14:How to Master your Energy in life for great Future

Blogger, Life coach Chaudhary wants to tell that life is great to make it a very simple one. Will make life very very complicated with our deeds. Common Consciousness makes limiting factors for us to proceed in our life. We need to be better day by day. We are born to win. We need to have self-belief in ourselves.

We can do what we think. We have to knock on the door for opportunities & we will get them. Many people do not have self-confidence. We can experience it in our life. Everyone is bound to get pain in life. Overcome & challenge everything to get on top of your best performance. We can do wonders in our life.

We can determine our life’s future. We can manage our time & daily should face new challenges. We need to work more on ourselves. We need to take responsibility f our life. We should not have excuses in our life. Excuses will take us away from our result-oriented thought process.

We need to come out of our comfort zone to get desired results. We have seen many times even one fighter sportsperson changes the path of any team. He does not see any excuses or comfort zone. We are masters of our life. We become what we think. We are leaders of our life.

We need to expand our knowledge base. We will be able to complete our tasks better way. We need to take chances in our life. We need to become uncommon. Then we will be facing more & more criticism. Do not worry about it just go ahead in your life you are the sole winner.

We have to make our life. We have to think every time about it. Nothing will come automatically in our life. We have to work hard in our life. We have to face certain realities in our life. When we start we can complete anything. We have choices in our lives and we have to visualise them thoroughly. We have to turn our lives wonderfully.

We have to give great transformation to our life. We have to especially commit to ourselves to get results. We need to choose between hard life or simple life. We need to take guts to get it. We have to start over again. Life will knock down. We have to get up time & again. A win is hard. It takes a toll on us.

You just see if a person of 30-year-old gets HIV. How life will be? Can such a person live life happily? He will have to take the leap of faith. He will have to do his best preparation for his mindset. He will have to take a hard life from now onwards. He will have to raise the bar for office working style. Most people do not go for the kill.

We need to plan wonderfully to get the desired results. Suppose our first plant does not work as we want. We should have some backup so that we are not delayed in our proceedings. We should have our roadmap and blueprint for that. Our effective roadmap will take us to our target. This plan of action will be dependent on our dreams and goals.

I will get up every day and will write down by five-set goals in the morning and before going to the bed. Writing two times a day will give me more and more clarity. Our conscious mind will be charged to our subconscious mind to get it done on top priority. Normally people feel from their mindset that it is not helping them. Because of their mindset they are not able to get the desired results in time.


While making holes we need to give at least 3 to 5 years’ perspective to get it in line.  You need not make a hurry. Just see the example of a Chinese bamboo tree. Total growth in five years. But we have to nurture the area give water menus for four years but in the fifth year, it goes from 5 feet to 90 feet. Chinese Bamboo Tree teaches us lessons about patience, faith, perseverance, growth and development.

We need to have an abundance of energy in our life. We will be getting more love & affection from the people who work with us. We can emit more & more energy to our family members & teammates. We become a motivational force for all. The impact will be very positive.

We need to be fearless & unstoppable in our life. We become more & more creative people by mastering our energy level. Our rich mindset will create wonders in our life. Just have self-belief & self-confidence.

We need to mind our thoughts always on the positive side. A positive thought process gives value to everyone.

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Some habits with a positive mindset that is good to get into are: We can increase our energy level to another height.

Early to bed and early to rise.
Drink at least 1 L of lukewarm water in the morning.
Go for gratitude to the Almighty for everything you have in this life on his guidelines.
More gratitude helps us to get more and more blessings from God.
Pray for God and enjoy your life.
Go for nature’s call.

Do your morning walk, jogging, running and playing indoor or outdoor games for at least 1 to 2 hours.
Sweating two times a day will help you avoid any sickness in your life. You will become more and more energetic.
Do meditation daily for 30 minutes for one hour on daily basis.
Respect your parents. Give them full happiness.
Plan well for your breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfast to be taken very rich along with lunch. Dinner will be taken very lightly.
Food should be chewed at least 32–35 times after every bite.
Try to avoid tea intake.

Water should be consumed at least 3–4 litres daily to get rid of many problems
Avoid phone dependency except for work. No scrolling.
The tv should be seen minimum possible.
Time utilisation should be the best possible as it decides the future of the person.
We should focus on our work.
Bad addictions should be avoided at any cost because these are the progress and future killers.
Love everybody unconditionally.

No backbiting or leg-pulling is required for a successful life.
Become lifelong learners so that you can make your brand very well. Learn as many skills as you can do.
Meditation is to be carried out without wasting time.
You should be a very good listener.
Your communication skills should be very good.

1000 steps after lunch & dinner should be good enough for better digestion.
Book reading is must at least 10pages/day for motivational types.
Affirmations, the Law of attraction, The secret should be taken practically in our life.
A smile should be there on the face every time. It helps your feel-good factor.
Laughter club activity once or twice will give facial muscles good exercise.

No need to gossip with anyone as it spoils your time.
Wonderfully behave all so that you can be loved by one & all.
Be a Positive attitude personality so that you can motivate your team & family members.

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