Tips from Super growth summit with Success Gyan 13 top Transformation

M Mr Rajshekar introduced all 30 speakers. The first speaker is Mr Robert Gray great motivational speaker for 21 minutes. He educated our personality two-way VITAL. I am vital you are vital I am committed to being virtual so I choose to make an impression why do anything easily and shaping the future of mine in my fraternity. Attitude is everything in life.I have an amazing attitude. Let us commit that there is no procrastination is not our life.

Puja Puneet Who is deciding factor for our life? Two lives are all we have. We have to define our enemy. Like we did with covid-19. Similarly, we have to see the enemy of our life. Extremely intelligent enemy. The super-smart free manipulative access to the memory bank and it knows our weaknesses. We have had silly excuses for our success. Unreasonable reasons as resistance excuses coming to stop us. Our resistance never sleeps. Says nothing comes in 5 to 10 minutes extra sleep. Resistance becomes most powerful at our finishing line. Sometimes we feel that we are very close to our target and then find a massive resistance. Latest make our existence name. The latest name is in the name of Mr. Resistance. Will make forms of resistance which are having infinite power. Pooja has given a very good understanding of the topic to all the listeners & viewers. Doubt and fear come to give us resistance.
  1. Procrastination: we need to start immediately.
  2. Perfectionism: Need to start immediately without thinking that we are we have to become a perfect perfectionist.
  3. Judgment: we should not be immediately judgemental. Judgment for others is very easy and easy is never going to end. It is going to drain out your energy. the sweetest judgment is our success.
  4. Guilt: we are not guilty. We should not feel guilt. I will see how much children are suffering. I will fix this problem. Guilt should be like feedback, not a guilty feeling.
  5. The 5-second rule is power resistance. You should decide that within 5 seconds will say we are a winner we are the winner.
Mr Suren #successgyan #successsuren Told that we are a super miracle How successgyan started by Mr. Suren. Our India was the number one economy between the 1st to 16 centuries. Then Britishers came to our country. Success Gyan came forward to educate the Indian people to bring leadership to the world. Mr. Surendra at 8:00 p.m. in learning hour for total India. We should be inspired educated in power with the help of Success Gyan. From 15th August clubhouse was installed and at 8:00 p.m. daily there is a program. This is really wonderful platform. FFFF( FAil fast fail, fail fast  forward to learn better) HHHH Happy HUNGER to learning BE humble while serving Blair Singer The economy changed in covid-19. He talked with Mr Suren about making Indi capital of learning. Right action is the need of the hour. How many of us have the biggest miracle in you. He has worked for the last 25 yrs in training. How many of us want to make a better life for people with good money. The crisis has given us a change in our lifestyle. We need to Improve our Health at any cost. It will lead us to become unstoppable. Then comes our Education system. The way you are teaching your audience is most important. It is 10 times more important than your content. The most important teaching is to give yourself. You are selling yourself to yourself. What you need most
  1. Health
  2. Relationship
  3. Master Life coach
  4. Best Human
We need to learn about this Super Growth Summit. Every mistake is a lesson & every problem is an opportunity. on youtube, today 500hours of content is uploaded every minute. We have a lot of stuff to learn. It is the biggest opportunity. He is a most renowned trainer to all. He is a master life coach as on date on Personal development. How you show off on webinar or stage to your team & audience. How you show off to change to your audience. We are on a Transformation journey. School gives mental information. We are emotional & spiritual inspiration. Mental health is going down due to covid19.
  1. Make a list of what you want to learn
  2. Seek the best teachers on the earth
  3. What you learn you will teach what you learn
  4. It is our societal responsibility to teach or give the best services
Blair know-how can be the best coach to teach We have no choice as you have to be the best teacher. Our opinion is the lowest form of knowledge & highest form of education is EMPATHY. We need to understand it. India will be the best in life coaching or teachers as the best. We have the best spiritual base. Mr. Rajiv Talreja Stages of Business Business owners are doing the work for their team members. How much time will be taken from one state to other. Some  companies For more detailed blogs on motivation, visit my website website AFFILIATE LINKS AMAZON.IN [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Affiliate links   Our thoughts change our life. Success Gyan is doing wonderful work to improve the lives of individuals. At success gyan we love to bring a good holistic change in the area of your life. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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