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Importance to habits Vs Goals

The author is recommending special tips to tell Importance to habits over Goals. After going through Tiny changes, Remarkable results .Book opened my mind.

Few days ago, I had a very powerful realization while reading a book. With this blog post I hope you feel the same. The book that I was reading is “Atomic […]

#200:S:Why need to give Importance to habits over Goals
Habits are algorithms operating in the background that power our lives. Good habits help us reach our goals more effectively and efficiently. Bad ones makes things harder or prevent success entirely. Habits powerfully influence our automatic behavior.
Let us make habits first then definitely we will be getting our goals colser. Without good habits we can not be match winners. We are living in very competitive world. We need to upgrade our skills which is possible with Super habits.

One thing I have to admit is that I am not much into doing sports, never have been. I know that it is part of a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself fit, but I’m struggling to put this into practice. The one sport I have tried to keep up is running, because of its simplicity – all you need is a pair of running shoes. But also with that, I have been struggling.

For a while I do it fairly regularly, then I drop it again for the one or the other reason. I often struggled to convince myself to go out running during the day, particularly if running competed with reading a book or writing a blog post! So it has all been quite frustrating. 

In personal development and self-improvement, using an approach that is based on habits seems more promising for most people than an approach that is based on goals. Just think about the many New Year’s resolutions that were never achieved. I tried to put this advice into practice and it seems to work.

By making it a habit, rather than by setting a goal of running a half-marathon in six months time, I am now running relatively regularly, which is good for my health. But would this also help us when we approach systems change? Can we think of certain institutionalised behaviours in systems as good or bad habits? This thought I had while running this morning seems worth exploring.

I first practiced daily 5-8 kilometers running habit for 6 months. Then I got results being Best Athelete in my college.This proud moment has given my regularly confidence.

Once enlish cycling team was performing very bad. They hired a new coach. He changed daily something new in his strategy. He was instrumental in giving best for his team.

His team started wonderful performance for years together. 1% improvement daily can create wonderful miraculus performance in anyone’s life. We should definitely see to it with immediate effect.

You take any practice any habit in your life at any age. Small small tiny improvement leads us to the greater heights in our life.

You want your weight to be reduced from 80 KG to 70 KG. You can you do it overnight. You have to work hard what is your target. Anything you do you will have to keep in mind that you are the master creator of your life.

You will plan for diet you will plan for morning rituals like waking up early by sleeping early in the night. You will start meditation drinking lukewarm water. Then you will start your morning rituals gratitude to Almighty for providing us such a wonderful thought process surroundings family members. On weekly basis you can review action for the next week.

Will be adjusting strings of your schedule in such a way that it matches your target. You become what you think vice versa what do you think you become. Universe is there to help you in any condition provided you are willing to do it.

We have to win the match of the life like a warrior. You will be facing a lot of difficulties while getting on your target. Nothing to worry when we are going to our a target.

We can say that we help maintain wonderful life beats habits to reach your goals. Importance of habits cannot be devalued in any condition.



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