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Great Businessmen must go up against tremendous odds to build a successful business. That means taking big risks without knowing the outcome.



ON WEB STORY VERSION Blogger life coach Vk chaudhry will be discussing with you that we need to take risks in our life to pursue our dreams. I have seen that risk-takers are always above their comfort zone persons.

WE NEED TO TAKE RISKS IN OUR LIFE FOR GREAT SUCCESS. We have to take timely decisions for the upliftment of our life. Opportunities do not knock daily on your door. We become what we think. Always have a positive attitude & thinking. You will be unstoppable with all great virtues like morning rituals & good habits. Small improvements say 1% every day will give super accomplishment to all of us.

Life is what we make. We should not leave any stone unturned in getting top success. We need to be satisfied that we are helping people with our money. We can go ahead in life we can be pursuing our dreams. On the contrary, if we are not after our dreams then we will be desperate people. We can not solve problems & can not be helping needy persons.

We will regret it if we do not pursue our dreams. We will not be even successful in our life. We need to start pursuing in our earlier life. We have more time to take review if some more ways can be implemented. Everybody is struggling to get their dreams. We need to be passionate. They take their mission of success into their life. We need purpose & passion. We need to take massive action.

Risk-takers always keep eye on the bull eyes. I have worked for 40+ years in the textile industry in India. I tried to get the best results by taking risks in life. We are the lighthouse of our lives. We need to be always in a great mental state to become top performers in our life.

By getting mentally ready to get a massive action plan, we are taking 1st step toward our future selves. We will be the master of this universe. We are actors, directors, producers & destiny makers. Why we should be dependent on others? We need to commit ourselves to our best latest version.

Just read the following points:

  1. Be stress less in a stressful way of life

We have seen the average life of US Presidents has been 20 years more than the average life of US people. They are not taking less stress while serving in office. They are stressed less with exciting stressful work. They are having their goals very competitive. Fear makes you fun. They are running towards fear. There were two good friends. One was fearless & other was very fearful.

2nd boy found one big dog was barking while they were passing through the street. He was fearing that dog will pounce on them after breaking his chain. All of a sudden when they passed by around 200 meters from the dog.

To all my surprise, the dog was rushing toward them. When Dog was only 75 meters away, the fearless boy run towards the dog holding strong his fearful poor guy. The dog was confused & run away after seeing two friends towards them. See the attitude of being fearless in our life.1,681 Business Risk Taking Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

2. Focus on your goal

We have to focus on only one goal at a time so that we are just getting on top of that for a successful venture. When we focus our mindset on many goals at a time then things become bad. Diversions are always pulling me away from my full potential. We can do wonders in this world with our rich mindset.

3. Do not become your weaknesses

Do not be your weakness like poor communication or clarity on a mission. We have to work with our strong points. I was on verge of bowing out of my Pole vault competition about 41 years back. I gathered my self-belief & self-confidence & went for the kill after remembering I already won 4 events. I was above 3 feet of my old record. So be strong when you feel a bit low in confidence.

4. Affirmations are best with the power of action

Our actions are the strongest affirmations towards our goals. Our subconscious mind is the action taker. We become champions in our mission towards our goals. We have seen that adversity is another great opportunity. We need to have clear action plans. We have seen during covid-19, that life coaches have given wonderful support to people online zoom calls for the best knowledge transfer. It proved to boost their depression & suicidal thought into great opportunities. The main reason is the subconscious mind and conscious mind relationship.…nd-power-in-life/

5. Growth is the minimum requirement of life

We need to have our best self-belief to have a growth mindset Vs a fixed mindset. Our parents are our main motivational force. Their blessings give us a feel-good factor always. We become close to our targets with a good feeling. We feel great with our energetic way of thinking. We get better emotional, physical & spiritual fitness when we are working to our full potential.

I am having wonderful at coaching the younger generation with my sessions. I am holding my SUPER DUPER mindset clubhouse room with super. we exchange implementation, unification communication, and imagination of ideas. Implementation is doing the job. Unification is working everything in alignment. Most great CEOs are best at communication & a higher degree of imagination.

Every great imagination leaders are super communicator also. We need to delegate our work with great care. Implementation can be done easily. Communication helps teams for their best performance. We are having champion mindset when spending more time with billionaire friends. They always think about how we can make our life wonderful with our great mindset. We are getting a great insight into micro points of business.

We have passed through tough times due to the covid-19 pandemic. This has taken our peace & near & dear ones. We have got a good time now. We need to have more clarity to be on top. Distractions live on doorbells. We need a focused approach to fight this opportunity.



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6. Throw away depression & suicidal thoughts from your life
7. Power of Gratitude
8. Affirmations make us a great success
9. Public speaking
10. Anger management
11. Habits play a very important in our life
12. Parenting Tips

13. How we can be Mr Perfect?
14.🕰️Time management is Success
15.Textiles Consultant: 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE
16. ❤️How do you make your best relationship ?❤️
17. Stop distraction Start focusing.
18. Live Happier & Healthier life

19. Self belief+confidence= Transformation gives you another Level
20. Make your morning Rituals
21. Define your Goals
22. How to step up one by one in your life
23. Make your Success Team
24. Work & Life balance


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As attitude is everything. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable.

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Attitude Is Everything




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