#23:How to achieve your goals and dreams?

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We need to develop some great habits & systematic strategies to get our goals & dreams to our desired level.

Blogger life coach, Blogger, YouTuber, podcaster & author will be discussing with you all a most important topic “how to achieve your goals and dreams”

We need to get a more & more successful life. For this, we have to work hard smartly to have desired goals for success.goals word map with hand writing how to set goals


  1. Be Confident and Positive

We need to be very confident & positive in this world. We will become a hub for creativity & successful life. We become what we think. No success without these virtues. Great quote from BRAD HENRY Believe in yourself & the rest will fall into place.

2. Focus Forward & Visualize Your Dream

We need to focus forward & visualise our dreams with our mind power. We can become anything with our proper imagination & visualisation in life. We need to visualise better so that we can start our action plan. With a positive attitude, we can go to any level in life. Have the law of attraction, the Secret & visualise to be on top of our career path.

3. Make Every Step Fun

We see that some people are not working hard but they live life with fun & lively. We should make our life very simple & then enjoy the fun while reaching our goals.

4. Break Down Your Goals Into Little Pieces

We need to break down our life goals into small pieces & focus on them one by one. This way we will be marching toward our goals. First male goals like 5-6 big goals. These goals should cover spiritual, financial freedom, life goals, relationship & physical & emotional goals. We need to cover on a priority wise.

5. Upgrade yourself in much-needed skills

We need to be habitual in learning new things. Take my case. Just have a look on my story

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1.Inspiration/ Motivation for all
2. The transformation from inside out
3. Leadership & Personal growth
4. Positive mindset creates Miracles
5. Become a fitness lover emotionally, Physically & spiritually

6. Throw away depression & suicidal thoughts from your life
7. Power of Gratitude
8. Affirmations make us a great success
9. Public speaking
10. Anger management
11. Habits play a very important in our life
12. Parenting Tips

13. How we can be Mr Perfect?
14.🕰️Time management is Success
15.Textiles Consultant: 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE
16. ❤️How do you make your best relationship ?❤️
17. Stop distraction Start focusing.
18. Live Happier & Healthier life

19. Self belief+confidence= Transformation gives you another Level
20. Make your morning Rituals
21. Define your Goals
22. How to step up one by one in your life
23. Make your Success Team
24. Work & Life balance


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📖Life long learner(LLL)



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As attitude is everything. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable.

*I have read 55 books in the last 2.5years. It helped me in my love for never give up strategy.

6. Meditation

Meditation helps us in this life by giving new wonders of life with peace & energy vibrations. We get what we want. Self-confidence is achieved through these meditation sessions.

7. Gratitude

We have to gratitude for everything we have to our loving Almighty. He has given us everything. This way we will be getting more & more blessings from GOD.

8. Love unconditionally

Materialistic love anyone can do. We need to do selfless love so that we can have magical work culture. It helps us to work for the creativity of GOD. Anyone can live for their life success. We should give happiness to others with our money or education. Our life is a great success if we make smiles on people’s faces.

9. Don’t Listen To Negative People

We should not listen more to the negative people in our life. The negativity cannot help us in this world. I do not understand why people are not becoming more positive in place of negative persons. When we are positive we can go to any height in our life but with negative people, we cannot survive longer and success runs away from our life.


10. Take Necessary Risks That Feel Right

We need to take risks in our life for desired results. If you’re not able to take necessary risks which are good for your life then definitely you are not going on top of your career. In my 40 years of career, I took a lot of decisions in changing from one company to another for better prospects. If I would have not taken any desired risk then I could not have reached my top level in professional life.

11. Self- Belief system

Our self-belief system should be very strong to get success in our life. This we can get with the help of meditation and mourning rituals in our life.

12. Read Self-help books

School college time we read syllabus books storybooks and in professional life, we read all technical books on textiles. Four years back I started reading self-help books. I have read in the last three and half years around 55 books. It has changed the perception of my life. You can become what you like. You have to take massive action or near thought process.

13. Become life long learner(LLL)

For great achievements in life, we need to be lifelong learners. We can upgrade our skills with this wonderful habit. I started as a textile engineer. But in the last four years, I started to YouTube channel, my blogs, podcasts, authored a book and motivational sessions in various places like school college universities and corporate. You are a great mind power who can do anything in life. So be positive in life and have thinking to learn anything that you get.

