Rajiv Talreja leading business Coach webinar 18.8.21 & 28.5.22

We need to have a profitable business model. We have to work hard to bring the company to profitability. We should not run the industry for a charitable foundation.

[ ] 5 clarity goals must



[ ] Accountants will be accountants only

[ ] Delegate clear roles

[ ] Review the performance & feedback of all persons in the organisation

[ ] Otherwise, you will not be able to do justice where you stand

[ ] Give everyone feedback. Do not abuse or blame or be aggressive with them. People do not open

[ ] Take correct persons whenever it is needed

[ ] Tell people what they need to do to give profitability to the company. It should be the motto of each and every person of an organisation.

[ ] Train & develop people. Training is most important for any organisation. I have seen people losing an abundance of money due to a lack of training.

When training is poor for a company then that unit cannot get profitable. So a good setup is required to run a big company with the proper training department.

[ ] Salary appraisal min. On yearly basis. Normally mill owners do not give priority to this point. Should understand that without incentive or yearly increment nobody can be in a comfortable frame of mind. Entrepreneurs feel that they have saved something but ultimately they are losing money due to lo level of profit.

[ ] It should be fair not on a relationship basis. Employer and employees relationship cannot get better and results cannot come in that company. End of the day it will be a big loser.

[ ] It should be done data analysis basis

[ ] Right atmosphere in the team is a must

[ ] Fire the wrong people, who are engaging in stealing habits

[ ] People who do not work hard

[ ] Wrong people are worshipped in some organisations

[ ] We have to learn anything where is a gap

[ ] Third responsibility is the strategic approach

[ ] Business owners should not involve in maximum operations

[ ] He becomes a survival model person

[ ] Passion,purpose & goals

[ ] Be real with yourself, do not make a fool

[ ] People working hard but no money for family

[ ] Family asking money G relationship is stressed

[ ] Make money in business by covering

[ ] Job sucks, equal respect to jobs, without jobs no good teàm

[ ] Self-employment is a trap & business for scalable

[ ] 4 reasons business owners give to give doing themselves

[ ] I do not have money to hire people

[ ] Rajiv,I am perfect in everything

[ ] What is the reason for hiring, they run away

[ ] You need solutions

[ ] Mindset change

[ ] If the solo person then money should be there

[ ] Marketing & selling can be done daily

[ ] Higher one person in each section minimum

[ ] I am perfectionism, it is a weakness & you start controlling everything & you want to become holding control of each task

[ ] Become a scalable business

[ ] Myth my customer wants to talk with me but primary CA, GM not sitting daily.

[ ] It is possible to do business by team & only we fulfil our business

[ ] Every problem has solutions

[ ] Systematic àpproach is a must

[ ] Training & system needs to be strengthened

[ ] 3 focus areas for scalable business

[ ] Focus on building committed team members

[ ] Some are committed & care for the company but no confidence & skills then you start to involve

[ ] Some have good team members but do not follow systems

[ ] Key is to build a team committed & skilful. We have to build a dedicated team.

[ ] Innovative & profitable businesses model & job of business model

Rajiv area is a wonderful coach and I learned a lot of good things from him in this webinar.


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