How do you see the Best MIND POWER in life?

Blogger Virender Chaudhry will be discussing today in detail wonderful points about our mind power. We can do anything in our life with this brainpower. We have to take a super disciplined attitude to get on top of everything.

We will be discussing in detail about success is energy or energy is a success.


What is the final result of the energy that we see today? Everything is energy in this universe. Everything is made of energy.

A very good day everything goes wonderful in your life. You feel always motivated on a particular day.

I want to become a walking vibration? You can increase or decrease your energy frequency.

Abundance is the vibration of energy. Success is the vibration of energy. How can we plug in for this successful energy in our life?

Have affirmations every day and I will be giving tempest of physicians of all time at the end of this blog?

Knowledge is power? True or false. Knowledge is potential power. We need to read this mind power. while uprooting whatever limiting thoughts, beliefs, and anything else keeping you from fulfilling your life purpose.

Radical change request radical discipline. Read this book 2-3 times. You will see significant results. How much mind power we are using daily? Only five to seven per cent are using it. Albert Einstein was using only 10% and he was a genius & great scientist.

Nahin to become an athlete of mind and mentally fit. Bodily will be champion automatically. Letter start this journey and I tell you you will be a champion in your life.

What is success from my point of 80% psychology and 20% mechanics? Similarly, when you are sick, medicine gives relief 15 to 20%. Rest all depends on your psychology, your attitude & your motivation. level

If we believe in ourselves we can change to a great transformation level. That is the need of the hour and the moment. Be positive always.

Yaar having our life with our skill level. Our life is because of us. We have to change our vibrational frequency. We can change our energy.

Just see a wonderful example before starting to build a new house, we vision for that. Then we start planning, basing and building afterwards.

What is the Apple company worth today? It is 3 trillion dollars. The company started in a garage with  Steve jobs and the team. But they had self-belief & vision.

So we need to start mind power and take our manifestation correctly. Our mind is about great self-belief and self-confidence. Our mind power plays an important role in creative visualization and the law of attraction.

We can do anything you want. We become what we think. Just listen youtube audio of ERL NIGHTINGALE, great positivity you will get. I have to start a self-talk cycle always in our day-to-day activities.

Sometimes, to start I think about self-image (I believe) and then the behaviour I will achieve it. How much do you want to change your life by this transformation 10% 20% 30%?

We have to make the big dreams in our small minds. Can get it because our brainpower is superb and we are amazing. You know that 80% of success is due to psychology.

Money is the main thing which is always causing worry in our minds. Every month we become broke by the end of the month. We will not say that we are BROKE just remove the negativity from your mind.

Mindpower book and its application in daily life will give you everything. We have to make our belief system very very strong.

Tell me money can buy you happiness. It is a true or false statement. But just think miserable we feel miserable with money or without money? which one is better.

We need to control our minds always. Mind is your best friend. Most of us are not using it properly. When we are athletes of mind I am sure we all can use our minds in our required manner.


Top motivational speaker

I am a top motivational speaker in the world

I am a fully energetic person

I am a top blogger top broadcaster top YouTuber.

I am the wonderful author

With deep spiritual connection can we become a great success? Of course, the answer is yes. And then what is stopping you?

Because I am lazy. I am procrastinating. I do not want to act immediately. I am not taking immediate action. I am taking everything casually in my life.

We can have wonderful health when we are happy. You have to live your life livelily. A new job can be started their own business, can leave an abusive marriage, can find their love and can you lose weight up to 40 kg.

We are actor-director, scriptwriters, and destiny makers of our life. We should not blame excuses and find scapegoats for any situation. Do not play the blame game.

Why we are not able to get success?

The main reason is the subconscious mind and conscious mind relationship. The conscious mind is wonderful. But our subconscious mind is a hundred thousand times faster than the conscious mind.

We feel motivated but change nothing. But if we can reprogram our subconscious minds then great miracles are going to happen in our life.

Every single thing is stored in our subconscious minds fast. All of us have a self-belief system in us.

We should not Sen negative things to the subconscious mind. Sexy film number the quality of the people they always talked has done this she has done this always in their talks. This type of person always attracts negative results in their life. Meditation is the best tool for great success in life

Similarly, see how the world records are broken? When the first time Shahid and was very near to 200 in one day 194. Nobody made 200 runs in one day game. Sachin Tendulkar did it one day. Rohit Sharma then did it 3 X friends. This is the power of the mind and subconscious mind. ❤️

Why we are not successful even after doing positive talks motivational thinking The secret, law of attraction and goals on our vision board.

When want to install a new up-gradation in the software we have to uninstall the old one. We uninstall old version d before we update the new version. Similarly, we sow new seeds. When the weeding is out Then soft up-gradation will be there.

I think we have enjoyed reading by now. The long topic this has been long program recovered in one blog.

Mindpower study and practice will give you a Quantum leap. Thoughts are real forces which we change our entire brainpower.

It will be taking 3 to 4 months for a great result-oriented transformation.

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