout my life, Health caring ( I have run 10 km on alternate days) played 15 games, person, LLL, Fully motivated,
Youtuber, Podcaster, Blogger, Author of a book LOVE YOUR LIFE
Goals on my vision board, a Life coach in Personal growth

Now on spree to make friends overseas & started with social media & newly adopted platform Clubhouse. These are groups of like-minded motivational highly vibrant people & share their knowledge on this plateform.

Age is just a number, We are creators of our destiny

We can do anything if our attitude is positive. A person has all miraculous powers to do all impossible tasks. Nobody can make you happy or sad, the only attitude

Best relationships, Happiness, suicide thought is the biggest sin in this universe. We need to see why things are moving out of our hands when every facility is available. Too many casualties are happening every day in the entire world. Every problem has a solution

Company of good people is must

Our personality & financial freedom is average of five persons around us. We need to be choosy in our selection for our friends.
Keep your morale high & have high character

We need to keep this code word in our life for a successful life.

I have decided to give service to mankind in helping them to achieve their life goals. They will be given personal development education.
Good Habits can be learnt at any time in life. Even 1% improvement mission daily can make our best version to be a winner in this world.
I do not give space to negative people in my life
I have completed 47 books & 48th is running. You can also start reading books daily at least 10 pages per day. You will see the changes in your life.


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