Do what you can do, with what you have & where you are

The really wonderful topic is our purpose in life is to be happy and keep everybody happy. When we are helping people some good feeling comes in your heart and you are master of universe at that time. We should do what we love to be happy in life. We should not feel stuck anywhere in our life. We should be good family men.

  • To whom we should donate
  • We should be a very helping hand to the people. We need to give donations to the needy, not to the capable man. We need to have our vision to help the needy. Selection is very important in our life. We should love mankind without any expectation. You are the master creator winner industry maker of your life. We should be doing something or the other every time for the people in need.
  • Excuses should not be there

While helping people we should not have any excuses. Making excuses keeps you behind in the race towards success. We should become a person of inspiration to all. We should lead the team with full authority keeping in mind the helping attitude.

  • Meditation is a must to make life wonderful

We have to see that the Almighty is the caretaker of this universe. We have to believe in him. He can give us everything. Will now start doing meditation daily with a fixed time. We have to see that this is going to help us in the long run. God bless nice people. You can do meditation anywhere in your room on your balcony, roof,

  • Importance of vision board

We should have a vision board for our course which is going to help us in our life. You will be feeling more and more focused and can conquer the world. You need to be a winner in this world. God has made us destiny makers. We have to plan our day accordingly.

  • Be a good leader

We have to be a dedicated leaders in our community & country. Leadership need to be done from a full heart. A good leader is a good communicator in the group. We can improve the lives of our team with our great leadership skills. The leader has to lead in a giving mentality set up. We have to give value to the people so that they are motivated and can give their best performance.

  • Enjoy the present moment

We all need to live in the moment. People are so busy in this competitive world especially after a pending pandemic that they are not enjoying the present moment. They are thinking one step or two steps ahead and forget to enjoy the moment. When you wake up and great gratitude to Almighty., You are thinking about a morning walk and will you are a morning walk then you think about yesterday is happening in the office.
My friend told that I was in notice period in March and I was a bit sceptical also but by the time I know that nobody also took a replacement for me but all the customers were advised me to try to talk to your organisation and try to read one point I also thought whether I have to do that I know that the replacement has been ready and my ego has not allowed me to talk to my boss like that then finally I put my papers. Started my business & got success. This means that God is a blessing from every corner. Just remember him

  • Avoid bad addictions

We have this life to enjoy to help others for a successful life. Why we are addicted to the bad habits of consuming alcohol smoking cigarettes eating meat and chewing tobacco. Read the come on what we eat. We have to eat healthy food full of proteins iron and good for the body stop. We need to be vegetarian in our life because our body structure is made by the Almighty like this. People have forgotten the region of coming into this universe.

  • Attitude is everything
  • friends


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