How To Increase Your Self-Confidence

  • Recognize and emphasize your strengths. Reward and praise yourself for your efforts and progress.
  • When you stumble on an obstacle, treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Don’t dwell on failure.
  • Set realistic and achievable goals. Do not expect perfection; it is impossible to be perfect in every aspect of life.
  • Slow down when you are feeling intense emotions and think logically about the situation.
  • Challenge making assumptions about yourself, people and situations.
  • Recognize that past negative life experiences do not dictate your future.
  • Express your feelings, beliefs and needs directly and respectfully
  • Learn to say no to unreasonable requests.

Individual counseling can also help increase your self-confidence if you need more help.

I give you one examle . There was atheletic meet in our professional college. Last event of Pale vault was going on. I was favourite in this sport. I just tried my first jump. But could not clear 6feet level in first 2 attempts. I was knowing that winning here is MUST for me to become best athelete . So I just focussed on Almighty & reviewed ABCD of pole Vault Jump & took stride. I jumped with self confidence & crossed roughly 8 feet level.

Surprising with self confidece dosge i also cleared all heights in first attempt. So my advice to all viewers is to keep your morale & self- confidence of top grade & no body can stop you for winning the battle . It can be increased by Almighty & then you are Unstoppable.

Meditation can help us to boost our self confidence.Podcast is telling about selfconfidence ,how to get it? Meditation advantages,Self–confidence also brings about more happiness.

Doing deep meditation feel that 1st role model is standing in front of you &he blesses & you request him to sit on a chair.  You feel very happy


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You will notice that on many blogs and forums when people answer the question “why should I meditate” or “what are the benefits of meditation”, they do mention a few health benefits and spiritual benefits, but leave a lot behind, or they often lack scientific evidence backing up what they say (like this one).

There are over 3,000 scientific studies on the benefits of meditation, but I have not found any blog that compiles hundreds of researches into an organized article, so I decided to fill in the gap.

These studies were based on different types of meditation, and I have included details, whenever relevant. Some effects, such as increased compassion and social bonding, are more salient as a result of specific meditation techniques (such as loving-kindness, which is a Buddhist meditation).

However, my understanding and personal practice are that any kind of authentic meditation will include most of these benefits, in one degree or another. There is also evidence that the practice will be more beneficial for you if you find a technique that you like better.

When you are in the start of your meditation then these thoughts will come. Nothing to worry this is normal practice. More and more you go for the meditation you will feel more compact and thoughts will not be disturbing you.

When you are fully focused and doing meditation then thoughts you will start automatically I’m going away from your mind.

So so we need to start practice for regular meditation at fixed time and fixed duration. You will start feeling very good from spiritual point of view.

As we know every start is it difficult thing but it with some practice you will going into the details. You will start enjoying the process. You will be getting daily strong internal desire for loving your life.

Thoughts coming during meditation will be controlled automatically.

Main thing as on date is to start meditation with immediate effect.

Dreàm meditation

You are sitting for meditation and visualise your three role models like

Your Guru, Almighty


Jeff bezos

Three chairs are there. You very happy when you see all of them. All of sudden field that first role model comes infront of you. You request Him sit & transfer some Power to you

His Blessing gives you Immense pleasure. You highly motivated

Now you ask 2nd role model to come and sit near you. You request them to bless you. You are best and feeling top of the world. You are feeling blessings from your parents. You ask them bless you in every aspect every moment of your life.

Now you ask your third role model business tycoon Jeff bezos. Yogen request him to give all his powers and blessings business sense to you.

He is very happy to give feel that your all dreams are fulfilled. Now you feel the blessings of 3 role models. You are feeling that you are flying in the sky.

This is the best mental state where you can perform Iike just Superman.

Looking to this dream team meditation with any number of role models.



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