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How to live the life that you want to live?

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Living the life you want live means evolving every day into that person you want to become. This is not for the weak-minded.

Evolving is hard.

We can live the life of our choice. We should love our life. We need to move towards our goals. We need to do daily what is moving us towards our goals. We have to achieve our potential values. We need to change our new pattern of thinking. It will give us successful habits.

We need to learn the habits of highly successful people. We need to follow some tips:

  1. Learn Good Habits

    : We have to learn about the best & successful people in this world. We need not research more as we will be following the best people in the trade. We are learning so much in our clubhouse our Mindset room with Mr Manny & like-minded speakers.

  2. Ability to earn & increase your net worth: We have to see the possibility of increasing our earnings in the best ways. We have incredible values.


    We have to keep self-belief in ourselves. We can do miracles in our life. We have to increase our skills to increase our earnings.

    This has to be kept always in our mind. We can see that sometimes earning is 200 times to 500 times more than what we are earning today.

  3. Skill development: We have to upgrade our skills to get the best utilisation of our life. We have to decide the best skill which can give us another level. We have to take action on our decision. Sometimes we get new skills in 2 months to one year. We have to give our valuable time.
  4. Time management

: We have to utilise our weekly 168 hours. We all have the same time. Some become very successful & some go into depressive thoughts. We have to utilise 2-3 hours for best skills learning.

5. Reading Motivational books:

Warren Buffet used to read 8 hours daily various books. Then implementation in our daily life.

Learning helps to make better decisions with massive actions. We have to read maximum time to become what we want to become. We become what we want. More skills We become nearer to our goals.

6. Become Lifelong  learners

We have to become lifelong learners to become a better version of ourselves. We need to be the best motivator in our life. I have adopted many good habits in my life. We feel better always learning new things. Over time we become more accustomed to a wonderful way of living. They never feel negative at any time.

7. Public Speaking

We have the toughest task of public speaking. Everyone needs to learn this skill. It is very tough but not impossible. We have to practice in many ways. My Youtube videos. I also give in my 1:1 & group coaching also. You can connect on my Instagram or comment on me. I am speaking on various international clubhouse platforms.

You should become a very good public speaker & the best communicator. You can change the lives of many people with your best positivity & great public speaking. Just listen to the youtube videos or sessions by Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins,

8. We become what we think

We become what we think. If we speak positively we will be positive. You will be the best person when we think to become a better version. We are speaking our heads on various platforms. We have to be learning consistently. We need to be better & learning always. We are using only 2-3 % brain.

We can be the master of your life. We are actors, directors & destiny makers of our life. Be in full flow. Do not allow yourself to talk negative thoughts about your life. Positive people are always high-income earners. They live the best life. 

9. Always have a positive attitude

With a Positive attitude, we can go to any great level. We become more inspirational personalities for like-minded people. I have been a great advocate of a positive attitude. I can give my best in my 40+ years in the textiles industry. I was always having my morale high. I could give the best performances in life only with my positive attitude.

10. Utilise your social media

Our network is our network. We should be connecting with super successful people. I can tell your friend’s role in your life. Your life is the average of 5 people around whom you hang all through your day. We need to take the best advantage of my social media handles myself. I started learning about digital marketing about 4 years back. It has connected me with my wonderful friends.

11. Success & failures in life

We should look best in every situation. We have to believe that best is yet to come in our life. Absolutely no doubt about it. We get success we become more creative. With failures, we should not be disheartened & should return back to our normal frame of mind.

Failures are the milestones to success. So never should be worrying for a longer time. We can do what we like. So learn to focus on our goals. You will be the champion of your life.

12. How we can be more successful in life:

We need to be thinking always with our visualise our success in advance. We have to be more disciplined in our life. Become a systems lover in your life with a positive attitude. Just see the benefits of all wonderful habits in your life.

We need to make our life very simple but high thinking. It is going to give us a new era in our life. I wonder why people go for depression &  suicidal thoughts. This is the biggest

13. Come out of your comfort zone

We should not be in our comfort some. It stops your progress. We need to see a positive attitude in our life. We have to take action in life. We will get our goals if we will be stretching out our life. We can change our life at 360 degrees with our way of working.

14. WHY should be strong:

We need to have a very strong WHY. It gives us the strength to excel in our life. We do not require any great background.
15. Dream big as dreams are big:

Let us make a list of our dreams. You can include them in your life goals from time to time. We also need to dream big as they are free. We need to dream big. If sometimes we get failures even then we will be far above small dreamer’s success.

16. Use the power of your subconscious mind:

We have to see the power of our subconscious mind. It is having much greater power than the conscious mind. We can do what we like with our subconscious minds.

17. Understand Mindpower’s importance:

Our mind power has amazing power. But we do not believe in this power. This is a mistake on our part. We can cure strong mind power.

18. Vision is a must:

We need to have a vision for our life. Then we are making our dream goals to accomplish. We have to see what we want to become. Just visualise & feel you are the same person you want to become. We have to be determined.

19. Great morning Rituals:





Love your life

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