Give to receive the core principle behind

  1. Why so fast speed for progress?

 2. Long term plan for 10-30 yrs for a strong foundation


3. Burning desire or passion##arjun

4. Open faith, desperate means not happy ## like Duryodhan

5. Lady told very negative energy & no marriage

6. We should review our work daily & weekly, monthly

7. Person Rajesh got the best building in hell

8. Then he felt hungry, saw all fighting,

9. Eat with their own hand

10. Elbow was straight but could not eat self

11. Then lift took him & reached in swarg, dancing & Rajesh not interested

 12. The universe can give us anything that we have to understand each other’s mentality

 13.Swarg to give

 14. Hell was. To take self

 15. Everything best is required by all

16.Everyone wants the best

 17. Whatever we give we will get back

18. We will get what we will give

19. Make theory to give only

20. Try to give always make a habit

21. One day he could not give to a hungry man

22. Giver became great Seth & others became bigger

23. Ask

24. Belief


26.10000 & someone asks to repay

27. Who can give who is confident that back will come

28. Give free sessions as per the law of attraction

29. Donate 10% in each religion

30. But we can donate 1% without thinking much

31. Lot of persons in our income

32. We feel the total money we should get

33. Donation confidence should be more

34. One bigger vv poor & mostly on station area

35. Begger became a flower seller

36. We have to give only

37. Sharing is caring

38. think rich 

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