Gratitude for God is Great in our life|| Importance of gratitude in our life #wondertips

We need to do daily Gratitude in life. It gives more & more blessings. It gives us a great Rich mindset. Our mindset gives miraculous brain working. We can do it before going to bed & the early morning after wakeup. God helps us to enjoy each moment of our life. 

It depends on our mindset what we think. We become what we think. We are recharged from our rich mindset. We get the benefits of regular gratitude practice. We can divide all points into these 5 groups. We do not any food before we know the benefits of all ingredients very well.

  • Emotional benefits
  • Social benefits
  • Personality benefits
  • Career benefits
  • Health benefits


Grateful for today  god has given today as a gift

For wonderful life & children & relatives

For my happy home

For my parents for giving great rituals

For this clubhouse room new 

Clubhouse room is an app where all like-minded people enjoy their share & give great service to mankind. We share our story here. Everyone gets motivated by each other.

For showing meditation  love

I am doing meditation for a long time. I know all here in this we are here enjoying with the wonderful blessings from Almighty. We get great energy & calmness for life.

For wonderful day

Wonderful relationship in this clubhouse room

Grateful for the clubhouse app

Great vibration  of the room

Great Food I had today

Covid warriors

Loving attitude

Great life by God

Service to mankind

Having good neighbours

Motivational friends in my life

More blessed person

Living fully: Finding  joy in every breath

For my best bank balance increase

For my writing habit

Never give up attitude

LLL habit

Wonderful 40 yrs + textiles experience

Subconscious mind Power

Forgiving attitude

Being wonderful Motivational talks

Doing Blogging, Podcasts, YouTuber, Life coaching, Textile consulting

Benefits for Gratitude

It makes us happier

It reduces stress

It improves self-esteem

It helps us be more resilient

It helps us sleep

It improves our physical health

It improves our romantic relationships.

It improves our friendships.

Never forget: —

The qualification that gave you a job, is the same qualification someone has who still does not have a job.
Be grateful 🙏

The prayer that God answered for you, is the same prayer others have been praying for but without success.
Be grateful.🙏🙏

The road you use safely on a daily basis is the same road where many others lost their precious lives.
Be grateful.🙏🙏

The temple in which God blessed you, is the same temple other people too worship in, yet their lives are still in discord.
Be grateful.🙏🙏

The bed you used in the hospital, you got healed and were discharged, is the same bed many other people breathed their last.
Be grateful.🙏🙏

Be grateful because whatever you have is not by your power, your might, your talent or your qualifications,
.but it’s just the “Grace of God.”
🙏 HE is the giver of everything you have. 🙏

For everything you have, be grateful.

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