#37: How good humans sell? How personal development impacts sales?

Learning a reliable sales process is only half of the success equation. The other half is about us, the sellers—our individual values, habits, beliefs & personal development.

We become what we think. We become what we think. We are masters of our life. We are directors, writers, actors & destiny makers of our life.

Good humans are an asset to the entire universe. Everyone is a great sales man. We can sell even comb to bald person. It is passion & anyone cn do it from immediate effect.

Personal development of our personality can do anything in this world. We become more realistic & chrismatic in behaviour. I am advocate of great humanity. We should be a great human. We should love all beyond expectation. We need not go to negative mode at any moment in our life.

  1. Self-Confidence: We can do anything in our life. Start with imagination: We have to imagine anything with our imagination power. Let us close our eyes & see everything in fulfilling sequence.
  2. Environment We can do anything in a positive environment. But if things become difficult when you see it adverse situation. We have to see that it should be made very positive.
  3. Self-Belief

We need to have self-belief with our best rich mindset. Success is a progressive idea with our thought process. The Law of success will always make your life much better. We can get this virtue with the help of some great habits. We can develop it with our positive thinking.

5. Meditation

We can do anything we want. Meditation can do wonders in our life. We do not carry out meditation on daily basis with fixed time frames & times. I am sure that people can reach their best mode. Just start from today itself.
We have to start meditation for our mental peace & calmness. We see that our souls & body love this wonderful activity. We should carry out this exercise at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes daily without fail on regular basis to see the great transformation. You will feel more energetic & positive in attitude.

5. Shift your paradigm

We have to shift our paradigm to reach a super level in our life. Positive thinking can help you to do anything in this universe. Everything is available in this universe. You have to feel it by shifting your paradigm.

6. Control your happiness

We need to digest our most happy moments. We need not make more showoffs. Happiness will give you the best control over your mind & energy. You need not tell all. They can see your energy & a better version of yours in each activity.

Vision is a must:

We need to have a vision for our life. Then we are making our dream goals to accomplish. We have to see what we want to become. Just visualise & feel you are the same person you want to become. We have to be determined.

Great morning Rituals:

