Root ton, Bumrah five-wicket haul But Test ends in draw due to rain

Nottingham’s 1st Test match between India and England has reached another level.

India having control over this test. They have a target of 209Runs. They have made 51 for 1. Now India needs 157 more to have a wonderful victory.

That was a truly breathless session, the ball dominating the bat in tricky overcast conditions, but India doing magnificently to pick off 52 runs for the loss of just the one wicket – KL Rahul, who played outstandingly before getting an unplayable one from Broad.

Rohit Sharma won’t make much more valuable 12 not-outs though. He’s seen India through an intense passage, and tomorrow they’ll need another 157 for victory.

Ashique: “India is in a dominant position, but tomorrow first hour is extremely crucial for both the teams, whoever wins the first hour will take the game.”

English captain played superb ton innings after about 3 years. See what would have been the English team without that century.

Bumrah gave spectacular performance taking 5 wicket haul to give india upper hand in test.

Now today’s one hour before lunch will decide match.Although india is in strong position.

भारत और इंग्लैंड के बीच नॉटिंघम में खेले जा रहे पहले टेस्ट के चौथे दिन का खेल खत्म हो चुका है। दिन का खेल खत्म होने तक भारत ने दूसरी पारी में 14 ओवर्स में एक विकेट के नुकसान पर 52 रन बना लिए हैं। रोहित शर्मा 12 और चेतेश्वर पुजारा 12 रन बनाकर नाबाद हैं। यहां से अब भारत को इस मैच को जीतने के लिए 157 रन की दरकार है।

अभी भारत के हाथ में नौ विकेट शेष हैं। बता दें कि जसप्रीत बुमराह (5 विकेट) के दम पर भारत ने दूसरी पारी में इंग्लैंड को 303 रन पर ऑलआउट कर दिया था। इससे पहले इंग्लैंड की पहली पारी मजह 183 रन पर सिमट गई थी। जवाब में भारत ने अपनी पहली में 278 रन बनाए। पहली पारी के आधार पर भारत को 95 रन की बढ़त मिली थी।

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England 183 and 303 (Root 109, Curran 32, Bumrah 5-64) drew with India 278 and 52 for 1 (Rahul 26, Broad 1-18)
The promised grandstand finish to the Trent Bridge Test never materialized as it rained all morning and all afternoon in Nottingham to force a draw.
India came into the day slight favorites, needing a further 157 runs with nine wickets in hand on a quick-scoring ground whose pitch seemed to have settled down from the treacherous pit it had been in the first innings.
However, England would be quick to point out that in 2018 they had stopped India in two sub-250 chases in the fourth innings. India might argue this Test was different because the conditions kept getting better throughout the match. The scoring rates kept improving as the match progressed, which is usually an indicator of a pitch getting better to bat on.
We will never know which team really lost out because of the rain, but they will both take four World Test Championship points each from the match.
The next Test starts at Lord’s on Thursday.
England goes to London with questions around their main batters after player-of-the-match Joe Root almost single-handedly saved them this Test. In scoring a fifty and a hundred, Root looked a level above his teammates, and not for the first time either.
India would be slightly more concerned about Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane than they were a week ago, but they would be overjoyed with the bonus of KL Rahul‘s latest coming as an opener. It appeared they were not looking at Rahul as an opener anymore, but as India lost Mayank Agarwal to concussion two days before the Test – Shubman Gill had been ruled out already – Rahul had to step in.
Rahul more than stepped in by looking India’s best batter in both the innings, which means his good friend Agarwal will have to either just wait or replace someone lower in the order.
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