#21: Mindset & Confidence: The Power of Speaking your TRUTH

Blogger will be talking about a wonderful topic of the day for mindset and confidence. The topic will be the power of speaking the truth. As we all know today’s time is very competitive. We can do wonders in our life with our mindset we can see it right rich mindset which creates great confidence. A … Read more

#20: Meditation is key to success

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Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity. It requires training attention and awareness and achieves a mentally clear and emotionally calm, and stable state. We need to do meditation on regular basis with a fixed time. Then … Read more

#19: How do I handle myself ups and down in life?

Be very polite and honest in your ups & down in life and be very strong and independent in your downs. An attitude of greatness & feeling as a gift of life gives us a great push for a better tomorrow. Struggle to win is life. We need to have self-belief & self-confidence. There are … Read more

#18:Do you want to be a successful Blogger?

Some blogging tips for my friends, who want to be successful bloggers. We become what we think Guys, I am writing blogs for the last 2 years. Blogging is very good writing on various topics. I was not moving ABCD of blogging 2 years back. Today I have learned so many things. just for you … Read more

#16: Get Rich now faster & easier

Brian Tracy had one goal: to show you too can earn money faster and easier than ever before. We can get rich faster & easier with his great teachings We will be discussing the main tips from his book. Before that will introduce the great legend, Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy is one of the most respected speakers, teachers, and trainers … Read more

#15: How clarity is key to success?

We all know that clarity is the golden key to success in any field. We can achieve anything what we imagine. Go for the kill. My dear friends, I want to tell you here that clarity is the key to success in any field of our life. It may be big business, small scale business, … Read more

#14:How to be a great founder by a self-made billionaire

Enhance your Earning Capacity · Invent (Describe Something) · Innovate / Ways to be Billionaire from Zero · Consider that you do not know all ingredients to become a great founder. Everything depends on your attitude. Blogger and life coach wants to have a great discussion to be a great founder from a self-made Billionaire point of view. … Read more