10 points: Consistency is the mother of Mastery||Consistency principle always required

10 pointers Consistency is the mother of Mastery

  With consistency, we can do anything in this universe. We have to alien our all focus, commitment to the same target. If we are having consistency in our work then productivity quality will improve to a greater extent. Consistency in work or in any field of life is always giving due orders. Consistency is key to success. You see sometimes great players are not even able to play a single ball in cricket. But when they get their form back then they are very great at playing. They win the matches for their country with very ease. We can do the same thing in our life while going through ups and downs. We can do it with great consistency for which the following points have been given to understand things better.

The pain



of discipline or pain of regret if we compare then discipline will solve all problems in life.


  1. Face the facts=Where I am going from the present status of my life. We need to be honest with ourselves. Then we will be able to do justice with our all abilities.No excuses are required in our life for better performance—Starting is the hardest way & after a slow start, we can speed up the process to achieve desired results.

We have seen in sports like cricket that with a score of 25, players are playing very slow. But when he gets his eye in the game then starts great strokes & runs very fast. The same is the case with life. Start with great cool & calm, then start fast when you acquire great skills & understanding of the subject thoroughly.  

2. Power inside saying NO… We should have the courage to say NO to any work which is causing a delay in already having tasks in hand. We are getting piling of one task above then performance deteriorates. It is better to say NO in case you are not able to do it in time. I have seen in IT also people do not cross deadlines. Otherwise, buyers are always after companies for timely deliveries. We need to do priority working in a SMART way to keep everything resonating with timely delivery with qualitative production.

3. Why do not eat to start casually? Suppose we want 6 pack target. Then we need to feel the gym environment from inside that we will be able to complete our targets. Feel gym environment. We need not fear because we will be doing it as we have decided this target ourselves. We have to act day and night with right minded people. We need to take care of our diet workout according to our plan for weight loss in the same way. We have to fix our target on a weekly basis review. You can do anything. We become what we think.

  4. Keep moving forward A right pool of surrounding by like-minded people to move in the same. We have to move always in the right direction. This is going to help company & personal advantage. This is the reason that companies are doing always time to time technological up-gradation. This gives give better machine utilisation, efficiency, production and quality with a lower cost of production. You have seen that the consistency equation comes true when you are having good people in your team. They are hard-working and know the subject very well.

5. Go through hardship– People around you change when you grow. This is the trend of this universe. You need not worry you can do anything that you want to go through the hardship. You can do your best homework so that chances of failures are equal to negligible. No one has achieved anything in a single day. We have of Joe Root observed that when the team is only losing front then suddenly one or two players come to the rescue. They play the innings of their life and battle out the situation in their team’s favour. This is called

6. Prioritising the tasks to avoid distractions– Sometimes opportunity is also a distraction. When we are working for any organisation or in our personal lives we need to prioritise our tasks so that these can be completed on time. We can judge the progress of the company or personal life that speed of the task in hand which are taken on priority basis helps out for better profitability and advantage both sides. It has also been seen that people do not know the exact method of completing their tasks. They need to prioritise an ABC category. A category should be taken on first priority then B and then C. We can also utilise the POMODORO technique so that you will be having 25 to 30 minutes slots after every 5 to 10 minutes gap. It is an Italian system and it is being a lot to the students or office goers or businessmen as they block their time. These 25 to 30 minutes blocks help a lot as the total focus is done on these aspects.

7. Follow 5 C- commitment, concentration, clarity, competency, Courage The level of commitment with all should be 1000times for our plans—Great examples of world leaders is seen all around. We can get sound, super success with more commitment. We need to have a strong rich mindset. A change in mindset will give you everything.

Concentration again will provide you with a consistent concept with which your focused efforts will take you to another level. When we concentrate then creativity & innovation become our part & parcel of life. We have seen the concentration of our cricket players. When they do play then they are super master blasters like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Virat Kohli & many more on the world map. They were playing so wonderfully that in the whole day they were occupying the crease which is a very difficult task.

Clarity is most important before starting any task. When the clarity of the job is clear then we are bound to achieve it at any cost. We need to do the best homework so that everything is crystal clear. When you know that you have to get these results or you have to win the match then everybody is clear in the insight process of their mind.

Competency: When we have done great homework then definitely we are going to complete it in a special manner. You will feel proud after completing at dusk in time and with quality.

Courage is the most important requirement while doing any job task. If the courage is not available then chances of feeling are significant. So we need to work hard with full courage to reach our desired results.

8. Recognising small things to get the best results. Start doing a scientific analysis of your task worksheet. We need to see every small point so that we can complete it on time. We can discuss this with our team members. We should take every member of our team in confidence.

9. Systemising the formula. Budgeting is the process for consistency in this task completing process. We need to have a very systematic approach

10. What is the Vision for your goal consistency gives a vision of your goals dear friends. While planning our job card. We can do clear goals on our vision board. We can win in any situation if we have our mindset. Our mindset plays a very important role in our success. The best is yet to come. We have to believe in you.

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