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Elon Musk’s 5-minute rule is very simple & unique. He wants to plan your next day in a 5 -5 minutes time block & give it a massive action to save the best time to get great success.…some-great-habits/


Elon Musk is a great person in this world. He is working on some great projects. He is CEO of Tesla & SpaceX. Even his Starlink internet services are very popular these days. HE is the richest person on earth. He is doing great work. Recently he has purchased Twitter. I am happy that something great is going to happen in near future.

LATEST message on TWITTER from Elon MuskTesla chief Elon Musk has stirred up a storm on social media.


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Elon has worked for 18 hours on occasions to get on top of his work.
By 5 minute rule, he has given the best utilisation of time management. 

As per his guidance, we can plan 5-5 minutes focussed time blocks for carrying out massive action in our tasks to get great success. We have read so much about time management importance in one’s life. When Elon is working on his best projects, we need to see how is trying to be the best time manager in life.

Hi friends, I have to stop you right there.

Why would you like to apply the famous “five-minute” rule? Doing what Elon Musk does every day, won’t make new Elon Musk out of any entrepreneur. HE is a great personality. I am following him for the last 5 years when he was on the first 70 billionaires list.

Everybody would like to be Elon Musk for five minutes. The problem is which five minutes people choose: to enjoy his riches or deal with his challenges?

I love the truth about the five-minute slots. Yes, you can have a super-productive by spending no more than five minutes per task. The problem is that you have to do a lot of planning for that to happen the day before. I have also tried several times how we can save our time even by 5 minutes. It is most important.

Yes, you can divide your day into five-minute slots just like Elon Musk, but for that to work, you will need to have a great habit of being on time always. You will be feeling that you are living your last day in this universe. You are seeing that there should not be any procrastination & lame excuses in our life for best performance.

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Now, I also have to run more than two companies at the same time every single day. I’m not saying that makes me Elon Musk, but I can only imagine what he has to go through daily, five kids included.

Yes, five minutes rule works for me! Here’s how.

I have five-minute meetings with my staff. My rules are simple. If we can’t finish our call and decide what to do in five minutes, then either my project or product manager didn’t do his homework or we have a problem that requires more time and resources. Sometimes we spend hours gossiping in person or by phone.

I consider myself to be an actor of my life who has to give his best shot without any retake but when it comes to business, I’m like: you have five minutes, shoot!

I am trying to give my best to my friends that time is the best money for us. We need to utilise our best commodity in a great way. Thanks to Elon for this wonderful 5 minutes rule in our life. We should try it religiously to see the dividends. We become what we think. This rule will give us a great boost in our life’s success.

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