  • Morning rituals play a significant role in our life. You can not go for a successful stint in your life for more time. We have to follow our morning schedule like waking up early, sleeping early, drinking water lukewarm of about one litre, going for nature’s call, stretching, doing yoga, morning walk, running, jogging or indoor or outdoor sports as per time availability.
  • Never Quit: Be enthusiastic & energetic. You have to think positive always. Just think that you have covered so much distance before quitting. Never quit. Fight like a warrior on your life battlefield. We should be indispensable in our life for great success. We should have fire in our belly friends.
  • Procrastination: Everyone is doing procrastination in everyday life. We are losing process towards success. Can we avoid it? Yes, we can, provided we are determined to do. We have to plan our day well with a to-do list with priority. We can save our most valuable money and time. Distractions have to be stopped for focus & concentration in our life.
  • Make life goals: We have to make our goals with more clarity. We have to be fitness masters, emotionally, and spiritually. We need to have a great love with our sweetheart, kids, parents, family members & extended family members. We should make goals for financial freedom. We should have a great passion for our careers like life coaching, and motivational speaking by helping mankind to their best performance level. The clubhouse has opened new horizons of great learning & collaboration. I am speaking in various rooms.
  • Follow Billionaires mindset: We have to follow the daily habits of billionaires to get success in our life. We become what we think. With a positive attitude & thinking, we can do wonders. We have to be patient in life. God has kept something special for all of us. Life is great. We need to keep it very simple, not complex.
  • Gratitude: Gratitude helps us to recharge. We are taking the help of the Almighty in our every task. We thank him from our overwhelmed hearts in our every work. A positive environment takes us to another level. The more we do gratitude, the more we get God’s blessings. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. We feel more happy & creative.
  • Unconditional love: We need to do unconditional love with everyone in this world. Conditional love is carried out at every moment in every place. Everybody leaves their life as per their best efforts. But the main advantage is when you leave others upliftment. People are backbiting and leg-pulling everywhere. It is not going to solve any problem.
  • Our thought process: Our thought process should always work with positive intuition. We need to be in a positive frame of mind. We can do wonders if we believe in our mind power. We are using only 5-6% & if we improve only by one per cent then we will be doing great surprises in our successful mission.
  • Do not compare with others: We need to compare ourselves where we were yesterday & where we are today. The Gap should be cared to be on top of our life. People see others & feel bad. We should only see our daily progress towards our targets. If failures come, no problems. These will be the milestones to our achievements.
  • Passion is your life: We have to go from failure to failure without any bad feeling of a loser. We have to have great mindpower. We have to challenge ourselves. We have to be willing a warrior. We have to keep in mind the mission is possible. We are masters of our life. I have spent 40+ years of my textiles industry service. Always worked with my inner positive instinct.
  • Systematic life: We need to be very systematic in our work at any level. Then we can get the best performance of our all resources. We have made systems to improve the overall team achievements all my life.
  • Positive attitude: Our positive attitude is everything in life. We can get anything we want with this virtue. We can see the whole world with a positive attitude. Will love everyone & try to avoid fault-finding in everyone. With this habit, we will become problem solvers. This is going to give us more satisfaction in life.
  • Seek failure We have to make fast failures & fast learners. Thomas Edition failed 999 times before getting successful for the 1000th time. It shows your character that you love never give up approach in life. We need to have the champion mindset.
  •  https://youtu.be/vNDKH16kWDo
  • Positive thinking: Positive thinking is most important in our life. We are able to see positivity in any bad situation. I remember one quote always for the last 40 years. Nobody can make you happy & nobody can make you sad. It is your attitude which makes you happy or sad. Start following this & you will find great transformation in your personality.
  • No leg pulling/ politics: I have seen too much backbiting and leg-pulling. This is very bad for these types of people. I do not see any reason why they are so bad in behaviour. Nobody can take anything from this ward while going to heaven. You can take your love & affection for people with you.
  • Be happy always: We need to live livelily & happily in our life. This weekend though only when our heart and soul are very clear. If we are doing the wrong thing to the people and not doing service to mankind then how we can be happy.
    We need to respect our parents and elders of the family. Your children were very good at learning.
  • What you are doing to your elders they are observing very keenly your activities. They will do the same as you are doing now.
    Good parenting can solve many problems. We are giving undue advantage to our son, not to our daughters. We should treat them equal so that both can get success in their life. Special parenting will help us to reduce social wrongdoings like depression and thoughts suicidal thoughts and negativity due to which too many rape cases are emerging every day. How we can expect the solution only from political leaders?
  • https://youtu.be/4X7LwwzAf2I
  • Massive Action on your decision: We need to take massive action on our plans for winning. As Tony Robbins says that you have to take massive action to get anything you want. If you are not clear about taking Massive action then forget about the results you planned. After proper planning, we need to take things with owning the responsibility of clear achievements of our goals.
