#12:Fear is telling me no but I make myself to do it wonderfully

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FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” is a real phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common and can cause significant stress in your life

Hello friends, I Love you all. You are amazing. Life coach motivational speaker wants to discuss that fear is telling me no, but I make myself do it for success. We experience in our life that fear is always there that we will be successful or not.

In this fear sometimes we do not make the decisions in time. We can do what we like so my dear friends, life is wonderful. We have to live it lively.

Courage Exercises: 10 Ways to Practice Being Bold

  1. Identify what scares you: We need to identify our fears who are giving us tough moments. This is the most important analytical review of our personality. We have to go a long way in our life for a successful carrier in relations, business & the workplace. But when we will identify what scares us it will be a good thought process.
  2. Describe your fears: Let us describe all the fears on a piece of paper. It will be analysed like a SWOT analysis of our company or personality. Our self-confidence should go into the sky so that we can observe everything very minutely. It will be a sort of homework on our project.10:THE GREATEST SECRETS OF SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE
  3. Break out of your routine: We need to see how we can give breakout to our daily routine. We need to do something special days as a regular habit. It can be termed a cheating habit. We need to change our schedule a little bit. You can consider it like taking morning tea from a street vendor in place of your wife’s routine preparation. You can proceed for the best breakfast in some nearby cafe or tiffin centre. I have done it in Bengaluru & other destinations.
  4. Do something that makes you nervous: We can also do something which is also not per our habit. I used to do like coming back from the office asking for movie tickets for my family. It was making nervous to our family members but then they enjoyed each moment.

  5. Reading habits: Reading habits can give you a great knowledge of super-duper topics of your choice. More & more book reading habits will create another level for you in this world of intellectuals. Keep reading new books & gather & implement ideas in your life.

          We can create wonders in this way. Your colleagues will also be inspired by your way of working. 

6. Pursue a bold act of courage: We need to be very bold in our courage to carry out anything in life. More confidence level gives you more creativity & innovation. You are setting examples in your business & workplace. How do you remove fear from your mind and heart?

yWe have taken several times very bold & courageous decisions. Maximum gave wonderful results. Our rich mindset helps us to go beyond our limitless potential. This is achieved by a positive attitude so that you are always vibrant. On the other hand with negativity, we fell down from the sky to the floor.

7. Connect with a mentor: We should monitor in such a way that you are easily approachable to desired mentors. Good mentors are changing the game plan of your life. Proper follow-up of a systematic approach gives you a solid start.

As a life coach & Motivational Speaker, I am feeling great about helping needy persons. We change their mindset with our guidance. Rest depends on an individual’s understanding.

8. Acknowledge your strengths: We are seeing our SWOT analysis on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. It tells us about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We can plan our project plan accordingly. This helps in all places of life.

9. Embrace uncertainty: We should be able to face the uncertainty of life anytime. These are part & parcels of our life. We are getting strength from such tough moments. They make us stronger every day. We feel much better after every bad phase of life.

We see that one goal kick, one ball & even one bad shot takes you out of the game. So play hard to win the life battle. Compare yourself to your previous day’s performance. Can we live our lives like the last day on this earth? Then you can not leave any stone unturned. You will fight to the end. Fear of missing out on examples is not desirable.

10. Practice courage exercises: We can plan some courage exercises. We will be able to go through very tough situations. I remember one very good quarter of my life that nobody can make you happy nobody can make you sad it is your attitude which makes you happier or sad. Very true dear friends, you become what you think. Your attitude is everything in this universe.

11. Celebrate small wins with all: We can enjoy this wonderful life with our small moments to great moments celebration. We need to overcome fear and anxiety in any situation as they do not help anything.


