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Book writing is an Art. Everyone can learn it

Book writing is an art

Writing a book is an art. We are champions of our life. We can do what we like. We have to be willing in our life.

We become what we think. Our rich mindset can do wonders in our life. We become more creative.

As a blogger, I wrote my first book 2 years back. I enjoyed writing about my feelings. My thinking was to give something to my friends so that they could get the best out of their life.

Some tips

1.      We can wish to write our story in the best way. Then we can have a thought process of writing something.

2.      Start writing something you feel like an expert on quora, pritilipi, or blogging on various platforms.

3.      Then we can start self-publishing. You can get the best advantage of your skills.

4.      Plan if you want to write fiction or non-fiction.

5.      Start in words or notes.

6.      Then you can publish on Amazon.

7.      We can sell it on other portals & on your website We can write at least 3 small books of 100 pages.

8.      We need not pay Amazon for Kindle or e-book writing. You have to invest in paperback.

9.      I have written my book ‘ LOVE YOUR LIFE ‘. IT TELLS IF YOU LIVE YOURSELF then you will love all unconditional. It is a wonderful book having around 40+ nuggets for our life.

10.   I am also having its revision from 46 pages to 80+ pages.

11.   I have developed a love for non-fiction writing in COVID -19 pandemic time.

12.   As I told we can do anything if we desire to do so.

13.   My father is a great writer since the start of his career. I got this habit inheritance from him.

14.   I am doing public speaking & textiles consultancy.

15.   Again I would say you to give your best efforts to write any of your experiences in the form of an e-book. After the experience, you will be the start author.

16.   After some books we can start our branding which will boost your business.

17.   We need to write our best book title. It gives readers great lust for reading your books.

18.   After your brand then you can hire good persons for content writing & marketing.

19.   We can see where we can launch our book & can get a great response.

20.   Now we need not get all copies in paperback. We can get the required copies.

21.   For better control of writing we need to be a great writing touch which will be developed with regular writing as discussed above.

22.   We need to start writing at least one chapter daily. We can finish in 30 days. I started learning writing very late.

23.The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Self-belief is key to success. We can do wonders when we start believing ourselves. We become very creative & productive. We can convert our feelings in the shape or writing.

We need to be varying our voice. Good public speaking & communication is the tool for your branding at each level.

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