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Congratulations to all blogger community. New club house started.

Hello friends, have you attended any discussion at club house. All English speaking & Personality development persons should join daily.

क्या आपने क्लब हाउस ज्वाइन किया है अगर नहीं किया तो अभी करें शाम को 6:00 बजे और सीखिए इंग्लिश में बोलना और अपनी पर्सनालिटी में चार चांद लगाना।

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Let us meet today on club house at 7pm IST

Hi guys, Learning hour daily will be on clubhouse by your friend Life coach vkchaudhry. Anyone can join.

My dear friends today I will be starting a clubhouse on the Clubhouse app. You all are cordially invited by clicking on the above link.

The topic of our clubhouse room today will be how you can be a good speaker?

It will be a wonderful interactive session in the English language. It will be done from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on daily basis. If timing is to be changed it will be informed by a clubhouse notification.

Clubhouse app is very popular on social media platforms. In this app, we make Clubhouse and then the topic of the day. The most important thing is people are getting good learning on an international level.

I am using this app for the last two and half months and got more and more exposure for my thoughts. Today I will be with you at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

You can see my profile on Clubhouse.

*Life Coach V K Chaudhry
Country: India

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Schools, colleges, Universities, Professional institutions, Corporate training in Self-development topics

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I love talking about the purpose/mindful life
Inspiration/ Motivation for all
The transformation from inside out
Leadership & Personal growth

❤️Positive mindset
Health fitness emotionally, Physically & spiritually
⬆️Throw away depression & suicidal thoughts from your life
⬆️Power of Gratitude
Affirmations make us a great success

Public speaking
Anger management
❤️Habits play a very important in our life
Parenting Tips
How we can be Mr Perfect?
️Time management is Success


No Plan B in life
My purpose in this world: I am here to help others step into becoming the best version of themself. With a Positive & rich mindset, we can change everything.
Let us work together to make this world a better place.

Anyone can be his/her best version as per Positive Rich Mindset
Hi Guys, if you are searching for a person who can transform your life. But just stand in front of the mirror & recognise yourself as you can do wonders.

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Textiles Consultant: 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE

Life long learner(LLL)


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As attitude is everything. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable.

*I have read 47 books in the last 2.5years. It helped me in my love for never give up strategy. *

यह सीखने का घंटा हर रोज शाम को 7:00 से 8:00 के बीच में होगा।
प्यारे दोस्तों क्लब हाउस में सुपर डुपर माइंडसेट आपको अपने व्यक्तित्व को निखारने के लिए इंग्लिश स्पीकिंग के लिए शुरू किया गया है। आप जितने भी अपने साथियों को ला सकते हैं स्कूल स्टूडेंट्स को ला सकते हैं कॉलेज स्टूडेंट्स को ला सकते हैं। बहुत ही अच्छा होगा अगर यह नए नए खिलाड़ी मंच पर आकर सीखेंगे जीवन जीने की राह को। नीचे दिए गए लिंक को आपने क्लिक करना है और प्ले स्टोर से एप को लोड करना है।
We have started a clubhouse room for the benefit of all my rural students all over India. You can join by clicking this app and downloading Clubhouse from Play Store.
Everybody will be getting great transformation in their thought process. All the best.

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The main purpose of life, to give something to all for making one’s life better with your efforts.

More details on website

Everyone needs to have his/her Grand life story. It helps individual to go aimful life which meets satisfaction level for own & all near & dear one.


Hi friends, 

1. Do you think it is too late for you to dream Big?

2. Do you think you are not allowed to dream?

3. Do you have this feeling that Life is controlling you and not the other way around?

4. Are you unable to control your negative thoughts?

5. Are you waiting for a passion to come to you on a platter that you can follow? While losing out on what you have in your hands right now?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, well, this book is for you. This is my first ebook, written with a reason to share and be resourceful for the people in need. My YouTube channel is *”Wonder Tips”* and that is what I have tried to do with my ebook as well. I share with you a list of 41 tips (full of wonder) for your life’s transformation.