Be the change we want. Deal into what we desire. All power is within you. You are the Star actor, director, Script writer& destiny maker of the movie of your life. You are the sole leader of your life. There is peace in your life. When you find the substance of love in your life then you become powerful. We are breathing in & out. Storytelling becomes part & parcel of our life. We should not become vilian of our life movies. We need to become heroes in our life. We rise above our obstacles in our great life.
We can lead our life with a positive mindset in our life. We can reach a greater level. Just see people who are suffering from even child abuse in their life. Then we are not able to come out of that Trauma. We are great people made by God. We need to take that great leap of faith & do our best for these people. That id the biggest achievement to serve these guys. Always getting great motivation due to our gratitude attitude. We can not move a step without his help. He is a great helper & healer of all time. We can overcome anything.
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  1. Don’t complain. People don’t want to hear woe is me over and over again, especially if you do nothing about it. We should not complain in life. That is going to make us a great leader. Excuses take us backwards in our life & a fighting spirit takes us to a great leadership person. We need to overcome our fear at any cost. It iso be taken care of with our self-confidence.
  2. Face it head-on by any means. You are a master warrior of our life. You can do what you like. We become what we think. A positive mindset creates that quality in our life. Just listen to wonderful audio by Earl Nightingale THE STRANGEST SECRET OF LIFE.
  3. Stay positive is a great quality of our personality with which we can do anything impossible in our life. We need to have self-belief & self-confidence in our life. We can get it with meditation in our life. Meditation makes us very cool & charismatic personalities. We always feel a great vibrational motivational personality. We become masters of every situation & then we can overcome anything in our life.  https://youtube.com/shorts/1vpU98N5CZs?feature=share
  4. Be realistic as you are in your life. It will give you a great push in life. When you go over to God. God will give you super confidence to overcome anything in your life. Make GOD your best friend & then you become UNSTOPPABLE.
  5. We need to keep going. God will give us every blessing & we will not face any scarcity. We become powerful. God is amazing & he is always helping us. God gives us everything & we need to give back to his creativity. God has given us wonderful support & we were phenomenal in our working style.


  1. Don’t try to out-do people. We should give help to every person we have in our life. We should not hate anyone. You will be blessed. We can get the best out of the motivated mindset of our team members. I worked 40+ years in the textiles industry with great passion. I got the best support from my people at all my locations in my entire life. I could get their best support to give the best in the shape of unachievable results. I could help with more benefits to my colleagues with their best work hard nature.1:THE SECRET LAW OF ATTRACTION: AFFIRMATION, MEDITATION
  2. Emotional side: When dealing with others, we sometimes forget that there is more than just the logical side. We have lived our life in a great syle. We could enjoy each moment most gracefully. Most people make decisions because of emotions whether they believe it or not. Past experiences or fears can play a part.
  3. Sometimes in order to remove the obstacle, you have to digger deeper into the real reasons for objections and overcome that issue first. I could take great decisions in my life with the blessing of the Almighty. It gave me great support always.
  4. Fear of failure can not give you much required confidence to get success.
  5. I was able to focus more on my career in my life. I did my best & did not expect anything in return. Our life movie can not be completed without a supporting cast. We could make a wonderful life movie with God’s back support in every task.#1.How to Overcome Anything in life, Gratitude is best
  6. Break it down. We have many problems in life. We need to break big obstacles into parts so that we can go ahead to solve them one by one. We need to pray always so that we have enough power & blessings to get rid of these small obstacles.
  7. We can be more do and more: We need to do more & more in our life. There is no limit to anything in life. We can utilise the maximum of our brainpower. We are using from 5-6 %. An increase of even 1% can create another class.
  8. We all are a success in life. We are magnificent creatures of almighty. We are always blessed. We need to be focused on blessing. We should be hungry always because the best is yet to come. We are the best person from God’s creativity. God is very happy to give us a great life. We need to give more & more gratitude always.

  9. We need to become our best version so that all can look better. We can know how we can get the best in our life for getting success. We need to become a magnet personality. Celebrate the small wins. Appreciating what you’re doing in the present gives you the motivation to keep making strides towards your ultimate goal.

I am always full of energy. We will get every success. We can have a great rich mindset always. We need to reset our minds to align our plan with God’s blessing. We need to be fearless in life to achieve the best goals of our life. We need to write our goals daily 2-3 times. We will surely get our tasks in life as we are God-lover.

How do you get your next level of Personality & Beyond with a Positive attitude?

We fear in life & lose many opportunities. We need to be fearless & create a new atmosphere in this universe.



A.What is the fear of being told no called?

B.How do you overcome the fear of being told no?


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