28:Swallowing the Seeds of Success in life.

Blogger VK Chaudhry wants to discuss today how we can swallow the seeds of success in our life. Success is most important in everybody’s life. Due to this reason, we are always trying our best to get on top of our life with every effort.

  1.  Best Mindset: Every day is a new day dear friends. We change our attitude when getting money in our heads. Going back to work, we need to give the best services to our all customers. They will be feeling great in our helping nature. We need to create the best services for our people so that they can get the best value. We can give the best services when we have a positive mindset rich mindset. We can give more and more to needy people so that they can improve their lifestyle.
  2. Build target customer: Motivation, education & action can create a wonderful opportunity for all. We have to become hard-hitting entrepreneurs in our life in any walk of our life. We become what we become. We need to be very disciplined in our life. We should be able to turn around companies with our efforts with any organization.
  3. Give free value to the customer: We need to see what we want to become. Then start in that direction only. You are the actor, Director, Producer & destiny maker of your life. Have self-belief & self-confidence in yourself & live the miraculous life of your dreams. You will be a very satisfied person in life as you have achieved everything with your hard work.
  4.  Give digital media Support: You have to give your customer every support they need. You can give it as an expert in the field. I have worked my 40+ years in textiles. I have done everything in my life with full motivation & passion. My heart & soul was always in it to give me wonderful support.
  5. I made all decisions in life only thinking about the integrity of my company. I was captain of my fate & my life. I worked always with full enthusiasm. I was giving a good example of leadership to my team members. They could inspire the entire team to improve unachievable results in their company. The magic of service is great. We can feel it in every moment of our life

  6. Leads to be tested in sales to increase conversion: We need to test for our sales funnel by giving the best testing & commercial results. We need to give our best intelligence to make a well-set system.  Systems give the best reproducibility of the products. Any system-oriented funnel or organization will be giving the best results.
  7. Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the best to work for a great salesperson. We make a win-win situation for all.
  8. Turn lead into a sale: We have to give a money-back guarantee to our customers so that they can have complete belief in you. It doesn’t matter because it is the fastest trend in the business. We guarantee the best results whatever it is you have which means if you’re not doing good transactions are a sale.
  9. Customer growth & digital growth: We need to give our customers great customer growth in digital growth. If you need to be in touch with them and help them whenever they need you. Give them free value in every aspect. We need to give them every possible help so that they feel good to discuss any problem with us.
  10. Digital marketing has made a wide range of competition in the digital world. We have become very close to all. We need to be very cooperative with all. I have attended several masterclasses for digital marketing & gained good ground. I am digitalising all my stuff on my websites like podcasts, motivational sessions, Youtube videos, and Ebook on all social media handles.
  11. Your great story: Your grand inspiring story gives inspiration to all members of this universe. People learn from each other’s experiences. Internet & mobile phone use has finished the distance in this small world. We can do what we like. With a click, we can have all Motivational speakers on one platform. 
  12. Role of Social Media: Social Media has created a great impact on our daily life. People have increased their business modules on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and webinars through virtual meetings. During the pandemic, we could do virtual discussions on various points & settle our business very well.
  13. Motivational Talks: Some companies started bringing great speakers on stage to give their motivational stuff on Zoom calls & get their deals closed more competitively. I took the best way of learning so many things with these training sessions. I started my own webinars & clubhouse rooms & made wonderful use of the given clubhouse app also. The audio app is the most loved app in the world to date.
  14. My Story: We need to be a more rich mindset and personality. We can do anything in this world. Life is great & we can make it on our terms. We need not give a driving seat to anyone in this world to anyone.



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1.Inspiration/ Motivation for all
2. The transformation from inside out
3. Leadership & Personal growth
4. Positive mindset creates Miracles
5. Become a fitness lover emotionally, Physically & spiritually
6. Throw away depression & suicidal thoughts from your life
7. Power of Gratitude
8. Affirmations make us a great success
9. Public speaking
10. Anger management

11. Habits play a very important in our life
12. Parenting Tips
13. How we can be Mr Perfect?
14.🕰️Time management is Success
15.Textiles Consultant: 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE
16. How do you make your best relationship?
17. Stop distraction Start focusing.
18. Live Happier & Healthier life
19. Self belief+confidence= Transformation gives you another Level
20. Make your morning Rituals

21. Define your Goals
22. How to step up one by one in your life
23. Make your Success Team. DREAMS ARE FREE TO DREAM BIG
No Plan B in life
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