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Learn the success mindset with our mindset founder Manny

Mr Manny Fernandez is the founder of Our Mindset room in the clubhouse where we have an 80.2k members community.

He is always talking about positivity & personal & financial freedom topics. I have shared this room several times. I started ABCD of the clubhouse with this room as a baby step.

Founder Manny Fernandez

He is a great business & motivational speaker in the clubhouse. I have learnt so much that now I can speak with confidence on any platform. He is proudly leading a bunch of like-minded positive attitude people. He is always focussing on some top points:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Make your network
  3. Be a master of a Positive rich mindset
  4. Imagination for a winner in life
  5. I am the best, chant all time when you have time
  6. Push for your best performance
  7. You are your limitation if not positive
  8. Read books regularly life Power of the Subconscious mind
  9. We should be hungry for success
  10. We should have the mental discipline
  11. All money follows wonderful storytelling. Start telling a great story to yourself every time. We can do wonders.
  12. The best is yet to come
  13. I am a Champion & I am the best
  14. Do not make excuses Or blame game
  15. Our mindset is the best
  16. Write goals
  17. Visualise your goals
  18. The power of repetition is great
  19. Focus on goal instead of on how. 
  20. Start seeing your thoughts
  21. Think about your goal
  22. Use your subconscious mind
  23. Do not think about how to do it-Just take action
  24. Copy from successful people
  25. What can I teach, is the reason for our success
  26. Write your goals down 2 -3 times
  27. You will get as per your goals without fail
  28. Writing goals is magical
  29. Teach people
  30. When life is hard, I write with pen & paper & write down
  31. Sometimes psychological factors stop you
  32. Higher level of better skill & make life better.
  33. Collaborate with skilled people.No needed a degree also. We can learn from people
  34. Learn by doing. No need for good colleges
  35. Make mistakes & learn from these milestones
  36. Use LinkedIn & learn from experts in a simple way
  37. Have a better vibration level.
  38. The brand is what we should have for everyone
  39. Be like Tesla, coca-cola, Pepsi, reliance, Samsung
  40. Winners do not focus on pain, they care for goals
  41. Increase your income for your services
  42. You believe & you will get it
  43. Mental muscle has to be stretched
  44. Learning new skills & knowledge, time management, and Attitude is everything
  45. Use mentor, Think positive person,
  46. Plan of action Do something, No Procrastination, Daily review
  47. Feel we want the feeling, of happiness
  48. People are not good to work with
  49. People have brains but do not know how to control
  50. The positive person or Leader gives hope to others
  51. Rich Mindset is our best friend
  52. Failure is my best friend. They make them stronger.  ( How it is a good friend)
  53. Everything happens for a reason
  54. Have good sleep
  55. Live your own life
  56. Life is short, Enjoy it
  57. Branding is giving you better money

Dear readers, you have gone through all the above 57 golden nuggets. We need to follow & become unstoppable. You are the actor, director, scriptwriter & destiny maker of your life. You can live your life in a great positive environment. Just see if we live our life we can do wonders in this universe otherwise can live life with full of problems in a relationship, financial freedom & so many other problems.

We need to choose the life of our dreams. So follow all the above points. All points are very simple but very very important for making our life unstoppable.

Life Coach V K Chaudhry
Country: India

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Schools, colleges, Universities, Professional institutions, Corporate training in Self-development topics

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🙏I love talking about the Topics.
1.Inspiration/ Motivation for all
2. The transformation from inside out
3. Leadership & Personal growth
4. Positive mindset creates Miracles
5. Become a fitness lover emotionally, Physically & spiritually

6. Throw away depression & suicidal thoughts from your life
7. Power of Gratitude
8. Affirmations make us a great success
9. Public speaking
10. Anger management
11. Habits play a very important in our life
12. Parenting Tips

13. How we can be Mr Perfect?
14.🕰️Time management is Success
15.Textiles Consultant: 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE
16. ❤️How do you make your best relationship ?❤️
17. Stop distraction Start focusing.
18. Live Happier & Healthier life

19. Self belief+confidence= Transformation gives you another Level
20. Make your morning Rituals
21. Define your Goals
22. How to step up one by one in your life
23. Make your Success Team
24. Work & Life balance

🏂No Plan B in life
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As attitude is everything. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable.

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