  • Be cool & calm: After meditation, we also learn automatically how to become cool & calm. We can give education to our teammates & kids for being cool & calm in an adverse situation. Sometimes patience becomes our security guard for success.
  • Analytical approach: We have seen that when you analyse the reports well you get an insight into points to be taken care of. Sometimes we faced problems in process settings in spinning or garments or retail industry. We were able to analyse well with Quality & industrial engineering reports well to take action. We can reach the main point after discussing it with the floor level workforce. Ultimately analytical approach is a must. We were also seeing this point while going through the recruitment process. for these requirements.
  • No regret in life: We have worked hard with all potential. So there is no regret that we have not achieved anything. It is our big achievement to feel proud of ourselves.
  • Learn from mistakes: We need to take lessons from our failures. We can see all the best opportunities in the process. Failures and mistakes are the milestones for required success. So fail fast & learn fast to reach on top of the world.
  • Physical fitness: We can not go ahead in our lives without the best physical fitness. Try your best habits in eating, and skill up dation. We need to maintain the best schedule of our daily physical fitness schedule.
  • Good anger management: Anger is dangerous in our life. We have to be a little patient before going for anger. It is just like the situation after the earthquake. Anger management skills are most important in our life. We can have all the measures with which we can avoid anger. Best management makes you a hero.
  • https://youtu.be/9jZ9mVlGv7g
  • Throw away negativity from your life: Tell all negative people that you can not give any space to all negative people in your head even on rent. Negativity will spoil your career. Meditation & gratitude help you to become a positive person. You become a powerhouse for positivity who help all.
  • Become a Giver, Not a Taker: We should love to be a giver, not takers. Giving helps all & GOD gives you everything.
  • Up-skilling your new version: We can learn maximum skills so that we can have a champion’s mindset. We have to install new software to get the best results.
  • Reading habit daily: Reading good literature is a must to get the best utilisation of resources. Book reading habits may only be 10 pages will change your total system & you will become limitless. You will be raring to go in your life.
  • Good communicator: The best speaker or communicator is required to tell people our purpose for any project. With clarity, we can do wonders.
  •  Surround yourself with great friends: Our personality is the average of 5 people whom we hang around all day. We can be a great success if we go for new ideas from our good friends. These friends are all successful persons of our lie.
  • Take ownership of your life: We can not make excuses in our life if want to excel in life. You can not get great achievements without taking ownership of your task.
  • Be a good person: After following these points we are bound to become superhuman. We need to be action takers. We should live for others not only for ourselves as the majority is doing.
  • Be the driver of your life: We are actors, directors, scriptwriters, drivers and producers of our life. We should not hand over keys to anyone if not trusted. Good drivers do not give keys to anyone.
  • Be fearless in life: We always feel fearful in our life. This is not going to solve any problem. Then we are not getting results. We can become fearless in life to create more opportunities in our environment. When you are fearless you become more and more quality conscious and result oriented person.
  • Live lively in your life: We can live the life we live in any situation. We become role models for our follower’s audience and family members. On the contrary, if you are not living lively then you become a pardon on all these entities. You are an energetic way of living life that inspires so many like-minded people.
  • Enjoy tiny moments of your life: People normally celebrate big events in the family office business. We need to enjoy time in moments of our life like kids’ achievements wife’s achievements, brothers and sisters’ achievements. Good families are doing it very religiously. They get more and more happiness in these tiny moments.
  • Love Yourself first then others: Try to love yourself first then and only then you will love others. God has given us this gift to love unconditionally to anyone. But we are so busy with unnecessary things like backbiting office politics that we do not get time to serve the people of the Almighty. Our body is the temple of God. We need to clean it with spirituality and love and affection with all.
  • Forgiveness in behaviour: We need to I have for giving behaviour with which you will be getting peace and calm environment. Even if someone abuses you, you will also have forgiven them. This is going to resolve many cases in our homes and offices.
  •  Do not worry: Worry is never solving any problem. It is always increasing your tension. So do not worry at all, only work hard. People have the habit of overthinking and worrying.
  • Do not have grudges with anyone: When we have adopted a habit of unconditional love then we become a great personality. Even after knowing this, people do not hesitate to gossip, backbiting & or leg-pulling. We should not have grudges against anyone even our enemy.
  • Keep journal: We need to have a habit of writing journals daily for everything we spend & carry out all through the day. It gives you a pulse to improve further & focus & concentration also become better. I have written expenses incurred on daily basis. Similarly, make all entries for the work schedule & to-do list always.
  • Learn to be silent: We need to learn to be silent at the maximum time as it improves our thought process & makes us better decision-makers also. We have seen in our life that people are ready to say something when you are talking. This clearly tells that you are talking to a person who has no listening senses.
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