How do you get your next level of Personality & Beyond with Positive attitude

Life coach, and blogger  V k Chaudhry today will be discussing our next level in health, mental and emotional stability.

How we can get more and more energy in life in our relationships friendship health mental and emotional side

Are you filled with money traps Hamster wheel traps or emotional food traps? You will have to analyse at your end.

We need to have our purpose full lead life with future with protest in everything. Children learn from their parents.

We can create miracles with a systematic approach. We are only one-stop-shop away from our transforming other people. Will need to keep our mind body and spirit fit to achieve better results.

We are actors-directors, producers, scriptwriters and stars of our life. Life is to be run systematically.

The subconscious mind is five thousand times stronger than our brain. We have to shift our energy. Supercharge power life. More and more energy is felt in our bodies.

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We need to become our best version so that all can look better. We can know how we can get the best in our life for getting success. We need to become a magnet personality. Celebrate the small wins. Appreciating what you’re doing in the present gives you the motivation to keep making strides towards your ultimate goal.

You will have to be resourceful in spite of searching for your resources to get success in life. We can all abundance of money e with the shortest period with the thought process.

When we have the greatest energy people feel the magnetic charger in us. They love and by our ideas.

Make round circle on the paper and have 6 sections. We can learn the greatest challenges and can become our greatest blessings.

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1.Inspiration/ Motivation for all

  1. The transformation from inside out
  2. Leadership & Personal growth
  3. A positive mindset creates Miracles
  4. Become a fitness lover emotionally, Physically & spiritually
  5. Throw away depression & suicidal thoughts from your life
  6. Power of Gratitude
  7. Affirmations make us a great success
  8. Public speaking
  9. Anger management
  10. Habits play a very important in our life
  11. Parenting Tips
  12. How we can be Mr Perfect?

14.🕰️Time management is Success

15.Textiles Consultant: 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE

  1. ❤️How do you make your best relationship?❤️
  2. Stop distraction and Start focusing.
  3. Live Happier & Healthier life


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As attitude is everything. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable.

*I have read 50 books in the last 2.5years. It helped me in my love for never give up strategy. *

The main purpose of life is to give something to all by making one’s life better with your efforts.

To have our best energy throughout the day. We can inspire millions of people with our energy. I am taking daily one Clubhouse class for motivation and English-speaking purposes for the welfare of the people.

People are working in different directions with different skills every time. Reaching nowhere. Our energy is distributed in all directions.

We can create miracles. The more we learn more we earn. Jassi how our cell phone is working. Once it is connected to Wi-Fi then every app works automatically.

Listen to some good audiobooks when you can during travelling sitting at home or seeing your television. Listening helps us to improve our software. what are the three levels of personality analysis, we need to see thoroughly? what is personality?  Good personality tells us about our behaviour, habits, communication, hard work & overall work culture in a person. 

People love great personalities as they give energy & motivation to people. Just see this video.


Now fill 6 sectors of the circle

1. Stress management

Stressed WeChat in body-mind behaviour and health. We can analyse what type of stress we are getting on a daily basis very frequently.

Maybe body pain headache mental, physical, relationship & work-related.

How we can remove our total stress?

Anybody can have to stress nothing to worry about. Sometimes we meet spiritual gurus and some mentors. I’ve also met Mr Skip Archimedes for getting this information in his master’s class.

He is solving the problem of many people around the world.

2. Health Challenges

We see what type of health challenges we are having. We can write down like headache, body ache, obesity, neck pain stomach upset and legs problems.

I have to see the acidic neutral and alkaline state in our health acidic will create Cygnus and alkaline will create good health for good health alkaline water food post you motion healthy activities are to be done on the second side we have acidic foods and drinks and oily food.

One time a person fail in a 50 ft well & broke every bone in his body. The doctor told that he cannot walk. But he was able to walk how?

Believe in miracles and get healing.

Some people are Kunwar rate but with increased energy creativity and productivity then bring their weight under control then they feel younger and get better results in life.

3. Finances

You need to write down all our financial challenges like lack of funds less money more expenses. We can get anywhere we want in our life.

I need to have flexibility insurance balance to train like children in our life. A childlike spirit is most important in our life. We can bring anything that creativity blessings meditations immunity. To create miracle rituals with the above actions.

Will need to think about this point without supercharging of minds and we can get what we want to become what we think. Just listen to Earl Nightingale’s audio daily. We can create miracles after miracles.

More & more meditation is to be carried out on daily basis. We can charge our body super-duper level. Energy is flowing everywhere.

4. Play

Need to see our energy level presence as of a date in the above-mentioned points. Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul effort to it. Need to have more and more focus on this.

5. Purpose of life is to be decided by us in our challenges. Need to see where we stand 100% potential is there. This can be done with spirituality with the help of meditation every day.

We have to have feel awakening, compassion, enlightenment, fortune, inner peace and karma. More And more morning meditation milky bus create self-belief and self-confidence. Successful people tackle this by having a growth mindset. They believe that there are no weaknesses. There are only opportunities for improvement. 

6. With spirituality, there is 100% potential to improve our life. Meditation is the best key to telling us where we can reach with more & more dedication & Gratitude.


Finally, we can create a life of miracles win wonderful world-class coaches and then connect with empowering lifestyle habits we need to find like-minded people and we have to take Massive action every day. We have to invest in our shelf.

Only visualising yourself empowered successful-looking and feeling better would not happen without the correct and consistent massive action.

Just see this type of release on the steering wheel of our car how our journey will be? It will be really rough and tough and we will be involved in a lot of Dreams like life stress mental state and physical stress.

I think we can run our life when villages do not have their best. But definitely, we can make our minds control we need to stay in our stretched comfort zone.

Dead Frequency: Picture tells when we have done frequency of our mind is in control and comfort zone and we kill our all human spirit.

When we fear we can see a lot of undesirable thoughts. 

We need to have wonderful behaviour with everyone in family, friends & office colleagues.

Let us start doing meditation with immediate effect so that we can get the best version of ourselves in these competitive times. We need to have self-belief & self-confidence that we can get anything we want.


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