It is one thing to read a book with an intention to finish it cover to cover, but this book should be chewed and digested thoroughly. Read, even re-read the chapters you think need to be worked upon. If you have bought this book, you are amongst very few who don’t want to settle for what they have, you are amongst the few who wish to take control of your life and live with satisfaction.

I see you as a small boat right now, I know you have the potential to become a Cruise Ship! One thing I want you to know right now is:

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.

Similarly, the negativity of the World can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.

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Born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh then came with his parents to Ludhiana. My study up to the 5th standard in Ludhiana. Then shifted to Panipat in 1970.

1977 I got admission TIT Bhiwani, one of the best institutes in India in textiles. In 1981 I joined textile mills. I changed about 8 mills in 40 years.

Enjoying my mill life. Good Hardwork, self-satisfied mill & family life. I am having a big combined family with parents’ love. Both my children are super loving children & well placed in the IT industry.

Wondertips777 • A podcast on Anchor

Hard work, discipline, integrity, passion for work has given full satisfaction. With this attitude, I could learn maintenance, production, garments manufacturing, retailing, online selling, Public speaking, Book writing, blogging, YouTubing, Podcasting & Digital Marketing.

We have to be motivational in attitude. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable. You can be a role model for your company, family members, society & country.

I have started 47 books in the last 2.5years. It helped me in my love for never give up strategy. I was the best athlete in my professional college in Haryana. I used to run around 10km on alternate days. I was the best athlete in my final leg of professional college. This habit is helping me to date. The same habits have been given to my children & grandchildren.

Hello Guys, I am a motivational speaker and want to help 10,00000 people with my motivational tips & my experience. Just see guys, I have started 2 YouTube channels 3 years back.

Started blogging, although 2nd try & written 640+blogs in the last 12 months with 1–2 blogs per day to see my capacity for writing speed. Now I will reduce blogs. Podcast, I have done 145 Episodes on motivational tips in the last 12 months. Sports lover & Jogging about 5 km in a week to 10 days.

Motivational sessions on or off in the company have been done record say 10–15 meetings in a day. Done many sessions with many Schools, Colleges, Professional colleges & mills.

I have spent my entire life in the textiles spinning Industry as an Engineer & done a lot of wonderful achievements. Team leadership is my main tool to sit in the hearts of my associates.

One fine day had a Super Duper thought, whatever learned in the industry may be given back to my loving people. So started Motivational Speaking as a part-time hustle.

I am a learner by heart. For the same reason, I am learning Blogging, Podcasting, Youtube making, Writer, Digital marketing & attending a lot of webinars.

I am doing webinars also on self-development, fitness, motivation, time management, Good habits that can be learned at any time, How to have multiskilling? How self-discipline can help in life?

See this wonderful Video message from my Youtube channel.

Love you all with a selfless attitude, Diet control to keep better fitness. More we are fit more service you can do to mankind. Self-belief is rocking.

I have read around 47 motivational books & a lot of seminars & webinars have attended. I have made my website Motivational Tips+Veg. Recipes Blogs. I have a full energetic way of working. Handling 10hours for our office work.

Another Cooking channel from my wife has 480+ Vegetarian Indian Recipes.

When we are helping each other, loving, motivating all then what else do you want? But make the intention that you are living 20–25 years more. When you are good to all then God also gives blessings to you. Now learning digital Marketing courses to improve blogging & website & digital social media presence.

All the best guys. Believe in Almighty & go for the best version of yourself. Do not compete with anyone except yourself. I did a lot of tasks during the COVID-19 homestay to be safe. Fully satisfied with parents, family members, and friend’s love & affection. The main target is to give motivation level to all.

We have to be a very positive mindset. We can do anything. The main advantage is when you are positive, then you love all & in turn, get benefits from Almighty.

When you are in love with all then you are bound to be energetic. All the best.

You are a born winner. Think about what you want? Success is waiting for you. Take Action today only. Come out of your comfort zone.

For more details visit my blog



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