Whom to Salute? APJ or Manekshaw? Read interesting Story

Whom to Salute ! ?
APJ or Manekshaw….
Read interesting one

When Dr.Abdul Kalam was the President, he visited Coonoor. On reaching, he came to know that Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw was in the Military Hospital there. Dr.Kalam wanted to visit Sam, which was unscheduled. Arrangements were made. At the bedside, Kalam spent abt 15 minutes talking to Sam & enquiring abt his health.

Just before leaving Kalam asked Sam “Are you comfortable? Is there anything I could do? Do you have any Grievance ? or any requirement that would make you more comfortable?”

Sam said “Yes Your Excellency, I have one grievance”. Shocked with concern & anguish , Kalam asked him what it was .

Sam replied” Sir, my grievance is that I am not able to get up & Salute my most respected President of my beloved country”. Kalam held Sam’s hand as both were in tears.

But the remaining part of the tale with regarding this meeting is that Sam did tell APJ that he was not paid the pension of the Field Marshall’s rank till then, for nearly twenty years.

An aghast President went to Delhi and passed the pension with arrears within a week and sent the cheque of nearly Rs.1.25 crores through the Defence Secretary by a special plane to Wellington, Ooty, where Sam was ailing.

That is the greatness of APJ. But then Sam received the cheque and promptly donated it to the Army Relief fund.

Whom will you salute now?

Indeed those real Heroes are Missing Today.

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 Life Coach V K CHAUDHRY3 weeks ago


A real-life story forwarded by my friend

Make others Happy

Since I was not using it for a long time, my old Moped (Pleasure scooter) was getting obsolete. I thought, why not resell it online? So I put out an advertisement, quoting its price at Rs 30,000/-.

Many offers were ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 28,000. I thought if people are willing to pay Rs 28,000, someone might be ready to pay Rs 30,000 as well. One person offered Rs 29,000, but I did not confirm and kept him waiting too.

One morning a person called and said I saw the advertisement for your moped and liked it. I tried a lot but have only been able to collect Rs 24,000 until now.

My son is in his final year of engineering. He has worked very hard. Sometimes he walks to his college or uses a bicycle and sometimes travels by bus or takes a lift from someone. I thought at least now he should have his vehicle. I request you to please reserve your scooter for me. A new one will cost more than twice as much. I would not be able to afford it at any cost.

Please give me some time, I will arrange for the money. Selling my mobile phone will also get me some money. But I pray to you, please do not sell it to anyone else.

I just said a formal Okay and hung up.

Then a few thoughts came to mind, and I called him back. I asked him not to sell his mobile phone and pay only Rs 24,000 tomorrow morning. I will sell it to you for Rs 24,000 itself.

So I was going to sell my scooter(2 wheeled vehicles) to an unknown person for Rs 24,000, even though I had an offer for Rs 29,000.

I thought of how much ‘pleasure’ or joy this must have brought to that family. Tomorrow, they would have a ‘Pleasure’ scooter at home, and it was not causing much loss to me. God has been gracious and given me a lot; the most priceless treasure probably is the ability to help someone in need. May God keep this family happy.

The following morning he called at least 6-7 times.

What time should I come?

I hope it will not disturb your schedule.

Are you sure I should come now?

Shall I bring my son along, or should I come alone?

But please do not give the vehicle to anyone else.

He brought with him a collection of Rupee notes in various denominations – 2000, 500, 200, 100, and 50. His son had also joined him. It seemed he had collected the money from multiple different sources.

The son was looking at the moped with great eagerness and gratitude. I handed him both the keys and the documents. The son was gently running his hand over the vehicle and wiping it with his handkerchief.

He asked me to count the money, and I said that I trusted him and there is no need to recheck.

As they started to leave, I took out Rs 500 and returned it asking him to take some sweets for your family.

With tears of gratitude in his eyes, he bid farewell and took away his prized possession. Bowing down politely, he kept thanking me again and again till he left.

On that day, that I understood the meaning of pleasure or joy.

We say it is my pleasure.

On some occasions in life, one should not see profit or loss. We should also consider if we are bringing joy to someone through our actions and dealings.

Another example

Similarly, I get different messages from my loving viewers who have to get rid of bad habits.

I am pursuing a mission of giving free service to my viewers. When I was in a factory, I used to guide my friends to abstain from tobacco and smoking and updating them on the benefits of not taking alcohol.

They used to say this is a long-time habit to chew tobacco. I asked if you want to continue with this habit, then start the same practice with all your family members, right from the age of 3 years to 70 years.

He replied, how is it possible? It is a bad thing. How can I start with my family members?

When did I ask why you are taking it? When it is very harmful our life?. Then he promised that you are correct, I will give it up.

They saved a lot of money by giving up these addictions.

I am getting too much happiness while doing this with my viewers. I am successful in helping people give up their bad habits. I feel on top of the World.

In Mumbai itself, I was able to get rid of around 270 persons from their habits of tobacco and drinking. It took me around seven months.

You can also share your views if you have done any good deed like this.

For more details, you can read on my website.Gateway of India, Mumbai (Maharashtra), India

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