What are transformative Steps to Change Your Mind and Create a Good Life?

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Happy Lohri to all my friends from India

Happy Lohri to you too! Lohri is a festival celebrated with joy and enthusiasm, especially in the northern regions of India. It marks the winter solstice and is often associated with the harvest of winter crops. Wishing you a warm and festive celebration! Happy Lohri to you too! Lohri is a festival celebrated with joy … Read more

How can we bring positive change in ourselves?


Happy Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends Bringing a positive change within ourselves is a transformative journey that involves self-awareness, intention, and consistent effort. Here are steps to help you initiate and sustain positive change in your life: Bringing positive change within yourself is an ongoing process. It’s essential to maintain a growth-oriented mindset … Read more

Why Your ‘WHY’ Is the Key to Success

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“The Art of Patience: When Things Don’t Happen Overnight”

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Blair Singer 3 days motivational tips in a virtual conference

session in indore

Get motivated and inspired during a three-day virtual conference with Blair Singer, a renowned motivational speaker. Discover his powerful tips to boost motivation, set clear goals, actively participate, and take immediate action. Engage with other attendees, ask questions, and develop an action plan to implement your newfound knowledge. Make the most of this virtual conference … Read more