#27: 32 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Concentration in life

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Assess Your Mental Focus · Eliminate Distractions · Limit Your Focus · Live in the Moment · Practice Mindfulness · Take massive action.

Blogger will be discussing a very important topic for our happiness & success. Do we have to see where we are focusing our thoughts all through the day? We can do wonders in our life. We can do magic in our life.

1. How to focus your mind on one thing

We have to decide that we need not distract by many tasks at a time. Then you can focus only on one job at a time. We have to plan well & then go ahead as per decided norms. From time to time review can be done.

2. How to focus your mind on studying

Students especially focus on study only. They are not given any other responsibility except study. Then they are bound to give good performance in studies. On the other hand, some students do not study with the required focus. They are not able to give their best performance.

3. What you focus on becomes your reality

This has been observed several times that when you focus on something it becomes yours. Your mind, soul & thought process will take you toward your target.

4. How to improve focus and concentration

We can improve our focus through sincerity, integrity & discipline. You should be willing to go ahead in life with more & more purpose. Nobody can stop you.

5. Stay focused meaning

When all your lines are meeting at one point only, it is called a focusing point. Just take the example of slacklining sport. You can not even ride on the slackline if you are not focused. But after your focused attention, you will be the champion.

6. How to train your brain to focus

Be curious to get on top of your Mission. You have to train your mind to focus by taking care of your every tiny habit. You have to improve on a daily basis. You can see the gap between yesterday’s & today’s progress. This gap will be covered at any cost.

7. How to stay focused on yourself

You are the actor, director, producer, scriptwriter & destiny maker of your life. You, Will, have to lead yourself and take responsibility for your life. When you will be focusing on yourself you will be unstoppable.

8. Natural ways to increase focus and concentration

You are WHY should be very very strong in your subconscious mind. Whenever any division is found your subconscious mind will take charge of the situation and will increase your focus and concentration.

9. Morning rituals

I am always telling in my sessions on various platforms that you will have to maintain your wonderful morning rituals. Rituals are the tasks which you are doing doing daily without any cheating. Rituals are like

  • Early to sleep & early to rise
  • Drink hot/ lukewarm water
  • Gratitude to the Almighty for everything
  • Meditation for 15 minutes
  • Fitness schedule
  • Make your priority list for tasks to be handled
  • Powerful breakfast, good lunch and very less dinner.
  • Be energetic always
  • Love unconditionally with everyone
  • Passion for your work
  • positive attitude

10. Start your day with great energy

Sometimes you might have seen that people are very slow in waking up. They feel early waking has a big problem. We need to adjust to the situation so that we can work hard with great energy. You become a role model to the people.

11. Consistent discipline

Any high achievement has not been taken without consistent discipline. Discipline gives you the power to win in every situation. In bad situations, you bring your team out of trouble. This makes your wonderful branding.

12. Better sleep

We need to sleep at least six hours daily. When we are not sleeping properly then it gives your reflexes in your action plan. You cannot focus and concentrate on a given task. Only one good ball takes your wicket and you become a flop player. Try to get sound sleep for better performance. Only one good ball takes your wicket and you become a flop player. Try to get sound sleep for your focus & concentration.

14. Meditation

Meditation is the most important key to success. You need to do meditation on daily basis for a fixed time without any fear. The more you do meditation more peaceful cool and calm you will become. Nobody can stop you from getting great success in your life. Try hard and make it a habit of regular meditation.

15.. Gratitude

We need to give gratitude to the Almighty for everything in our life. We have to surrender to God so that he can take care of our every activity. We have to think about every single moment and every single turn of our life. We will be getting more and more confidence and blessings from the creator of the universe. The universe is supporting us in every good task.

16. Time management

Time management is great art. We have to utilise it fully to get the best benefits. Time lost is not recoverable. We are getting daily 86400 seconds to spend. Our progress depends on it.

17. Procrastination

Any person who is not able to manage time properly will fall prey to procrastination. Anything shifting to the next date is called procrastination. It is a big limitation to our personality. It impacts our office & home badly. Even what our children will learn from us. We are role models for our family members.

18. Fear of failure

We are always having a fearful approach in taking any decision. This is limiting our creativity, productivity & quality of our life to a greater extent. We need to confront our fears to be on top of our live performance.

19. Multi-skilling

We should not be multiskill by nature as it distracts our thoughts. We delay our decisions. It will also not allow us to focus & concentrate on major actions.

20. Upskilling your mind

Any person should not wait to upgrade their mental software & hardware. An updated version is required. We need to learn, unlearn & relearn. This is the best way of our life cycle. If we are having a casual approach then we can not get desired results.

21. Avoid distractions

Every type of distraction is a must when you are doing some important work. How we can concentrate if we are allowing ourselves to see 100 notifications on our phone every hour. Sometimes these distractions take you under depressional thoughts also.

22. Good eating habits

Health is wealth in our entire life. We all know but how many of us care? Just review & do your best to keep yourself fit. I am fond of good food. My wife is a very good cook. She has taken care of our entire life. We become what we eat. Your thought process depends on your eating habits.

Dear friends, I have reduced my weight from 90 KG to 70 KG at least five times. Just see the fun of how I wasted my time in reducing my weight. Finally, now I am still overweight but not going above 76 KG.

When you are not fit then you get a lot of other diseases near you. I will advise everyone to take care of their health so that this valuable time you can utilise in uplifting your life.

23. To do list

On daily basis, we need to have our to-do list for the next day. This list will be making your day a great one. You need to make a priority of the tasks in this list. You will see what achievement you are getting after completing all the tasks. Completing your task will make you more and more confident.

24. Positive attitude

Your life is a great success when you are full of a positive attitude. Dear friends, attitude is everything. With this quality, you become a superhuman magnet. People love & support your mission.  Your way to success becomes very easy.

We stop complaining & making excuses. We try to associate with positive attitude people only.

25. Positive thinking

As we wake up in the morning & say to God to make our great day with his blessings. This means the person is thinking positively. He is thinking all thoughts with positive energy. This gives new dimensions to our life.

26. Make your goals

We should make our goals be accomplished in our life. We should not write 5-6 goals. We should start writing our goals 2times a day. Once in the morning & once in the evening before going to bed. This way our subconscious mind will take the lead & will help us to get our targets.

27. Fitness schedule

We have to take special care of our health in life. We have to maintain a disciplined approach to our actions. We should be in the best fitness model. All small or big diseases will run away from you. You will show the guidance on health to your team members

28. Every question in between

Suppose we are attending a webinar/seminar or a meeting. We need to clarify our queries in case it id not grabbed by us. We should be free enough to clarify today.

29. Quality time with family

You know the importance of quality time with your family members. This creates a special bonding between members. We have seen the importance of combined families in our life. We are able to share our opinions with each other. In case of any good & bad moments, we take care of each other.

30. Company of learned people

Our personality is the average of 5 people with whom we hang out all day. We should be very selective in our approach. A positive attitude toward people is always a gift. I can tell your behaviour by seeing your company.

31. Addiction to be avoided

We need to avoid any addictions in life otherwise we will be away from our targets. Life will become very difficult for such people.

32. Book reading habit

We need to start reading10-20 pages daily. There are great non-fictional books. They give us wonderful motivation always. These are available on amazon. It will give you super-duper thoughts for your daily life.


We can do what we want in our life. Sometimes we find great personalities with great energy & leadership thoughts. We can lead our friends to happiness & prosperity in their life by following all the above points. Just focus on getting your full concentration. We have discussed 32 golden nuggets for our super-rich mindset focus.

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