#21: Mindset & Confidence: The Power of Speaking your TRUTH

Blogger will be talking about a wonderful topic of the day for mindset and confidence. The topic will be the power of speaking the truth. As we all know today’s time is very competitive. We can do wonders in our life with our mindset we can see it right rich mindset which creates great confidence. A higher level of confidence will give us a wonderful life ahead.

Confidence is the result of a superb mindset. We become what we think. Growing confidence can come from a variety of sources. Happiness depends on our mindset. We know the power of our rich mindset. We need to believe in ourselves & go for the best creativity in our life.

I am totally positive person from a mindset and hence have great confidence and energy. I am giving a wonderful life story to see for beginners in this life. My purpose is how we can give great help to needy ones.

In my case, a young boy started his life journey from a farming family to become 1st textile engineer from my village 41 years back. It was my inherited mindset & confidence from my fighting spirits from my parents. I never saw backward once started my Textile journey. Ups & downs come in everyone’s life. I overcame all these fighting times in life. 

My main quality was never giving up approach. I fought all these occasions. I started side hustling 4 years back through motivational sessions as I was doing these in my mills also. I got a boost in my technical & motivational speaking. I could lead my companies with great cordial supportive team members. We could give surprising results at an all-time high. The reason was to upgrade the software of people. People started my life.

I started 2 youtube channels, podcasting, YouTubing, Blogging & book writing. I have written a book as per the given details below. These days I am speaking on international platforms for given topics. This all happened due to my Mindset & confidence: The Power of Speaking your TRUTH

You can see the given details & see where we can collaborate internationally. So guys we need a great level of confidence. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it. — Steve Maraboli

I am fully satisfied with textile’s active service to Consulting.

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1. Inspiration/ Motivation for all
2. The transformation from inside out
3. Leadership & Personal Growth
4. Positive mindset creates Miracles
5. Become a fitness lover emotionally, Physically & spiritually
6. Throw away depression & suicidal thoughts from your life
7. Power of Gratitude
8. Affirmations make us a great success
9. Public speaking

10. Anger management
11. Habits play a very significant role in our life
12. Parenting Tips
13. How we can be Mr. Perfect?
14.🕰️Time management is Success
15. Textiles Consultant: 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE
16. ❤️How do you make your best relationship ?❤️
17. Stop distraction Start focusing.
18. Live Happier & Healthier life

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Hi Guys, if you are searching for a person who can transform your life. But just stand in front of the mirror & recognize yourself as you can do wonders.

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As attitude is everything. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable.

*I have read 58 books in the last 3.5 years. It helped me in my love for a never-give-up strategy. *

The main purpose of life is to give something to all for making one’s life better with your efforts. Book reading has given me a great perception of our life. I am having my great family members who are always giving me the required guidance from time to time on a mutual basis.

In 1999, I met with the worst & unbelievable car accident in which the car was fully damaged & I did not get any scratches on my body. The car was running upside down. It was lucky to escape. I see it as my great blessing from our Almighty. This showed that I need some more social work for mankind. This I have started for the last many years.

Now I am giving the best services to the students, and adults & all for getting them in their best shape to live like Great Warriors. Now I am running two clubhouses & giving education to young blood on Motivational tips so that they can further feel much better. A lot of like-minded people are getting the advantage.

The power of the clubhouse is enormous. We meet here to learn, unlearn & relearn. Just see how people are so curious to make us for great learning from industry experts. I just joined only 3.5 months back & getting a great push in my efforts. We are having great respect here.

We are surrendering here to one another in respect. We need to give more & more surrendering. We need to take other people’s perceptions. But we can have control. We can apologize if we make any mistake as it is going to make us more comfortable.

We need to have a wonderful story so that we can get it written several times to make our life the best in the coming days, and months. This universe is great & we become what we think my friends. Try to keep everyone in a great mental attitude.

Hello, dear friends need to see a break from your plan. What is our mindset change? We need to have a Positive mindset with which we can go through any hardships in life. what are you going to give in exchange for this thing that you want it is it? Nothing is free everyone everything cost something.

Be your time, your knowledge and wisdom, or your money in exchange to get that so what are you willing to you? Sort of belief need to tell yourself and believe in your mind you need to point up for yourself.

The core vision would need a printout of this thing that you desire the stuff that you want to place you want to go to money you want to have which every day’s visual cues of what it is that you want to drive to. What do you want to get? Why do you want to get it wrong?

You need to see it in the morning repeat those affirmations to yourself in the morning please do it again any time free go to bed and as you can see do that and you continue to have the belief that you believe because you know you can.

Our mindset is a great thing to give us everything. once your mindset changes everything on the outside will change along with it your mindset changes, everything else will change. It is totally true. We can make our success very easily with a rich mindset. A positive mindset can do wonders in our life. We should be bold, courageous, daring & fearless in life. Toxic is like we use those words to describe and we all have whatever that means to us but you have to again choose your words precisely to the best dictionary.

Find the words that describe his closest how you feel in your perspective so you can start to address it more specifically. . You can not be the same for all the months of same, not all the weeks. There will be ups and downs but nothing will change happen it has to happen and always things happen.

And you choose 15 people that you feel you know that you can start off at my Instagram feed and whenever you spend your time you are obsessively growing every day. Once you grow every day you do not think the same way anymore.

I will also listen to the good people you become someone else and the new changes in the way you think.  That’s the foundation and then from there and you can achieve anything and everything you want you can be anyone. You will become a good person.

We will become 100%, there is no doubt about it the thing.  The worst part of it like in a lot of people do not take a risk and there is everything. So take bold risks. Life knocks you down you learn from that there is no mistake just learn from that and then from there and you become a stronger version of yourself.

We do not feel at a loss as we become warriors of our wonderful life. When we become positive then no one can stop us from getting on to the top of the sky. Sometimes we have to differ what other people think of us. We need not worry at all. We have to be open-minded people in our life.

I’m going to report so you know many times the problem is not with the assignment not with the people but rather with her mindset. sometimes we just need to tweak our a bit on our mindset so that we can actually relate to the problem.

When it is my relationships I mean as good as food so while testing a new kind of dish also I would think twice to take this or not but what I have learned from all these things is missing. But what I am missing is I am thinking in a thought process with such a very bad fixed mindset that I am not able to experience the failure or the bad things and actually feel you.

Sometimes give us the biggest lessons and our success is made up of many failed years than our success. This is going to stay so that is the small thing I wanted to tell you. Focus on small baby steps in your life.

Mindset changes every thing else will arise when a journey remind certain change and we can readjust back up again I don’t think you’re always in the same range we want to be in a different emotional state. We always want to be in a high-performing state in the seven habits of successful people.

What are areas in your mindset you can change? We can change our mindset in such a way that everything looks very simple with a rich mindset.


The mindset of any team can change the total performance of the team effort. Body language changes fast. See this time in Olympics we fared fantastically till these games with a great mindset. Similarly, we have seen that several times a normal player changes his mindset & becomes a match-winner. Total team effort is changing. We need to have a self-belief mindset. We will be getting all mentioned points very easily.

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