Happy Gurupurb to all my friends all over the world|| Guru Nanak Jyanti

Happy Gurpurab 2021: Guru Nanak Jayanti is one of the most auspicious festivals in Sikhism that is celebrated all over the globe. This year, it will fall on Friday, November 19. It will mark the 552nd birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first of the ten Sikh gurus.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurpurab, also known as Guru Nanak’s Prakash Utsav and Guru Nanak Dev Ji Jayanti, celebrates the birth of the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak. One of the most celebrated Sikh gurus and the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev is highly revered by the Sikh community. Wikipedia
ObservancesCelebration of an anniversary related to the lives of the Sikh gurus
SignificanceGuru Nanak’s birthday
Also calledParkash Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Our near most Gurudwara Nada Sahib was looking great. Thousands of devotees came to prey to guru Granth sahib ji in Panchkula Haryana.

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was born on Puranmashi of Kattak in 1469, according to the Bikrami calendar[8] in Rai-Bhoi-di Talwandi in the present Shekhupura District of Pakistan, now Nankana Sahib.[9] It is a Gazetted holiday in India.[10] According to the controversial Bhai Bala Janamsakhi, it claims Guru Nanak was born on the Full Moon (Pooranmashi) of the Indian Lunar Month Kartik.[11] 

The Sikhs have been celebrating Guru Nanak’s Gurpurab around November for this reason and have it been ingrained in Sikh Traditions.[4][12] Kabir Saheb was the Guru of Guru Nanak dev Ji, who met him on the Bein River of Sultanpur, Punjab.[13]

However, some scholars and organizations believe the Birthday should be celebrated on Vaisakhi, which falls on 14 April according to the original[14] Nanakshahi Calendar passed by Sri Akal Takht in 2003. However, many people and organizations would like to keep the traditional date by celebrating on the Full Moon Day (Pooranmashi or Purnima) of the Lunar Month Kartik. The original Nanakshahi Calendar follows the tradition and celebrates it on Kartik Purnima due to demands by various Sikh Saints.

The 7 Key Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

This year its is the 550th Birth Anniversary celebration and here are the most important teachings by the Guru Himself:

  1. Everything Happens according to God’s Will:

“Hukam Rajayee Chalna Nanak Likheya Naal“, where he says that everything happens by God’s Grace and his will so be assured that God knows better about what is right or wrong for us. We should only accept His decisions without any grudge or question his actions.

  1. Ek Onkar, Satnam – There is One God

Guru Nanak Dev ji said, ” I am neither Hindu Nor Muslim, I am a follower of god”. In Sikhism, the god is Nirankar which is omnipresent, shapeless and timeless


He says religion is not books or just words but actually looks at all men and women equally. Universal brotherhood is a strong theme in Gurbani, which was written by Guru Nanak Dev ji. “Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat da bhala”, which means “Lord, may everyone in the world prosper and be in peace“


Guru Nanak said that no one can save anybody else. It is only Guru, who is the Taranhaar or the one who guides us to safety and to be saved, one has to follow the right path of SEWA and SIMRAN told by him.

  1. The 5 Evils which should be Shunned

Guru Nanak Dev Ji asks to shun 5 evils which lead to the illusion which lengthens the path towards the attainment of salvation. The 5 evils are Ego, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Lust.

  1. The 3 Principals to follow in Life

Vand Chako: Helping the ones who need help and sharing

Kirat Karo: No Fraud or Bribes, just honest earnings

Naam Japna: Chanting the Holy Name, remembering God and his name at all times

  1. Against Superstitions and False Rituals

Guru Nanak Dev Ji preached all of the above but the one greatest teaching he forged was against superstitions or false rituals. He shunned the worship of demi-gods and goddesses. For him, there is only One God, the Formless and he shows the path of truth and enlightenment to all.

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Motivational Blogs by: Life Coach VK Chaudhry

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