14. Do not worry about what people say

This is a very bad habit of some people as they criticise any good person. They cannot digest the success of other people. Winners do not care for this type of person in their life. If they will listen to the critics they cannot get success.

15. Do not feel bad about saying NO

While working as a good manager we tried to please all the person seniors around us. This habit of saying yes yes to everyone is not good at all. When you have not finished your work in hand how are you can accept another assignment? This means you are not taking care of your time management very well. You need to say no without any fear so that you can complete all the tasks at hand at the right time.

16. Time management

All have 86,400 seconds on daily basis. We become what we think. We need to utilise this time very very carefully. Great Sportspersons and billionaires have the same time every day. They work in this time like they are having their last day in this world. They take their life to a great level with their best utilisation of time. People who do not utilise their time will stand nowhere in this world. So dear friends utilise your time in a better way.

17. Avoid Procrastination & Excuses

The cost of procrastination & excuses is our worst self-image. It is more than anything. The real cost will be that one year passing out late from engineering, medical CA or any stream will be in the last year of salary we draw before retirement. This is the biggest loss. We will be having a shortage of money at the end.

Also, see how many types of stresses we will be having in our life. I had a friend who suffered due to depression in life several times.


18. Good company of successful people

Our personality is the average of 5 people around whom we hang out all through the day. We need to have successful friends for our own success. We have to take massive action in our life for desired results.

19. WHY should be strong

Our WHY should be strong enough to give us strong motivation for being the sole leader in this wonderful universe. Without our strong  WHY we will be working through our comfort zone. We will be living an only mediocre life.

20. Best fitness level

We need to have a great mind in a super fitness body. Our body is the temple of GOD. Why do we are having addictions in our life? Then we become at sea & start losing self-belief & then go for depression & suicidal thoughts. See google figures why so many are going suicide @ 7,00000/ annum in this world. This figure is after the best efforts of so many NGOs working day-night for their great help.

We need to be physically fit in life to achieve great success. One has to move to daily morning & evening rituals.



Everyone is a highly motivational force to help each other. We are using only 5-6% of the brain. Great Scientist Albert Einstein was using around 9-11 %. We can develop a great use of our mind power to make people’s life so successful.

22. Social media network

Our network is our net worth & our network is our network. Internet & social media has made the entire world a very hear to heart networking. Just see how Metaverse, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, WordPress, online books & E-commerce business has brought us so closely. We can make our brand so easily with these platforms with digital marketing.

10-15 years back nothing was so closely knitted. We can write or get knowledge with a google search on any tough topic. LAtest audio app clubhouse has made a sensation in the last 1.5 years. more than 10 billion people are in various clubhouse rooms available to share their expertise free first-hand. We learn so many positive personal development speakers & high-level financial experts for their advice.


23. Have a great VISION

Without great vision, we can not be a successful organisation or individual. We have to close our eyes, and then go for visualisation with a positive attitude & positive thinking. We have to convert pain points into a great success habit.

24. Become fearless

We need to be fearless in our approach to anything in life. You can not get on top of performance if always wasting time on a fearful approach. We can not make our brand value without becoming fearless. As Mahatma Gandhi quoted ” Be fearless, gentle & focussed for success.



#1. How to Overcome Anything in life, Gratitude is best

25. Clarity in life

Clarity of plan is a must for any great journey in life for success. I was surprised to see a 2-hour webinar for clarity. This is called best homework before any takeup like flight. Can we go on a long flight without proper fuel & audit of our aircraft? Certainly not. This is done through systems with responsible persons.

26. Systematic life:

We have to go very systematic approach in our life. It is most important for the success of an individual or any organisation. Systems are written documentation of processes with which we need not use our more mind once these are in the proper place. We need to maintain best practices in the industries of your expertise.

27. Marketing yourself

We need to market our products in a great way. We need to do some showoff. We see on social media we are giving our ebooks & value addition to the people. What we are able to give value, knowledge transfer & fulfilling the aspirations. Then we can sell in abundance. We have to help in creativity in people by our services & products.

5 Benefits of Great Motivational attitude pays in our life





We can make our life very successful friends. We need to follow the above points. Have a great level of vibrational energy to inspire people. Be the reason for bringing smiles to others’ faces. Life should be kept very simple. Those who make life complicated do not come near to success.

I am an advocate of positive thinking & attitude. This gives us never give up attitude. Thanks for giving your valuable time for reading my blogs. Also, give your valuable feedback in the comment box. Love you all.








Love your life


Atomic habits




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Attitude Is Everything





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