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#20:How we can be the Best Public speaker?

Wonderful blog & podcast helping aspiring Best Public Speakers in the world. Communication is an art to involve people.

You have greatness in you. you are the creator of your destiny. You have to rewire your brain. You have to be hungry to learn. You have to be the best positive attitude person in life.

P170E: How we can be the best public speaker? Salesmanship is selling you to you me to me. Also told to read rich dad poor dad if not read till now.  The ability to communicate in sapling is most important. Communication is the key to success in any field.

We can build change championship teams in companies.  Good and great leaders are great teachers also. So try to do the best teaching through good knowledge acquired by reading habits.  He emphasized having the dedication to the law of attraction. Big fans of love attraction play a wonderful game of life. Today after the pandemic people have gone stressed due to inverted happenings in their life. They need great teachers and great leaders. Only this community can bring them all into a normal situation.


We have seen what happened in the second wave of  covid-19. Too many family members have gone to the heavenly abode. One has to come out of this situation. Relationships have taken a great hit some due to missing partners and some due to stressful situations.  Only great teachers can bring them back to happiness mode. Also seen that business has also taken a  great dip. Still, there is a big expectation of the third wave. We have to avoid it with our best efforts. 

People have suffered from a health point of view also. They are not able to go to offices for the last year.  121 coaching on personal and business funds is required all over the world. It can give you a go-to post for your sales. Results are a must for your people. 

You have to lead them from the front. You have to inspire them and technical teaching is to be given for controlling the process of manufacturing or sales. We have to develop a system of accountability with a code of honour. 


The situation can be improved if we take advantage of our subconscious mind which is playing 7/ 8 of our efforts.  With this superfast so conscious and subconscious mind we can make up the heartbroken unhappy situations in our relationships. 

We should act as role models in this situation. We have to connect with the people fantastic way of teaching through the training material.  Need to take action to become a leader and be the best in the business. Responsible role and not allow anybody to quit the situation.  Did not justify our excuses and the blame game should not be promoted. We should start in life as it is. 

For any company, we have to produce good products with the best training under great leadership making the environment conducive for making and company great organization.  Leadership needs great content and wonderful context so we need to be perfect. We have to avoid doubtful and inactive situations. 

How do you get your next level of Personality & Beyond with a Positive attitude?

We need to fail fast and learn fast because the law of attraction can be negative or positive.  For good leadership, we have to begin a great opening with full enthusiasm. We have to make some good systems and processes for a wonderful speaker, and trainer.  As we come on the stage we have to talk like this:  Hello, friends how many of you have come to transform your life today? Scan with deep breathing & smile.

Just see this super-duper video which will give you wonderful confidence

Say thank you for your valuable time attending the webinar in their busy schedule.  1. Hard work passionate attitude in public speaking is a must.  2. Encourage everyone so that they can give their best.  3. We should think that why people should hear when everything is given on YouTube or on social media.  We need ETR(Earn the Right) greater credibility.

We need to be the master of communication.

#1. How to Overcome Anything in life, Gratitude is best

  1. We need to be the best communicator so that we can communicate our point of view. Communication sparks motivation in family members & friends.
  2. We need to see how much %age our public communication accounts. It is 90% plus.
  3. We have a conscious & subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is very powerful. We can get anything done if our subconscious mind gets guidance very easily.
  4. We should speak with integrity & honesty.
  5. We should be wishing people good.
  6. We have a great toolbox which increases our value.
  7. We should have great body postures. We should walk confidently & cross our hands.
  8. we should give confident facial expressions. We should have a smiling face. We should nudge our audience. We should say WOW when they finish. Let them speak. Just give them a wow feeling. The audience will be more open to the speaker.
  9. We can ask questions after some time to make people more attentive. We should listen. Do not give them the word. They should say wise words.
  10. We should take care of our volume of speech. The pitch variation is very impressive.
  11. Words should reduce our energy & popularity. Words have great power. They give motivation & depression. We need to lift people up. Words are game-changers. Most speakers are not taking care of their words. Our words should make us greatly inspired. We need to tell inspiring words not pain giving or depressed words.
  12. Just see how our parents used words while taking care of our every requirement. Everything lifted us up in our careers. We need to see how good words start lifting our status. We feel to deliver more inspiring content.
  13. We are speaking for one hour to 10 hours. We need to make all people feel great & motivated. Our talk should be giving passion, and inspiration to the audience. We should have self-belief & self -confidence in delivery talk.
  14. We should have filler words with a little pause. It gives better interaction.
  15. We should be good listeners. Especially women want that speaker should listen very carefully so that you can give solution to concerned.
  16. Speak with respect for all in your conversation. It creates a very cordial atmosphere. Do not say wrong & hurting words to latecomers at your home dinner. 
  17. Structure your content in your talks. This is remembered by our attendees. The best tip is never to lose your audience. They may sleep, be distracted & start using mobiles talks.
  18. Talk about in which we know much better. We can answer anything on the subject. We should not talk about any new topic on which we are not masters.
  19. Be in yourself. We should be real to our personality. We need to learn much better to make better lives for our audience. We should lead with powerful opinions. We should use the best words. We should be speaking with perfect words in an energetic way so that you are attracting your audience.
  20. We need to develop repo with our people. Our motto is very clear everyone should be getting value addition.

We have to plan that home personal development I will have to train 1 lakh, people, for transformation. We should feel happy.  There was a lot of need that there should be a review of your notes within 24 hours and seven days.

Practice, practice & practice the main things which connect the ends.  The practice of starting at the end of the speech is a must. We should not show off as it is not good. Research and practice should never be stopped.

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