Live:My morning walk today on the bank of a river

Hi friends today I have gone for a morning walk. It was really enjoyable. I did brisk walking then a little jogging and now sitting on the bank of a river.

I thought that I can also give little enjoyment to my loving blogging friends. As always I tell you that health is wealth. Now, I did the exercise portion and now going for some yoga exercises on the bank of a river.

I did some photography also as a part of my hobby. Are you ready de do the jogging

Crane washing

So dear friends I feel that some of my friends might not be able to sit on the bank of a river. I am thinking they are too busy in their office or work from home activities.

Yes, here school bridge is going which is giving wonderful effect mentally as well as physically. I love nature too much and a maximum of my bloggers might be doing it. How wonderful is the scene? Just enjoy it guys.

I just thought to give you happiness in bringing you very near to nature. Nature is the creation of the Almighty. We people disturb the equilibrium between nature and life.

You have seen in big cities there are multi-story buildings. And every City is consuming a lot of agricultural lands. We start big industrial setups. Too much pollution is developed from industries.

Mind it I am a lover of development maybe through mental physical or industrial. Just think who have thought that we will be flying in the sky before aircraft were invented. It took years of innovations to bring to the day’s level.

Similarly, think about the transportation of the goods. Who might have thought that will be developing 100 to 400-meter vessels from one country to another. What I want to communicate here is that industrial growth is a must.

But in the same way, we need to develop our agricultural output with the best standards. Then there is no problem intaking shank of agricultural land. It will be compensated with the growth of output.

Again coming to the point of enjoying the beauty of nature. We need to practice h healthy routine with wonderful morning rituals.

The morning exercise schedule is going to take you to the top of the world like many billionaires. Ready to do it then circulate this blog everywhere make it viral.

This is a very vicious circle. We have to have our best mode of health. We should not make excuses at any cost. Most of my friends might be lying in the bed till now means at around 9 a.m. Indian standard time.

Every person has the right to live his or her life as per their desire. You will think why I am telling you which you already know? My dear friends, life coaches, motivational speakers just try to give a catalyst boost in thinking to love your life.

So enjoy your life with the best version of yourself may be a healthy wealth relationship and spiritual level.

This is possible only with your will anything at any cost. The start will be done with meditation thoroughly. I think you have got my point of view.

So so now latest make a commitment without a self that will be doing morning walk, exercise and natural sightseeing

For blogs on my website visitors and give your valuable feedback thank you very much.

FOUR STORIES TO START: 1. Nokia rejected Android. 2. Yahoo rejected Google. 3. Kodak turned down digital cameras. 4. Blockbuster reject Netflix.

LESSONS: 1. Take risks. 2. Accept the change. 3. If you refuse to change over time, it will become obsolete.

TWO MORE STORIES: 1. Facebook takes over WhatsApp and Instagram. 2. Grab takes over Uber in Southeast Asia.

LESSONS: 1. Become so powerful that your competitors become your allies. 2. Reach the top position and work smart with the competition. 3. Keep innovating.

TWO MORE STORIES: 1. Colonel Sanders founded KFC at age 65.

2. Jack Ma, who couldn’t get a job at KFC, founded Alibaba and retired at age 55

LESSONS: 1. Age is just a number. 2. Only those who keep trying will succeed.

FOR THE LAST BUT NO LAST IMPORTANT: Lamborghini was founded as a result of the revenge of a tractor owner who was insulted by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari.

LESSONS: Never underestimate anyone, ever! Just keep working hard. Invest your time wisely. Don’t be afraid to fail. Let’s go!

Morning walk is a boon for your life. Just come out of your comfort zone so that you can give someone some doze of energy level. It is going to give me a new life. I am enjoying my walk & jogging daily. It helps me to maintain our health in shape.

I am jogging, fast walking for about 45 minutes every day. I also love to go for a walk-in evening also.

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