How to become a great founder by the Rituals of a self made billionaire

Blogger and life coach  Vk Chaudhry want to have a great discussion to be great founders from a self-made Billionaire’s point of view. Wonderful points will be the main lifeline to becoming a great founder of any Organisation.

What is your vision:
Any founder needs to have a great vision of his organisation. Vision tells about our journey towards becoming a wonderful lovable project. A vision statement is a great document for all to know about best telling about the purpose of the organisation’s mission now & after successful running or the setup.

Often confused with a mission statement, the vision statement has a different purpose vision statement is a very important part of an organization because it aligns with its mission, core values, and culture. It also guides the strategic plan, because it sets future goals.

  1. Profitability is the mission with great group culture: any project is called a success when profit is seen for cash flow & overall every person is working for the same mission.
  2. Allocate resources: We can utilise all allocated resources to get on top of your business. You have to check everywhere that the HR department recruitment staff and workforce are in line with required resources. We need to plan for every resource like raw material & packing material. We need to see the hotel plan total planning for each and every machine space and their planning on how to check it department wise
  3. Make networks: You need to understand the importance of relations with various communities for the betterment of our .profitable business. Our network is our net worth. We need to make wonderful relationships with experts in various fields.
  4. One management style: to meet any business profitability we need to see which type of management style is required in the manufacturing unit. It should be autocratic, participating, delegating or charismatic management style.
  5. I have observed in 40 years of my textile experience that plant is in control of the corporate office for major decisions and day-to-day decisions are taken by the unit head only. Head office can be involved in any required decision.
  6. Give responsibility to each manager: unit head can give responsibility to each and every person to carry out their daily work in a better manner. K RA(key responsible areas) are being fixed for individual persons. When we combined the total efforts of each and every manager then it gives a wonderful significant improvement.
  7. Priorities: in any manufacturing process decide about the priority of events so that everything is done in a wonderful way. Video side interior planning that which quality is to be produced on first priority, 2nd & 3rd priority. This is done with the help of the department and production planning department seeing the delivery schedule of the customers. Customer satisfaction is taken on top priority.
  8. Delegate to good performer: Delegation of responsibilities to various good performances is decided by the unit head to get the best results. For delegation, we need to see e date of today’s work speed of the person. Delegation is the transfer of responsibility for some specific task from one person to another.
  9. Delegation occurs when the leader assigns some tasks to various employees. Delegation saves time and helps you to give you professional status and then you can take higher and higher responsibilities by inspiring your team members. Sweet by this method we can get fast results with the help of everybody’s participation.
  10. Try to make a great team for success: this is one of the top priorities to deciding about other teams carrying out the various operations in an organisation. Production maintenance engineering raw material sales marketing legal HR security departments are given different assignments. This is giving combined results to any task in a systematic manner. We need to hire expert people in their fields. How to get good result oriented jobs from various persons in the department.
  11. Every department is important in an organisation to carry out various tasks. But the most important point is how they coordinate with each other and that is carried out with the guidelines of the unit head.
  12. Do not go for more meetings: meetings are the most important tool to give guidance to various department managers early in the morning. The unit head or department head should take clarity the time period for the meeting duration.
  13. There should be a definite plan for the meeting agenda. This will be speeding up the pending jobs with the various managers. Sometimes these meetings take longer time which is a sheer waste of time for various operations.
    Be a great communicator: every team leader in the organisation should be a great communicator. Communicate with each other so that we get every task on time.
  14. Expand the scope of responsibility: Whenever any department’s performance is better then they should be given extra responsibility to get more speed of tasks. Some do not expand responsibility due to a lack of confidence in their team.
  15. Give them training: We required machines manufacturers’ locations. It will enhance the confidence of department managers and ultimately organisations will be benefited from their services.
  16. Training is best for any organisation: I have also gone to various locations in India as well as abroad to learn more and more things. Technical enhancement always gives rich dividends to good companies. Training is a very important activity for any company that wants to become a top performer in its field.
  17. Systematic working: when we want good results in our organisations then we need to follow a systematic working approach in each and every department. I have seen people working with kaizen quality circle and ISO standards. You can see our motivational tips on Instagram at the given link.
  18. Systematic work improves the quality and consistency of the product. The total team is geared up to give the best results for their company so that company gets repeated orders and profitability is increased.
  19. Big corporates are taking full advantage of this systematic approach in their company culture. I have seen in textile also people are going up and up the ladder of success.
  20. Problem-solving problems A, B, C Types: We need to have a problem-solving approach like first you will solve type problems then b type and then c type. Priority hair gives more and more quality and productivity advantages.
  21. No Procrastination by any manager: systems in the company are amazing such a reality that they can find out if any department is procrastination in the chain system. Procrastination should be thrown away from all employees’ minds. It is only giving negativity.

5 Benefits of Great Motivational attitude pays in our life

  1. Taskforce for various tasks
  2. No politics in staff or workforce
  3. Transparency at each level
  4. Minutes of meeting to be made & circulated
  5. Email transparency to maximum staff members
  6. Conversation transparency
  7. Measure things at each place
  8. Contribution for each member in Profits
  9. Innovative ideas to be promoted
    They’re frugal. 
    They’re lifelong learners
    They exercise.
    They meditate. 
    They start early. 
    They do things differently. 
    They don’t take “no” for an answer.

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Another person more Richer
Specific performance of each member
In-person meeting with key players every week twice
See calendar planning of CEOS & sr managers
Attention & focus of employees
People recruitment should be very good,






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