10 Points: How do you boost your courage? Wonderful tips for success.

Hello, friends love you all you are the amazing creativity of the Almighty. Let us be happy and enjoy every moment of life’s tough times. To live this competitive life you need to boost your courage. Have you seen some persons who had robust courage & became champions for their teams?

I had worked for 40 years plus in the textile industry of India. It is the biggest industry in this world after agriculture. So thank you all. Today I will be discussing with me some pointers for boosting your courage. Why do we need courage? By having great courage, you become more creative & energetic in your life. You become a role model for many people.

In several mills, we got unexpected results because of the courage of our team. We can do anything if the total team is working in the same direction. We have also seen that mills are never getting the desired results hence profitability. They always run like poor companies. Owners of good companies always give preference to their team members’ machines Raw materials and working atmosphere.

Need to keep about 10 points in mind always get the best team by adopting boosted courage.



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    Acknowledge your fear. Never try to sweep your fear under the rug: We need to acknowledge our fear. We cannot run any organisation factory or house without fear. We need to see the reasons behind it and then work on them to convert it into a fearless atmosphere.

Working with fear cannot give you enough confidence and courage to give you the best results in the industry. We need to take a lot of steps to cover the lost ground due to fear. We have seen that a fearful approach always gives team discouragement. We cannot be creative and innovative.

We need to take expert advice so that we can get desired results. Product competition is such that we can not survive in competition. All team members have to work like warriors of the life so that products are made with quality and productivity on the right time delivery.

Similarly in our homes, we have to take care of each and every problem so that we can work in a fully energetic atmosphere. If some lapses are found then parents need to take corrective action on the spot. Sometimes children or not able to take corrective action of their own.

2. Confront it:  we have to note down all related problems and go through them with a decisive thought process. We have to confront it without fail. There was a story that two friends were fearful while passing through a street in light. They thought that dog that is locked can come toward them and attack them. One friend was most fearful while the other was confident. But when you are having negative person company you also lose your confidence. Suddenly locked dog was free and was running toward friends.    1:THE SECRET LAW OF ATTRACTION: AFFIRMATION , MEDITATION

  1. A confident friend caught hold of the hand of a fearful friend and asked him to do what I am saying. When the dog was around a hundred metres away they started running towards the dog. The dog never expected that they will run towards him. He ran away because he had the fear of boys.


3. Use positive self-talk: We need to do self-talk & analyse how we can get on top of our fear. We need to think that fear will harm us more than expectations. We are having all credentials to complete the job. We have to start from the basics so that we can come near to our expected results.

4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: We should feel comfortable with dis comfortable situations. This means we have a gut feeling to fight out the bad situation fearlessly. We have seen that some persons are fighting hard in all situations and getting the situation. They are winning the game for their team it may be any sport or organisation.


5. Make being brave a habit: We need to be a fighter in any situation. We become what we think. Our goals should be made in such a way that they become WHY for you. Your mission is to achieve your WHY.

We can not take rest till we get success in an odd situation. We have seen brave persons win matches single-handedly. It becomes their champion day

6. Practice mindfulness: We need to have a rich mindset with which we can do anything in our life. The universe is there to help. We need to ask & we will get it. We can get mindfulness with our morning & evening rituals. We will get everything for us from this universe.

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7. Find a mentor: We need to get great mentors to get success at the earliest. They have got it several times in their life. All experts who have ample experience can support us in getting desired results.

We have found many textiles experts as consultants who could save us a great amount in a short period. We got several benefits on various projects & all were a great success. In some places, we could get targets with our team member’s motivation.

8. Embrace failure: We need to take failures in our stride. These are milestones in our success. Without failures, no one can get success. Our homework should be done very carefully taking into consideration all possibilities.


9. Meditation is a great tool: We can reach our goals with meditation sessions. We can get a super REVIEW for our results. Just see in our history also great warriors have won many battles with mediation for GOD. You can convert losses to winning situations.

10. Engage in various activities for getting super skills on the subject. These skills degradation & technology will mark your march towards super courage to get desired results. Book reading can give a great boost to your task. ELON musk has become the richest person with his super knowledge & research with books on any subject.

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